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Skinny Tan: The 7-Day Tanner

A few weeks back, just before the onslaught of exams, I was invited to a smashing lunch in House on Leeson Street with the Skinny Tan team, the lovely ladies from the Publicity Loft, the crew from Beacon Pharma and and some lovely fellow bloggers. I had heard about Skinny Tan long before this lunch- as you may or may not know, I am obsessed with Dragons' Den, and I clearly remembered the jazzy presentation in the Den in front of the Dragons- it definitely stood out. I was very excited to get to chat to the girls behind the brand, find out what really happened on Dragons' Den and hear about how they were planning world domination.

For those of you that might have missed the Dragons' Den presentation or not heard of the brand before, Skinny Tan encompasses their natural tanning agent with a smoothing, cellulite busting smoother containing guarana, and whilst it makes you browner, it's meant to reduce the appearance of cellulite also so it will make you look like you have a better body. There are a few products available in Ireland- the 7 day tanner which is what I am reviewing today, the 24 hour bronzer (Kelly Hoppen MBE's favourite if you don't mind!- review will be coming on this shortly), and the Gradual Tanner, along with mitts. There is a wider variety of products available in Australia where the brand is based including Pre-tan Primers, After-Glow Glosses and, Skinny Legs. Products are available in Ireland via the HealthZest website, from the Boots website or from McCabes Pharmacies. If you are not near a McCabes, I definitely recommend you check out HealthZest because their pricing is far fairer and more competitive than Boots (the tan I am talking about today would cost you €25.99 with HealthZest as opposed to €34.99 with Boots- quite a difference eh?). When Kate Cotton and Louise Ferguson, the brains behind the brand, reached the Den, all five Dragons sought to invest in the company (think they got about 9 offers in the end from various combinations of Dragons), and in the end, the ladies went with Piers Linney and Kelly Hoppen MBE. Kate and Louise were absolutely delightful to chat to, and Louise in particular is so dedicated to the tan that she goes around wearing the tan on one leg only to showcase what a difference the Skinny Tan can make to the appearance of your skin. If that's not dedication to the cause, I don't know what is.

Anyways, onto the goods, and in particular, the 7 Day Tanner. Now as self confessed tanphobe, the odds are always stacked against any fake tan that comes in my path. I'm still absolutely traumatised from my run in with L'Oreal Sublime a few years back that I don't think I will ever feel good about a fake tan until I have tried it and loved it. I've tried so many stinky tans and I've looked so embarrassingly orange in the past in spite of my best efforts to avoid the tango-ed look. I've applied Skinny Tan about five times now, and I've just gotten to the end of my first tube, and I feel fully versed and competent to let you know what I think. In a nutshell, love the stuff. I will justify and elaborate on that.

The Application: Fairly foolproof. The actual product is a thickish, tinted cream so you have a colour guide on application. I applied mine with a mitt and it was completely painfree. It absorbed into the skin quickly, didn't feel sticky or greasy. It is recommended that you let this work ze magic for at least seven hours but preferably overnight. I've never left it on overnight and I've always loved the colour result that I have gotten from it.

The Smell: I can confirm that Skinny Tan 7 Day Tanner does not have a hideous smell- it has quite a nice, tropical/coconutty smell that reminds me of Malibu sun protection products, a smell that does not get worse over time, is not offensive to manfolk (the *ultimate* test) AND disappears completely when you shower off the product after leaving it work its magic on your skin for a few hours. If you find the smell of some fake tans to be offensive, definitely consider getting this one.

The Colour: Not a hint or even vaguely distinctive orange tone. The eco-certified natural tanning active in this tan just pulled the most gorgeous golden hue from my pale, grey skin. Not only was the colour amazing on day 1, it lasted well, faded gradually and not in patches. I was also shocked that this applied absolutely amazingly around my hands, elbows and knees- those three areas that let me down time and time again- and it lasted well on my hands too in spite of the million times a day that I wash them. I've never naturally tanned, but I imagine if I did that the colour would look something like what the 7 Day Tanner offers me. I've never left this on for more than 7 hours at a time and I've always gotten a lovely colour from it- needless to say, I'm sure if you wanted a deeper colour, it would be easier to let the tan develop for longer or to build up layers.

The Claim: I am half of the opinion that any fake tan reduces the appearance of cellulite, so I'm not 100% convinced that this tan makes me look skinnier. That said, I do think my skin looks fabulous and uniform when I have this product on. Though I have not been swayed yet on the cellulite claims, I'm not dismissing or refuting them.

The Price: Again, €26 for five/six applications is quite generous, and whilst I do not apply false tan all the time, I don't find the price to be prohibitive.

The Bottom Line: I love this product and I will have no qualms in forking out for this. For the quality of the colour and the longevity and lasting power, I think this is well worth it.

Have you heard of Skinny Tan or tried it out yet? Does this sound like something you would like to try?

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