Monday, 8 September 2014

No 7 Match Made Lipstick Service

About a year ago, No 7 launched a Foundation Match Made Service- for those of you who might not have heard of this, it basically entails a No 7 advisor taking a photo of your face with their special gizmos that measure your skin tone. At the time, I did get skin tested- it was absolutely painless and easy to do, and I was very happy with the result. If you don't understand undertones and colouring, it might be worthwhile. I do love No 7 foundations, particularly Instant Radiance, and for your reference, in my normal, untanned state I take the shade Cool Vanilla. When news first broke of the new Match Made Lipstick Service, I was positively puzzled. I don't know what machine could look at someone's skintone, hair colour etc. and pick out a perfect colour. It was only when I popped instore myself that I got the downlow on the process. 

Essentially, the Match Made Lipstick Service is a follow up to the Match Made Foundation Service, and in order to avail of the Lipstick Service, you have to either have been tested for your foundation shade OR you have to get tested before you can proceed any further. That's where the technology ends! 

When you know your foundation, you simply pick up a card and that will have a list of lipstick shades from the No 7 Stay Perfect and Moisture Drench lines that would suit the foundation shade that you have been matched to. On the cards, one side identifies the lipsticks from the Moisture Drench line that would suit your foundation tone, and similarly, the other side has the lipsticks to match up from the Stay Perfect line. I took one of each of the cards because I was curious about the science behind this experiment, but I'm a little baffled. 

I have to admit, I'm not really convinced, and I think this is very gimmicky. I happen to think hair colour is an important factor to take into account when picking the ideal lipstick shade because I know myself having gone from the blondest to the darkest brown ends of the hair spectrum that your hair colour can have a considerable effect on the lipstick shades that suit you best but this process does not take that into account at all. Similarly, there is no method of identifying lipsticks that compliment your eye colour. I fail to see how your foundation shade alone can help match up a lipstick colour.

I'm not convinced that the whole Match Made Lipstick Service is anything to write home about to be honest- it's just a list of up to twenty-seven lipsticks (that are not all the different from each other anyway) from the No 7 line that would suit a skin tone. There is not even a huge difference in the shades in the range- there are no purples, lilacs, oranges, dark vampy colours, no blue toned pinks. If you're looking for a mid to dark pink or a red, you'll be fine, but anything else and you just don't have the options. If that doesn't float your boat, you honestly have no business in visiting the No 7 counter. Also, the same shades are often listed in the palest cool or warm toned foundations as they are in the darkest cool or warm toned foundations. 

Take the colours matched to my skin tone below as an example- they are all pretty much the same colour with just a very slight difference in some cases. I even swatched my matched lipsticks in store and I wasn't compelled to buy any of them. Even if No 7 narrowed the search down to 17 lipsticks, I still have to differentiate as to which one would suit me best.

So for all the reasons I've outlined above, I'm not convinced by this Match Made Lipstick Service. The selection of options is too vast to be meaningful in my opinion and the actual colour spectrum is too limited. 

Have you been lipstick matched yet? What do you think of this lipstick matching system?



  1. Um that does sound very gimmicky! I pick lipsticks that have a blue tone as they give the look of whiter teeth for me so not sure how this will help me at all. x

  2. All the suggestions look the same! Seems very gimmicky with very little reason to back up the suggested shades!

  3. I am not totally convinced either - I think you are spot on about the eye and hair colour point and the fact that the shades aren't that varied. I did pick up one of the shades of lipstick, but to be honest I think I would have picked it up despite this service (I was looking for a new pinky lipstick anyway and just wanted to try out a No7 lipstick).


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