Thursday, 18 September 2014

Lee Stafford TREaTMENT for HAiR that neVer GRowS past a CERTAIN LeNGTH

I've been on a hair lengthening journey for about a year now and I'm not really getting far. I've stopped getting my full head highlights done once a month and turned to the dark side. I've gotten a 16 week blowdry in the hopes of cutting down styling time. I've gotten my regular trims to help condition and foregone heat styling my hair as much as possible all in the quest of longer locks. Not dramatically longer but just a few more inches to play with. In spite of all the sacrifices I have made, my hair has never grown past the length it has been for the last 12 months. 

Now, I never really thought you could buy hair growth, but I've heard of the Lee Stafford TREaTMENT for HAiR that neVer GRowS past a CERTAIN LeNGTH (what an annoying typeface) and I thought to myself- what do I have to lose? I picked up three pots, I'm two and a half pots into the experiment, and I thought I would let y'all know how I've been getting on with this stuff. 

First up, I think the first thing I should tell you is that this is not a conditioning mask or conditioning treatment, you use it after shampoo but before conditioning and you have to apply a good fistful of it to your roots and work it in before rinsing off and conditioning. The first time I applied this, I didn't read the instructions and I applied it straight to the lengths and ends of my hair, thinking that it was to help with preserving the condition and cutting down on split ends. I was oh-so-spectacularly wrong. This is basically fertilizer for your roots and the magic happens when you stimulate your roots with this stuff. Now my roots get pretty oily pretty quickly and I would definitely not put any conditioner near my roots so the thought alone filled me with dread- however, I can happily report back that this did not leave my roots lank or greasy in the slightest- it rinsed out thoroughly with warm water. 

I applied a good fistful of this to my hair and leave it work its magic for a couple of minutes whilst I tend to one of my other showerly duties (the glamour). This does not cause any interruption with the natural balance of my scalp- no excess oil or dryness. I'm not in love with the smell- in fact, I actually really dislike it, but it doesn't linger in my hair so as soon as my shower is over, it is just a distant memory. I don't use it after every shower but I have been using it maybe 2-3 times a week. I have thick, dry hair so I can get away with using this quite a bit but if your hair is finer, I probably wouldn't use so much so often. 

So what you all want to know- does it work? Strangely enough, I am going to say that I have noticed a difference in my hair growth rate, and I'm almost certain it is more than just wishful thinking. In fact, a fellow blogger friend said to me at a recent meetup that my hair had gotten so long since she saw me last (which would have been a few months previous). My hair does feel generally stronger and in better condition than previous. I think I'll pick up another three pots the next time I see it on offer in Boots (FYI this is usually €10.99 a pot but Boots often have it on special offer at €15 for 3 pots which is quite the saving). As sceptical and all as I was, I feel like I need a slice of humble pie- because whatever this stuff is doing, I'm really liking it. 

Have you tried this yet? Does it sound like something that might float your boat?


  1. Have heard good things about this but never purchased for some reason - might invest next time it's on offer in Boots! I'm using the grow gorgeous serum at the minute & find it good, but very expensive!

    1. I use this and shampoo and conditioner my hair hair wouldnt grow now i have long hair it is fabulous it does work i recommend it .

    2. I use this and shampoo and conditioner my hair hair wouldnt grow now i have long hair it is fabulous it does work i recommend it .

  2. Can't find this anywhere in town but I'd love to try it. For me, Mane and Tail really helped with hair growth. I literally got about 5 inches over a couple of months as opposed to one inch over 5 months haha. Now I just use Head and Shoulders and Hask Keratin Conditioner with a homemade mask once a week but my hair is grows so quickly these days and I completely put that down to Mane and Tail :) Best of luck on your hair growth journey! Remember to take Zinc and stuff that helps with hair, skin and nails :) xxxx

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