Tuesday, 9 September 2014

NEW! Rimmel 25HR Lasting Finish NUDE Foundation - Review, Swatches and Comparison

At first I thought Rimmel London reformulated their 25hr Lasting Finish Foundation but then I realised that they actually released a new one, the similarly named 25hr Lasting Finish NUDE Foundation (white cap). This release completely went under the radar for me, there was no fanfare, everyone was still harping on about those Keep Calm lipbalms. I have never been a huge fan of the Lasting Finish original foundation (with the red cap) because I found it was a little too heavy and cakey on my skin and I wasn't struck on the colour either (FYI I usually take Ivory in Rimmel foundations and usually it's a good match BUT I do submit that the Lasting Finish version of Ivory is warmer in tone than, say, the Match Perfection version of Ivory). This new foundation promises on the bottle to be skin perfecting and offers medium coverage. I began to think that this could be a happy compromise and without much thought, I flung it into my shopping basket in Boots and went about my business! 

I've had a chance to collect my thoughts on the new foundation now, and whilst I will explain what I think of it, I will also note how and if it differs from the original in terms of colour, performance and lasting power. 

For those of you who have not yet heard of this new foundation (and I suspect that there are a few of you out there), the 25hr Lasting Finish Nude Foundation is described as a skin perfecting medium coverage foundation that feels hydrating and moisturising upon the skin with a lightweight formula that blends into the skin to create a nude, poreless effect. Not only that, this foundation also claims to be sweat proof, heat proof, humidity proof and transfer proof for up to 25 hours. That's an awful lot of promise from a foundation that costs less than a tenner.

I 100% agree that this foundation is alot more lightweight than the original foundation, which to be honest, I always felt was too thick and suffocating on my skin. I much much prefer the new formula, and I attest that it does indeed have medium but buildable coverage and it does look very natural when buffed into the skin. I was still able to identify my freckles, and I definitely did need concealer to conceal my problem areas (undereye circles and blemishes on my chin)- the finish is quite natural, but I wouldn't say completely nude or poreless.

In terms of longevity- I would say that this foundation sits well on my skin for about 9/10 hours once I have primed and powdered. I will never ever allow myself to test out the 25hr claim because I think having foundation on your face for 25 hrs is lunacy- I cannot imagine any situation where you need your foundation to look amazing for 25 hours on the trot.

In the swatches above, I have the new 25hr Lasting Perfection Nude on the left, and the original 25hr Lasting Perfection on the right. It's clear that the new foundation is both paler and runnier than the very thick original formula. 

Overall, I like this- maybe as much as I have liked the Match Perfection foundation which was my previous Rimmel favourite foundation. I definitely recommend picking it up to give it a whirl and all Rimmel Products are buy any 2 for €12 in Boots at the moment so it's a perfect time to try it out. I would say to try swatching in the store because every Rimmel foundation I have in the shade '100 Ivory' swatches differently to the last- there is often disparity between the same shade across the foundation range which can be a bit of a pain! This foundation also comes in a paler shade, Light Porcelain, if you think the Ivory is a little too dark. 

So tell me, am I living under a rock or have you all heard about and been anticipating the launch of this foundation? Is this something you think you will pick up?


  1. I have to say... I HATED this foundation. Lasting Finish my eye.

  2. I was looking at this yesterday in Penneys, I use the Rimmel Wake me up, But I would like something that stays on longer, might give this a try! Great review! x

  3. I bought this last week, really like it because it blends in easily and doesn't feel heavy on my skin.

  4. I have this and can't quite make my mind up about it. I find it makes me look a bit dry and powdery. But the lasting power is really good.


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