Monday, 22 September 2014

NEW! Essence Colour & Go in The Matt, The Satin and The Suede finishes- Review and Pics

I'm a HUGE fan of Essence Colour & Go Nail Polishes, particularly since they improved the formula and packaging of the nail polishes two years ago. I don't not think you could do any better than these nail polishes for €1.79, and these most definitely outperform some of their higher end counterparts in terms of opacity, colour payoff, colour selection and lasting power. I must own dozens of them by now. On a recent trip to Penneys, I noticed that the good peeps at Essence have launched three new varieties of nail polish finish on top of their regular polishes and their sparkle sand polishes- namely The Suede, The Matt and The Satin. I picked up all the ones that I could find (which were sadly only four!) and I've been trying them out and putting them through their paces.

The new formulas of the nail polishes are clearly labelled by their new finish so it's easy to tell what's what. 

The Suede shade that I picked up and indeed the only one that I could see at the display was the shade I heart my blue jeans which is a gorgeous navy blue. I've often searched for a navy nail polish and this one just screams Yves Saint Laurent to me. I don't know if it's particularly suedey- it's quite a thick texture and even though one coat should provide enough colour, the colour is a bit patchy because the formula is a little dryer than the other Essence polishes. It really takes two coats of this for full effect and you have to give up about 20 mins of hand usage time because this one takes ages to dry and will smudge like a mofo because it's so thick.

The Matt shade that I picked up is called Candy Crush and is a vivid bright coral red polish. Like The Suede polish, it takes two coats of this to build up opacity but the formula is not as thick as it is with The Suede finish polish. In terms of matte-ness however, I'm not convinced. Whilst this is a gorgeous shade and the colour is very striking, it's definitely not the most matte nail polish I own- that accolade has to go to the NYX matte polishes which are incredibly matte.

The Satin polishes are my favourites out of the new formulas and I absolutely love them. They are absolutely satiny on my nails and one coat delivers amazing colour opacity. The formula is not too thick and my reservations regarding these (bearing in mind that I despise frosty polishes on my nails ESP frosty pink) were unfounded because these do not look like frosty polishes when applied. I have the shades Dare to Kiss (the pinky shade) and New York City Call (an ivory shade). These last about 3 days without chipping for me which is good- especially bearing in mind that I did not top the polishes with Seche Vite which usually prolongs the wear of these polishes.

I would definitely pick up more satin shades in the morning if they became available but I'm not yet convinced about the suede/matt versions. Even though they did not impress me hugely, they are still not terrible products by any means.

Are you interested in trying these out? Do you love Essence nail products as much as I do? :)



  1. Essence polishes seem to be so popular! Will have to try them myself!

    Roseanne x

  2. I love Essence cosmetics! I had no idea about this new range - I will be buying Satin shades for sure! Thanks :D

  3. The navy looks gorgeous, I'll have to keep an eye out for them :)

  4. I like the Essence polishes a lot, their sparkle sand finish was a nice surprise for me - I liked the finish a lot. I'm not a fan of a satin finish at all, it just doesn't suit me, but I love the colour of the Candy Crush one and I really like the look of the Navy!


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