Monday, 13 October 2014

MAC Look in a Box Nude (and a great customer service story)

About two months back, I was in Brown Thomas and I spotted that they had MAC "Look in a Box" kits. I saw from the testers dotted about that there were three varieties- All About Pink, All about Coral and All About Nude. Typically I fell for the nude kit which was out of stock and typically the girls at MAC could not tell me if or when it would be back in stock again. I knew that I had a flight booked for the following month so I checked The Loop website- if you are not aware, you can shop duty free online now, pay in advance and collect in the airport on the way out or on the way back from your trip. I was delighted to see that it was in stock- added bonus it was €8 cheaper than Brown Thomas. I gleefully paid for it on the spot and looked forward to collecting it at the airport on the way out to the wedding. 

Unfortunately however, when I went to the airport to collect it, it was nowhere to be found at the collection point, despite the fact I had paid in full in advance and had gotten no email to say that there was a problem with the order. I was so disappointed there is no doubt but I have to say, the staff members I spoke to were all over it, and they took my details and promised to get back to me as soon as I got back from my trip. Fast forward a few days later, I did get a call from a lovely lady called Doreen who told me that she had searched high and low but my order seemed to have disappeared and she apologised profusely and issued a full refund. I was SO disappointed because I knew I'd never be able to get my hands on this kit again because it was limited edition and sold out over a month previously in Brown Thomas. 

Fast forward two days later, I got another call from the lovely Doreen who let me know that they did in fact find my order in a different terminal, and that even though she had already issued a full refund to me, she would send the product out to me by registered post! I honestly couldn't believe it- I had thought when I got the refund that that was it and I would hear no more- so I am incredibly grateful to Doreen for pursuing the matter and finding it and sending it on to me so quickly. I did end up getting this product for free in the end.

Now I know the box looks a bit battered but the products inside were in perfect condition. Included in the set were four full sized, limited edition products- a Lustre lipstick in Soft Savour (a nice soft pinky nude), a lipglass in Feeling Fine (a soft beigy pink packed with fine shimmers), a Veluxe Pearlfusion eyeshadow trio in Cool Campions (a gold, khaki green and a black) and a Technakohl eyeliner in Graphblack.

I'm typically not a nude lipped kinda gal but this kit contains a particular shade of nude which leans pinkish and is very flattering on my pale pasty skin. I am very much looking forward to whipping out this shimmery lipgloss in the Christmas party season with some smoky eyes. There is not one element to this kit which I would not have used, which makes it great value indeed for the €40.80 I did pay for it in The Loop.

And on the topic of The Loop- whilst it was disappointing that the product I paid for was not at the airport when I went to pick it up, I cannot fault the customer service, either at the collection desk, or in phone afterwards. I genuinely felt that they were trying their hardest to track it down. I have shopped and collected using The Loop website before and I have never had any issues before so I am not deterred from using their service again. I just want to give a huge shout out to Doreen again who kept searching for my order even after issuing a full refund- the product was obviously more important to me than the money was and she could have just thrown her hands up but she pursued and she very kindly sent it on to me. Hurrah for Doreen! 

What do you think of this Look in a Box kit? Have you ever had the good vibes after an excellent display of customer service?



  1. Such excellent customer service, really says alot about a company when things like this happen and they handle it so well. The products in the set look gorgeous! x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

  2. Excellent customer service there - delighted you got your set! x

  3. Oh I just seen this on-line a few weeks ago and seen it was sold out. Its such great value. Also great customer service from The Loop! x

  4. WOW you lucky duck! Great customer service can make all the difference, and it's great you got the set which looks amazing!

  5. Lucky! Can't complain about that in the slightest!
    I really regret not getting the nude box too, but I just grabbed the first one that got my attention before it sold out haha x

    tmzn loves / beauty blog

  6. So lovely to see such great customer service x


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