Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Oriflame 'The One' Collection

Way back when in the start of July, the kind folks at Oriflame invited some bloggers to the Gresham for a demonstration by Gary Cockerill of the products in the new 'THE ONE' range from Oriflame. I'm not hugely familiar with the brand and I'm not really a fan of ordering products from catalogues or even online without having tried them or seen them in the flesh, it always just seemed like more hassle than it was worth. Nobody I knew spoke about Oriflame or the products, and I was never particularly curious to be honest. This could be down to the fact that Oriflame is a very successful brand modelled on direct selling only- and because I never came across any Oriflame sellers, I've never been able to get my hands on the goodies (all that has changed but we'll come to that in a while!).

Oriflame put on quite an event in celebration of their new 'THE ONE' collection and there were many treats for us to nibble on, but the biggest treat (NOT to nibble on) was Gary Cockerill who had recently been announced as a brand ambassador for Oriflame's 'THE ONE' collection. I have only known Gary as one of Katie Price/ Jordan's besties, and I saw the episode of 'Four Weddings' where himself and his partner competed with three other couples who were getting hitched to throw the best wedding. Gary was very enthusiastic about the 'THE ONE' collection and talked through some of the products and did some demos on lovely members of the audience on the day using a variety of Oriflame products. 

THE ONE collection encompasses three different ranges within- Everyday Beauty, High Impact and Longwear High Performance. The collection is absolutely massive and spans foundations, concealers, setting powders, mascara, lipsticks, cream and powder eyeshadows, eyeliners, blushes, nail polishes, lip glosses and more. We were given a selection of Oriflame products from THE ONE collection to take away with us that day, and I've been using them over the last few weeks so now I can report back on them.

The first product I tried was the 'THE ONE Volume Blast Mascara' and I had high hopes for this one after I saw how Gary applied this to Rachel's eyelashes- the volumising effect was instant. This is a great mascara for your top and bottom lashes because the wand is thin enough to really get into the roots of your top lashes and fan them out whilst coating them with lovely product, and also thin enough to get those pesky little bottom lashes without covering your whole undereye area with black gunk. In two coats, this mascara provides awesome volume and curl to the lashes, and it's a nice dark black. I also like to use this mascara for blending my own lashes with falsies when I have them applied. This is a seriously impressive mascara and I would strongly urge you to pick one of these up if you're placing an Oriflame order because you might just be surprised. I think this is about €12 full price but is currently on offer for just €6.15- well worth it!

The next product I have to show you is the 'THE ONE Colour Unlimited Lipstick' in Fuchsia Excess. This is a gorgeous colour and a nice formula but I am not at all keen on the simplistic, basic plastic packaging. The packaging is quite long and thin and it doesn't fit nicely into my lipstick drawer so it's getting a slap on the wrist from me for that! Aesthetics aside, this is actually a really nice lipstick formula- it's quite comfortable on the lips, not too drying, not too heavily scented but not waxy. The lasting power is quite impressive and I found that this stained my lips a bit which made the wearing off process more manageable. I also really like the colour of this lipstick- a blue toned fuchsia is close to my heart! This lipstick is currently selling for €13.75.

I was happy to get a 'THE ONE IlluSkin Blush' in Luminous Pink which is a gorgeous peachy pink colour and a peach/gold toned highlighter adding some luminosity. This compact is tiny so it's perfect for travel and you could even use the highlight side on its own for your browbone/inner corner/upper cheek highlight. I quite like the shade of pink and it reminds me somewhat of Deep Throat by NARS which is my all time favourite blush. This blush would set you back €12.45.

I also have been trying out the 'THE ONE Eyeliner Stylo' in black and it is a nice product if you are into black felt tip marker type eyeliners. The shade of black was good and dark and there was no obvious transfer onto my brow bone/ under my eyes over the course of wear.

The last product I have to show you today is the gorgeous 'THE ONE Nail Polish' in Ruby Rouge, and as I alluded to earlier, I love this so much that I have another pair of polishes on order plus some nail care goodies on the way from THE ONE range also. I adore the formula of these polishes- one coat is enough for completely opaque nails, and the formula is so glossy that it looks like gel nail polish. Now whatever about the colour and ease of application, what I absolutely LOVE about these polishes is the longevity. I don't think there is any other polish that I can get five full days wear from- genuinely I was stumped by these. I neither have the time or the energy to be faffing about with nail polishes during the week so this is a perfect solution for me plus the colour is absolutely gorgeous- some sort of plum/red/purple hybrid. At €9.45 a pop, I think these are great value and I'll probably keep adding to the collection until I own them all!

If you are interested in trying out some Oriflame products for yourself, fellow Irish blogger Anita is now an Oriflame consultant and you can find her on Twitter (@anitasoriflame) or contact her via email at (anitasoriflame@gmail.com) if you are interested in getting a catalogue or placing an order. Here is the link to her Oriflame site, her mobile number is 085-2424109 and I'm sure she will answer any questions you have.

Have you tried anything from Oriflame yet?


  1. I love the sound of the blush, the packing is quite nice as well. I love when products have mirrors as I never really have one on my for touch ups.

  2. I liked entire The One range. Products are just great for everyday use and makeup lovers like me. The ONE IlluSkin Foundation has become my favorite foundation for daily use and its being liked by all of my friends. It gives a fresh natural finish and brightens all dark areas of face.


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