Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Rimmel Wonder'full mascara- nothing wonderful about it!

I cannot deny that I am incredibly picky when it comes to mascaras. I have quite liked a few Rimmel mascaras in my day but I'm not really loyal to any mascara in particular. At any given time, I probably have about four on the go, no remorse shown. Mascara is such an essential part of any eye makeup look that I simply will always be on the hunt for the next HG. I heard a bit of hypes surrounding the launch of Rimmel's latest lash offering and I found myself succumbing and purchasing. This mascara is enriched with argan oil  (everything is argan nowadays, riding on the crest of a wave much!) which is meant to nourish and protect lashes and encourage lash growth. All great news, should be delighted. In truth this is, at best, a very mediocre mascara. 

This mascara does nothing for my lashes other than coat them in black stuff. No particular lengthening, volumising or curling powers- just black stuff on what I already have. The actual formula of the mascara is incredibly thin and doesn't particularly coat well. I'm not overly keen on the shape of the wand, it's nothing special and definitely not Wonder'full.  

One coat of this mascara is barely noticeable on my lashes and on your second coat, you have to fight against the wind to avoid boarding the direct train to Clumpsville. It's not very buildable, and you definitely won't be graced with gorgeous Bambi or dolly lashes using this. This gives me nothing near the volume I expect from a mascara- drugstore or otherwise.

Not to dwell of the negatives, I have to say give some positives. I quite like the outer packaging of this mascara and the simple coppery tube with black font. This mascara lasts pretty well on the lashes, does not really smudge under the eyes and is removed easily enough at the end of the day with an oil cleanser- without causing any irritation I might add. 

This mascara is €9.99 and available in stores now should you wish to purchase. It's not awful, but it's not great and I wouldn't repurchase. Sorry Rimmel but this was not a hit for me!

Have you tried this mascara yet or even been curious about it? Does anybody else think mascara shopping is the hardest task EVER in the world?


  1. I hate mascara shopping, it's just a constant search for the holy grail. When you think you've found it your always tempted by another mascara. Sorry to hear you weren't crazy about this one, i thought the concept was nice.

  2. Have you tried the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara?! It's amaaaaaaaaaaaazing!

  3. I hate Rimmel mascara full stop. I've never, ever found a good one by them so I try not to buy any new mascara releases. They're exceptional at budget foundation, but mascara - no.

  4. Oh god tell me about it!! It's so frustrating sometimes!! I'd heard some good things about this but think I'll avoid now!

  5. I never got on with Rimmel mascara but I actually quite liked this one..The whole argan oil thing is starting to get on my nerves now and I haven't noticed any difference in the condition of my lashes since using this either.

  6. I actually love this mascara!


  7. I really like this mascara for my daytime look, also like how it glides on. I do like two coats of it and like how easy it is to take off at the end of night. I don't think that it makes my lashes grow though lol x


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