Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Diorskin Star Foundation by Christian Dior- worth ALL that hype??

Lord knows I love me some foundations- it really is the one thing (besides skincare) that I am willing to spend any money on in pursuit of the perfect base. I have more foundations than I care to admit- I am always trying, always in search of my HG foundation. I have not dabbled with Christian Dior foundations yet but a reunion with my fave mascara of all time- Diorshow Iconic Waterproof, compelled me to try out their foundation offerings, and in the end I went with their newest foundation, Diorskin Star, because of ALL the hype. This is new on the scene for the last two months or so, and forms part of their permanent collection. This foundation is pretty pricey at €48.

Seeing as how I had never been shade matched by Christian Dior before, I seized the opportunity on a quiet Saturday morning by popping into Debenhams to get my fix. I was matched via fancy gizmo to the shade 021- Linen. The assistant at the Dior counter applied this foundation to my skin instore using a beauty blender sponge and I was happy enough with what I saw to buy a full size on the spot. I am weak when it comes to foundations, but I have read so much hype about this that I pretty much decided I was going to own this foundation ever before I went into the store.

Unfortunately, after multiple uses, I have to conclude that I don't think this foundation is for me. It's not awful but it's not great. It pains me to admit this. I was told by the assistant on the counter that this is medium-buildable- and whilst I do agree, I found the foundation made my skin look a little flat but not completely matte, and I certainly have not experienced the "glow" that so many others have raved about. It does feel nice on the skin, no strong smell, easy enough to blend with a buffing brush and it doesn't take too much product to cover your entire face. It lasted about 8-10 hours during the day depending on what I was doing which was not great in fairness when comparing to some of the other foundations I have on rotation.  It didn't get shiny over the course of wear but I did find that it wore off in patches so it is incredibly unforgiving. If you touch your face at all when wearing this foundation, it will leave a mark. If you apply this over dry patches (which I am prone to at this time of the year) it will cling to and accentuate those bad boys. Also, you definitely need to go in with a concealer to tackle any blemishes or undereye circles when using this foundation.

The shade that I was matched too is a smidge too yellow for my liking and since this was my first foray into Dior foundations, I am not sure if it was just a bad match or whether all Dior foundations run a little yellow like Bobbi Brown foundations do. It's definitely not a terrible foundation, I was just expecting more after all the hype and the price point.

I will probably use up this bottle but I doubt very much I will be repurchasing- I can't help but feel disappointed with the performance of this foundation, as much and all as I really wanted to love it, it's just not worth it in my opinion, and you could do a lot better for a lot less cash. 

Have you tried Dior Star yet or have you been tempted to? Have you ever been so disappointed with a high-end foundation that it almost pains you to use it?


  1. I just bought this foundation because of all the hype as well! It's my first Dior products and considering how expensive it is I was expecting basically a miracle in the bottle :) I've used it only once for a full day and I like it but I'm not wowed so feel a bit disappointing too. x
    Mummy's Beauty Corner

  2. I've always been tempted to buy it after all the positive reviews, but thanks for sharing this, will have to get a sample before making a purchase x xx

  3. Thankyouthankyouthankyou! I thought it was just me and my skin. Especially after having been colourmatched in the same manner, and still not being happy. I tried this first just after the launch, but couldn't get the shades to match. 21 was too yellow, 20 too peachy... And it was supposed to be all that, but I felt it was uncomfortable and stiff, settled into pores and lines. I got matched at the counter yesterday, and within ten minutes I was running to space nk to save my face - literally! I was itching and showing all the signs of a reaction as well as dried out - she'd applied the dream skin serum and then the foundation on top of that. Know, I quite like Dior, they've got some of my very fave products, but everything that was applied to my face was wrong. It was such a relief when the Laura Mercier makeup artist had removed it all and applied a tinted moisturizer in stead. And I might add, that by the time I got to space nk one of my expression lines were looking like the wrinkle of a 45-year old smoker who enjoys sunbathing without spf. Sorry about the lengthy comment, but I am so glad to find I'm not the only one - misery loves company and all that jazz.

  4. it looks like a beautiful foundation, it is so expensive though! that is really disappointing that it the price doesn't reflect the performance

  5. Soooo expensive Grace!!! Hehehe!!!! TBH after applying this foundation I looked like I had been totally TANGOED!!!! Lol!!! Definitely doesn't suit my pale Irish skin!!!! Any suggestions gals as to what might suit me?! Loving the blog Ais!!! How long have you been blogging?!! Also totally devo that Jack Walton got evicted from the X Factor...he was super cccuuuttteee!!! Abs of steel!!! Thought Cheryl's eye makeup was unreal!!! Any idea what it is gals??? Need to get me some of that!!! Yolo gals!!! Xxxxx


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