Thursday, 30 October 2014

MONDSS Underarm Wear- Review and Giveaway!

A few weeks back at Anita's meetup, we got to meet Jane McTernan, the brains behind new beauty brand MONDSS Underarm Wear. I heard about the product before we met her- and admittedly it was not something that strongly appealed to me in the beginning, but I'm willing to try anything once, and Jane's enthusiasm was infectious. I thought that these were either going to be genius or crazy! The basic principle is that this is a tiny self-adhesive patch which sticks to your underarm to absorb sweat and perspiration nastiness from staining your clothes or leaving you with wet patches under your arms. Whilst perspiration and sweat are not the most glamorous topics to talk about, I'm sure we've all experienced it at some stage, and if not, you are damn lucky!

Have you ever had fake tan, deoderant marks and perspiration marks on the underarm of your clothes? Have you ever gotten fake tan on the inside of your white or cream blazers that you have found incredibly difficult to remove? Or have you ever had those embarrassing tell tale wet patches under your arms? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this just might be the answer to you.  MONDSS promises to be a natural, discreet and secure solution to underarm perspiration.

The box contains 10 pieces so you'll get five uses out of these (unless you only have an issue with one armpit, and hey, I don't judge). These are applied directly to the skin in order to absorb the perspiration the minute it leaves your pores. I admit, the first time I wore these, they felt weird, and I was conscious of them, but that's only really because I have never quite worn anything like these before. They are discreet, and when you get used to them, they are quite comfortable. I was worried that these guys would flap and budge under my clothes over the course of the day but they really stay put- so much so that they are stubborn little buggers to remove. I have not had any underarm sensitivity or reaction to the adhesive in these.

If these are something you think you might be interested in, head on over to the Mondss website where you can pick up a pack of your own and postage is just €1.60 to anywhere in Ireland or €2.50 to anywhere else in the world. 

If you would fancy winning a box of these to try out for yourself, just leave a comment down below and I will pick a winner. Don't forget to leave your email address so I can contact you to get your address if you are the chosen one! This giveaway is open internationally and ends on Thursday 13th November. Don't forget to include your email address so I can contact you if you are the lucky winner! 


Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Chic Treat Club- October Unboxing

I've been looking forward to my Chic Treat Club box more this month than previous months, because this month, the Chic Treat Crew have collaborated with Triona McCarthy to bring a pink themed Chic Treat collab wherein €2 from each box is being donated to the National Breast Cancer Research Institute. I've spoken before about my support of anything that raises money or awareness of any form of cancer, particularly breast cancer. In my lifetime, I have lost an aunt and my grandmother to cancer, and I have personally known some amazing women that, despite their best efforts to fight it, lost the cancer battle. It is my greatest fear and I fully take my hat off to the Chic Treat Crew for getting behind and supporting a cause so close to so many hearts, and painfully close to my own. Triona lost her sister Tricia to cancer a few years back- I remember reading a particularly poignant article a few years back that made me sit back and take stock and has stayed in my mind even through the passage of time. Triona also wrote a beautiful editorial in this month's Chic Muse with a lovely little poem that just my eyes go all moist and hazy. Enough of the emosh, on to the unboxing!

I was very pleased when the box landed on my desk this afternoon- I love the usual lemon yellow and duck egg blue decor but the fact that the Chic Treat Crew decided to embrace the pink this month with a lovely sleeve for the box with the NBCRI was a lovely touch. The stuffing inside the box was pink and all the goodies were wrapped in pink paper and pink ribbons- just so much lovely pinkness. I was also touched to see that the artwork in Chic Muse and on the box were illustrations from Triona's sister Tricia.

The box contains 5 products, and in the order that I pulled them out of the box, there is:

1. Yonka Cleansing Milk 75ml (full size- RRP €30). I could not be happier to see this included in the box- I've loved the YonKa goodies that I have tried so far and I am always itching to try more so I will give this a very loving home and enjoy using it. I've had a cheeky sniff already and it smells like fluffy heaven clouds in a bottle (or how I imagine they would smell!). Cannot wait to use this to take my makeup off!

2. Roger & Gallet Body Moisturiser in Bois D'Orange. This is a deluxe sample size with a very decent 50ml (RRP €15) of delicious invigorating sorbet body cream. This also smells amazing, I cannot wait to lather this all over myself at the earliest opportunity and just bask in the loveliness of the smell. My fave Roger & Gallet scent- just delicious!

3. NYX Powder Blush in Rose Garden (full size, €7.49) - I love my NYX Powder Blushes, they are a huge hit of mine and one of my most used and loved products and one of a small handful of products that I actually repurchase time and time again. I've already done a show and tell on the blog before with pics and swatches so if that's something you might be interested in, click HERE. In my box, I received Rose Garden which is a gorgeous sparkly pink colour. I'm chuffed to try this one out because I did not have it in my collection yet! Delighted to see this- again, another amazing product and personal favourite of mine.

4. Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipstick in Think Pink (full size, €2.99). Ah my heart skipped another little beat when I saw this lipstick in my box because these lipsticks are amongst my fave products from one of my fave budget brands. Because I have already raved about my love for these lipsticks in this post, I cannot say much more other than to reiterate how much I love these, how happy and willing I am to adopt another, and how I will give this lipstick a good home. Again, chuffed to bits that despite the fact that I now own 7 of these beautiful lippies, Think Pink was not one but was the next one of my wishlist- it's like I ACTUALLY handpicked all these products myself!

5. Lastly but not leastly is THAT Purederm Exfoliating Foot Mask (RRP €3.99) that I have searched high and low for for months- I don't know how many Penneys and different pharmacies I tried, I once found this in Sam McCauleys but have not found it since- I'm delirah to see this. I hate feet, and I kind of hate the way this makes me shed skin like a snack, but I also kind of love that about it because it's painless and effective.

A lovely little selection this month I am sure you will agree, I'm absolutely delighted with the cross section of products in the box- from skincare, bodycare, foot care and cosmetics- all amazing brands, colours and a whopping four full size and one deluxe sample products. Again, huge kudos and karma points for the Chic Treat Crew for getting behind and supporting, in my opinion, the worthiest of causes, and bravo to Triona for all her work in honouring the memory of her sister Tricia, who I am only sure is smiling down on her from heaven today.

Have you gotten your Chic Treat Club boxes yet? What did you think of yours? 


Diorskin Star Foundation by Christian Dior- worth ALL that hype??

Lord knows I love me some foundations- it really is the one thing (besides skincare) that I am willing to spend any money on in pursuit of the perfect base. I have more foundations than I care to admit- I am always trying, always in search of my HG foundation. I have not dabbled with Christian Dior foundations yet but a reunion with my fave mascara of all time- Diorshow Iconic Waterproof, compelled me to try out their foundation offerings, and in the end I went with their newest foundation, Diorskin Star, because of ALL the hype. This is new on the scene for the last two months or so, and forms part of their permanent collection. This foundation is pretty pricey at €48.

Seeing as how I had never been shade matched by Christian Dior before, I seized the opportunity on a quiet Saturday morning by popping into Debenhams to get my fix. I was matched via fancy gizmo to the shade 021- Linen. The assistant at the Dior counter applied this foundation to my skin instore using a beauty blender sponge and I was happy enough with what I saw to buy a full size on the spot. I am weak when it comes to foundations, but I have read so much hype about this that I pretty much decided I was going to own this foundation ever before I went into the store.

Unfortunately, after multiple uses, I have to conclude that I don't think this foundation is for me. It's not awful but it's not great. It pains me to admit this. I was told by the assistant on the counter that this is medium-buildable- and whilst I do agree, I found the foundation made my skin look a little flat but not completely matte, and I certainly have not experienced the "glow" that so many others have raved about. It does feel nice on the skin, no strong smell, easy enough to blend with a buffing brush and it doesn't take too much product to cover your entire face. It lasted about 8-10 hours during the day depending on what I was doing which was not great in fairness when comparing to some of the other foundations I have on rotation.  It didn't get shiny over the course of wear but I did find that it wore off in patches so it is incredibly unforgiving. If you touch your face at all when wearing this foundation, it will leave a mark. If you apply this over dry patches (which I am prone to at this time of the year) it will cling to and accentuate those bad boys. Also, you definitely need to go in with a concealer to tackle any blemishes or undereye circles when using this foundation.

The shade that I was matched too is a smidge too yellow for my liking and since this was my first foray into Dior foundations, I am not sure if it was just a bad match or whether all Dior foundations run a little yellow like Bobbi Brown foundations do. It's definitely not a terrible foundation, I was just expecting more after all the hype and the price point.

I will probably use up this bottle but I doubt very much I will be repurchasing- I can't help but feel disappointed with the performance of this foundation, as much and all as I really wanted to love it, it's just not worth it in my opinion, and you could do a lot better for a lot less cash. 

Have you tried Dior Star yet or have you been tempted to? Have you ever been so disappointed with a high-end foundation that it almost pains you to use it?

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit in 'Fair'- Review and swatches

I'm all for a spot of contouring- I cannot deny- and I particularly love finding great pharmacy/highstreet/drugstore all-in-one contouring products. One such product that I have been trialling lately is the Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit available from Boots at €7.59 a pop. You would be forgiven for doing a double take at the packaging- the sleek, simplistic matte black packaging screams Nars to me.  The premise is simple and many other beauty houses have created a highlighter/contour palette similar to this. I picked up this kit in the shade 'Fair' but to be honest, I did not notice much of a difference between the Fair and Medium kits. 

The highlighting powder- and I use the term "highlighting' in the non-traditional sense- is very decently pigmented- not too white but sufficiently brightening and a godsend for setting undereye concealer. There is no particular sheen off the product so I do feel the need to apply a little Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder to the tops of my cheekbones for a more traditional highlight. The darker colour is not too dark that it makes us fair skinned folk look like we applied our makeup straight after cleaning out the fire without washing our hands. However, both powders are a little on the chalky side and I had to give my brush a decent tap to disperse any extra product from the brush before applying to my face.

Overall, I do think that this is a pretty nifty little palette definitely worth picking up. If for nothing else, the lighter shade is perfect for setting my undereye concealer. This is the second Seventeen product that has tickled my pickle in the last few months (remember how much I loved the Seventeen Falsifeyes HD mascara?) and if the Seventeen gods keep churning out the quality of new releases that they have been sending our way recently, these guys are going to be top of my hitlist every time I set foot into a Boots store! 

Have you tried this kit yet, and if not, does it look like something that might interest you?

Monday, 27 October 2014

MAC Red Lipstick Picks

Ladies and gentlemen, face facts, winter is upon us, and that means that the Christmas season is trundling towards us. When it a better time to embrace red lipstick than in the Christmas season. I know I definitely reach for the red lips more at Christmas than I would at any other time of the year. With that in mind, I've compiled two lists- one of my favourite MAC reds, and one with my favourite high street/drugstore reds. Today, as the title of this post implies, I have my MAC red lipstick winter wardrobe to talk you through.

(l-r: Cockney, Ruby Woo, New York Apple, Ramblas Red, Riri Woo, MAC Red, Russian Red and Dubonnet)

MAC Cockney (Lustre) if you would like a red lipstick without committing to a red lip, this might be the option for you. I love Cockney in the summer or winter, and I don't say such a thing lightly or very often. It gives a nice sheer wash of red to your lips.

MAC Ruby Woo (Matte)- well I am on my second Ruby Woo of my lifetime because my first went missing on a night out ages ago, and I took my sweet time to replace it- but whyfore, I know not. This is a stunning red, stunningly easy to wear and stunningly easy for anyone to pull off. Teamed up with my MAC Cherry lipliner, this is the epic red lip. In terms of lasting power, it goes on and on and on. However, Ruby Woo just makes bits of my lips, and I spend the best part of the following week trying to repair and nourish them back to good health. That said, I will most definitely be cracking out this bad boy for my Christmas party this year. 

MAC New York Apple (Frost) is just the joy and glitz of Christmas day encapsulated in one little bullet. A frosty red which I should hate because I hate frost on my lips, this is a special kind of red. The only time of the month where I would pull this out is around the festive season.

MAC Ramblas Red (Amplified) was one of my first ever MAC lippies and I remember picking this up on a cold and frosty December morning in Brown Thomas in Cork. I actually ended up getting this when one week previously, one of the MUAs in MAC accidentally stabbed my beloved cream coat with this lipstick when she was putting it back on the display unit (she did not even apologise at leaving a big red stripe down my sleeve) but I was drawn to the shade of red which is a really berry, pinky red. I don't wear this enough, I have just reminded myself to wear this more.

MAC Riri Woo (Retro Matte)- not going to lie, the main reason I got this was because of the snazzy rose gold packaging. This is very similar to Ruby Woo as the name would suggest but perhaps not different enough to justify owning both- what can I say, I am a marketer's dream! 

MAC M.A.C. Red (Satin) is probably the truest red of all the red lipsticks I own, and this one to me screams Hollywood siren glamour. The Satin finish also makes it a bit easier to wear and more long lasting than the Amplified shades and less destructive on your lips than the Matte shades 

MAC Russian Red (Matte) is a bright blue toned, matte red that looks amazing on my pale untanned state. Very striking colour and makes your teeth look super white which is always a plus! 

MAC Dubonnet (Amplified) is a much deeper red than any of the above. The Amplified finish means that it is a nice creamy colour and ever so slightly glossy on application. This is such a classic red and because of the depth of the colour, I am sure that this would suit all skin tones. 

Is your favourite MAC red lippie in this line up? Which one takes your fancy?

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Irish Bloggers Secret Santa Extravaganza 2014- the results are in!

(I didn't half feel like Dermot O'Leary typing the title of this post!) I put my proposition to the people and the people voted- 68 of you lovely people have cast your votes and I am now armed with all the details that you need for our annual Secret Santa Extravaganza! Again this year, there has been so much interest in this initiative which is absolutely awesome to see, and it just goes to show what a great community spirit there is amongst us Irish Beauty, Lifestyle and Fashion Bloggers and Vloggers! Whether you are a long time blogger or if you are just new on the scene, this is a brilliant way to be involved in something, befriend new people, pick out a surprise present for someone you may or may not know AND have a mystery present delivered to you! Winning! 

So without further ado, I will first reveal the results of the survey! 

So there you have it- the spending limit with 47% of the public vote is €20. Spend €21 or €22 if you have to, but you have enough time now to browse online and in the shops to get great bang for your buck. 

With an overwhelming 80% of the public vote, you have decided that the cost of postage should not be factored into the spending limit! Bearing in mind that everybody will (most likely) be using An Post, everybody should be paying roughly the same amount in postage! OR perhaps you will get a chance to hand deliver it to your designated person at a blogger event. Either way, it's up to you to make sure it gets to your person before the designated date (keep reading!)

Over half of you have chosen Friday 5 December as the latest date you have to have sent your present by. Please stick to this as last year emotions ran high when presents were temporarily kidnapped by An Post in the Christmas rush. It should not take five days for a present to arrive from one address in Ireland to another address in Ireland, even with the Christmas rush, so if you have not received your gift by 12 December, please let me know so I can make the necessary secret enquiries to make sure all is running to plan.

I am DELIGHTED that the 66 of you who cast your votes on this poll unanimously agreed to hold off on posting your present reveal until a specified date. You can of course prepare your post when you get the present in advance and schedule the post, but we must all endeavour to preserve the mystery and intrigue. Without further ado, the date of the BIG REVEAL is SUNDAY 21 DECEMBER. Put that in your calendars guys and gals, and don't worry, I will remind you of this date probably three thousand times between now and reveal day! 

76% of you have chosen the hashtag #irishbbloggersSS14. Think "irish b bloggers Secret Santa 2014" as you write it to make sure you capture it all and that we can all find, retweet, favourite and reply to your tweets! And guys, please engage with Twitter! Don't let the person you're picking a present for cop on that you are their Secret Santa, but feel free to use the hashtag to post spoiler pics, to post hints, clues or inspirational pics, let us know you have signed up, if you want to help each other out with gift inspiration, if you want to let everyone know that you have posted your gift, and if you want to let everyone know you have received your gift, spread the love and work away. I want to encourage you all to tweet, retweet and favourite as many tweets as you possibly can and embrace the Christmas warmth ahead of the festive season. 

Most importantly of all- make sure that it remains a secret until the day of the big reveal. Last year, this was a roaring success, and I was so so so impressed by how everybody kept schtum about who they were shopping for! (hehe) Some people did not even find out who their Secret Santa was until the day of the big reveal!!! It was hilarious, everybody suspected everybody else, the shifty and suspicious looks were a-plenty.

So, what you need to do now that you have the information is email me at with your name and preferred postal address- be it home, work, your grandmother's house, your fella's gaff, wherever is handiest for you. I will use my very sophisticated "pulling pieces of paper with names on from a hat method" to match everybody up. I will be taking names up until 31st October. On 1st November, you will get an email from me which will have your person's name and address in it. Simples! I'll be on hand at any point to answer any questions or queries you have so don't be afraid to ask- you can catch me on Facebook, Twitter or by email. You might also send links to your blogs/channels so I can send them along with your names and address to your Secret Santa so they can use the information to get an idea of what you like (just in case you didn't already know!!) and to link your blog/channel in their post. Again, this is open to all Irish beauty/lifestyle/fashion bloggers/vloggers so get your blogging friends on board, spread the word and spread the love! Can we get more than 37 lovely bloggers to swap presents this year?

So get your name and preferred postal address and any other relevant info to me asap and I'll take it from there! Hope you are as excited as I am!!


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A Really Clever Colour Adapting Blush- Essence 'Hello Autumn'

Eat your heart out Christian Dior, budget brand Essence have unleashed a new colour adapting blush to the market for a significantly less than a tenth of the price of the Rosy Glow which retails at a phenomenal €45. For just €3.09, you can nab yourself a limited edition Hello Autumn Colour Adapting Powder Blush which, when applied, will adjust to the pH value if your skin to give a customised natural pink tone and stain your skin. The powder is completely clear when swatched and it takes a while for it to adjust on your skin- for that reason, I recommend extreme caution when applying this because the first time I applied it, I applied far too much accidentally and my cheeks were redder than Bosco's, and because it stains the skin, I had to reapply my whole entire foundation to try to remedy my mistake. Now I am careful with how much I put on and I love the beautiful, flushed finish that it gives, and how it lasts so well all day long. This is one seriously smart product, and if it sounds like something that interests you, I recommend you get to your nearest Essence counter asap to pick one up before they disappear into oblivion! 


Monday, 20 October 2014

NEW! Sleek Highlighting Palette in Precious Metals- Review and Swatches

With winter and the Christmas season sneaking up on us, I am noticing more and more glitter, shimmer, shine and sheen hitting the shelves before the onslaught of the party season. One such product that has recently hit Sleek stands is the Highlighting Palette in Precious Metals. Hopping on the metallic bandwagon in a big way, the folks at Sleek Makeup have paired three luxurious cream highlighters with one metallic powder highlighter, thrown it into a shiny silver, mirrored compact. 

The packaging details that this palette is perfect for the inner corners of your eyes (which I agree with- I love Platinum for this purpose- however, I felt like it faded a bit on it's own so I set with my usual highlighting powder and it lasted an age), along the brow bone and along the tops of your cheekbones. The iridescence of the metallic formula leaves a nice sheen and radiance to your face, particularly on the cheekbones and the three cream colours are sufficiently different to justify their place in the palette, and all rank equally in terms of lasting power (about 5 hours) and blendability. 

Now whilst you might think you would have a tin foil head applying metallic cream highlighters to your face, I can assure you that they do not apply as pigmented as they are in the pan, but you can see from the swatches above they are pretty pigmented. The powder is a bit too dark for me currently to use as a highlighter but I have put it on my lids as a shadow and I think it really pulls the blue from my eyes. I like this palette and I will undoubtedly get more use out of it in the coming months. I love my Mary Lou Manizer by the Balm but I am on my second one and getting very sick of how incredibly delicate it is! The Sleek palette is quite sturdy and more travel friendly, and so far the powder has not invaded the cream territory so it's pretty mess free. This bad boy is retailing for €12.99.

What do you think of it? Are you getting ready to embrace the highlighters yet? 


Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Glorious Lorac Mega Pro Palette (pic heavy)

Behold the beauty that is the Lorac Mego Pro Palette. When I saw a picture of this a few months back, I just had to have it, and I was very happy to have found this on on my birthday at the start of this month. It took just 8 days to arrive from the States and arrived in perfect condition and my heart did a little giddy dance when I saw the gorgeous regal burgundy and gold casing and opened the lid to be confronted with 32 gorgeous eyeshadows in matte, metallic, frosty and shimmery finishes. I don't have enough words to describe how amazing Lorac eyeshadows are- it's just so unfortunate that the only way we can get our hands on them here is to order them in from the States- but they really are SO worth it. I've worn nothing else since I got these, and I love the shadows as much as I love the Lorac Pro Palette which is what first ignited my Lorac eyeshadow obsession. 
I've taken pics of each of the colours and their corresponding swatches and I hope that I have somewhat captured their loveliness.

Needless to say, the eyeshadows are buttery soft and incredibly pigmented- amazingly so in all honesty. Ok, I might like a little more of each individual colour, but I have 32 to play with in this palette alone so I cannot really complain too much! If you too are interested in this palette, keep an eye out on the Amazon website for when it comes back in stock. I believe it's $59, but the total price including postage and Import Fees Deposit was about €68. Not too shabby for 32 shadows. Now it is limited edition, so I am not sure if or when it will come back in stock, but if it does, I definitely recommend springing on it.

So what's the verdict guys and gals? Does it excite you as much as it excited me?


Saturday, 18 October 2014

MAC Autumn Lipstick Picks

One of my favourite things about the Autumn is the return of the berries, purples, burgundies and deep mauve-pinks. I'm talking about Autumnal lipsticks today ladies, and I've picked out some of my favourite MAC offerings for this season that it upon us. Let the record state that I love MAC lipsticks- I genuinely think they are some of the best on the market, and I probably own over 40 of the little buggers now. Some of my favourite MAC lippies are autumnal shades. Without further ado, I'll just crack into it.

MAC See Sheer is one of my favourite MAC lippies because it's such an all rounder. A lustre finish, this is comfortable on the lips. I think the warm, russety undertones make this perfectly autumn appropriate and perfect for those days when you kind of want a red lip but you don't really want to commit to a red lip (we all have those days, right?).

MAC Captive is one of the newer additions to my MAC Autumn lipstick wardrobe and the gorgeous satin finish on this makes it comfortable on the kissers too. This is such a sophisticated pink- quite similar to MAC Craving which I also have on today's lineup. I would prefer the feeling of Craving on my lips over Captive because the Amplified finish is balmier but if you are looking for a bit more lasting powder, Captive is the way to go. I also feel that Craving is just the smidgeen pinker.

MAC Up the Amp is one of my favourite lipsticks in this world ever because I have gone gaga for purples. I wear alot of black and navy in winters especially and something about Up the Amp pulls the blue out from my otherwise grey eyes. 

MAC Creme in Your Coffee is about as brown as I will go in the Autumn because I don't generally tend to go for browny shades. This one has the requisite amount of pink to make it not look like you smeared Nutella all over your lips before leaving the house.

I generally hate and despise any kind of frosty colour on my lips, and I think out of the 40+ MAC lipsticks that I own, about three of them have a frost finish. One Frost that I have been loving however is MAC Viva Glam V which is a gorgeous, demure red. The frost doesn't so much make it metallic as it makes it interesting, and this lipstick is the definition of juxtaposition- perfectly work appropriate but great for a night out on the town too. 

What Autumn lipstick lineup is complete without the inclusion of MAC Rebel? I often see this on other people and it looks crazy dark but it really just depends on how much you layer it up. It's just a lovely deep plummy pink on me because I only apply one or two coats at a time. It looks scarier in the bullet than it does on your lips- trust me. If you are near a MAC store and have ever been curious about this, ask them to apply it so you can see the magic instantly!

Lastly, MAC Plumful is a going to be an Autumn staple of mine over the coming months because (a) it's a Lustre which makes it a dream to wear (b) the colour is perfectly work appropriate and (c) it enhances the colours of my eyes without being so strong that it would stop traffic.

What lipsticks, MAC or otherwise, are in your autumn lipstick wardrobe? 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Rimmel Provocalips in 'I'll Call You'- Review and Swatches

I wasn't the hugest fan of the Apocolips lip lacquers that hit the market last year- I liked them, but I didn't rave about them the way many of my blogging chummies have raved. In fact, the only one of the half dozen or so that I own that I actually wear is the shade Celestial because it is a gorgeous dusky pink shade, perfectly work appropriate. I have seen much hype about these new Provocalips but didn't rush out to buy them as soon as they became available, and even when I did find them instore,  I picked up just one shade to satisfy my curiousity. The shade I went for is a gorgeous pinky/mauve called I'll Call You-  I absolutely adore sophisticated pinks and this one made me feel very sophisticated indeed so I parted with the cash (€5.99 introductory offer, €8.49 full price I believe) and made this mine.

The premise is simple- lip colour on one end, "lock and shine" topcoat on the other end- just your average, non-ground breaking lip stain. It promises 16 hours kiss proof lip colour. The doe foot applicators in each of the tubes have very small heads making them just doddlesome to apply and allow great precision. The lip colour part applies quite matte and is sticky as fook on the lips until you pop the "lock and shine" coat on and then the stickiness and discomfort fades away and you are left with gorgeous colour that lasts and lasts and lasts through eating, drinking, talking and, erm, allegedly smooching. You have to work quickly applying the colour because when these bad boys set, oh boy they SET and they do not budge or shift or move at all. They give a nice consistent coating to the lips when applied properly.

The first coat applies quite matte and feels very tacky on the lips, but...
the second coat "lock and shine" enhances the colour and makes the product feel more comfortable on the lips.
I have to say, I am very very very impressed with these, and I will definitely pick up a few more colours. The lasting power of these is phenomenal and will come in handy over the Christmas party season this year (yay for Christmas parties and being able to legitimately mention them without sounding like a mofo!) They are quite drying I have to admit, but the weather is getting colder now and my lips are getting chapped anyway.

Have you been enticed by these yet? 
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