Sunday, 7 September 2014

Paese Lipsticks in Shades 37, 40 and 54- Review and Swatches

A few weeks back I had the pleasure misfortune of attending the supposed Ultimate Girls Day Out in the RDS. Now whilst the event itself was reminiscent of a flea market in Turkey with fake "designer" goods and tatty clothes, there was one strong beacon of loveliness that restored my hopes, and that was the Paese Cosmetics stand. I've long wanted to see some Paese products in the flesh- and they are available to purchase online from the Paese Ireland website and and selected items are available from Cloud 10 Beauty- but I've found it quite difficult to source swatches of the actual products. I was so very impressed with the display there and the lovely girl behind the counter that I picked up a few items on the day, and I'm going to make it my business to spread the word about this great brand and get the name out there because I certainly feel that they have not been getting the nods that they deserve. 

If you were not already aware, Paese is a Polish cosmetic company that provide a range of affordable colour cosmetics. I remember reading a review a few years back comparing Paese to fellow Polish company Inglot, and my interest was piqued from that moment onwards. For a long time, they were not very easily available, but their website came live sometime towards the end of last year I believe. There are also displays in selected stockists in Dublin and Cork, and you can check them out here.

The products I am preaching about today are the Paese lipsticks, of which I have three to show and tell. (I just steadied myself in my chair there because I am only delighted to be telling you about these marvels.) In a word, these are awesome.  They are packed with argan oil so they are deliciously creamy upon application and moisturising on the lips- they are just a pleasure to wear. They are not so creamy that the colour slips and slides along your face, and they wear incredibly well. The colours that I have are incredibly pigmented, I honestly could not fault them. The finish is similar to that from a MAC Cremesheen Lipstick but they feel like a Lustre on the lips because they are incredibly light and balmy in texture and are incredibly comfortable to wear which is absolutely essential for me coming into the winter where the cold wreaks havoc on the condition of my kissers.

They have a fantastic colour range available but I stuck to what I know and love the most- pinks! The shades I picked up were 37 which is a gorgeous MLBB nude pink, 40 which is a lovely rosey pink and 54 which is a deep pink with a tint of cherry red. I think these are three gorgeous work appropriate shades and I have been wearing them to death since I picked them up a fortnight ago. The packaging is these is very sleek and sturdy given the little price-a simple glossy black metal tube. One bug bear I do have, and it's a bug bear I also have with Inglot, is that they don't name their products, they just number everything. These lipsticks are far better than the Inglot lipsticks in my opinion, even if there are not as many colours available yet.

I will undoubtedly pick up some more of these as soon as I get a chance. I have another Paese lip rave coming during the week, so if you are planning on making an online order, you might want to hold out for that! Have I mentioned the best part yet- these lipsticks are a steal at just €6.99 a piece!

Have you tried anything from Paese Cosmetics yet? I'd be very grateful to hear your recommendations! 


  1. I've only recently heard of Paese and this post has really tempted to try their lipsticks! They really do look like a MAC finish and the price is very reasonable. :) x

  2. They look so pretty - I really want to try out some of Paese products!


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