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La Roche Posay Serozinc- worth the hype?

When I visited some French pharmacies a few months back, one of the products at the very top of my list, along with my beloved Bioderma, was the La Roche Posay Serozinc Zinc Sulfate Solution. This has been MAJORLY hyped by everyone who seems to have tried it and I wanted in on the action, I wanted to see what the fuss was about. This has been on my radar since Caroline Hirons herself professed her love for it, and I somehow resisted the urge to take myself to eBay for it. Even though we can get plenty of La Roche Posay products here in Ireland and in the UK, there are no plans to bring Serozinc to this side of the English Channel. Le sigh. So, what you all want to know- is this really as good as people say it is, or is it just a matter of the heart wanting what the heart can't get easily? I don't know about you, but the harder a product is to get, the more critical I am of the actual product- like some sort of self protection mechanism, I would prefer not to fall for the things that are hard to get your hands on, but sometimes, love conquers all.

La Roche Posay is one of my favourite French skincare brands, and I have loved their products since I lived in France back in 2007/2008. There are many LRP products that feature in my skincare rotations, and I have never really been let down by the brand before. 

Serozinc is a simple product- consisting of just three ingredients (water, sodium chloride and zinc sulfate) in a a basic tin aerosol can. It doesn't look like anything special- and had my attention not been drawn to it- I probably would never think to pick this up in the pharmacy. Zinc is a much revered and valued weapon in the fight against acne, and zinc can also bind moisture into your skin (unlike the other eau thermale sprays that just evaporate off your face and take any little bit of moisture you had to begin with) so it's suitable for acne skinned and parched skinned subjects. I have been using this as a toner on and off for the last few months, and it's only now that I feel like I have earned the right to add my two cents to the already vast amount of commentary out there. My two cents is HIGHLY complimentary. 

Serozinc has proven itself to me to me a hydrating, soothing toner that quickly calms down and relieves any spots/ damaged skin/ redness/ allergic reaction issues that I have had in the last few months. Thankfully I don't suffer from acne but I do have the misfortune of being subjected to hormonal breakouts which usually means a week or fortnight of incredibly painful, large, sore red bumps and blemishes on my face, especially my chin (and my lower right chin at that!), that have only gotten worse and angrier the older I get. Those dagnamming hormones eh? Well it takes ALOT to calm down my hormonal breakouts- in fact, not much can calm then- but a spritz of Serozinc pretty much has an immediate calming effect- taking down redness, relieving the inflammation and soreness (sometimes throbbing) that these breakouts can bring. Not only that, it also has antibacterial properties that stop any environmental nasties from infiltrating your skin. Even though it is effective on soothing irritated skin, it is also gentle on my dehydrated patches and has not aggravated them even slightly- as I said, zinc is proven to bind moisture to the skin. Serozinc contains absolutely no alcohol. 

When I use this, I generally either spritz this all over my face just after cleansing in the morning and in the evening. Sometimes I spray some onto a cotton pad and swipe the cotton pad over my visage. I've already mentioned the basic, simplistic packaging but I feel like I have to specifically give kudos to the aerosol because it gives a lovely, gentle spritz that feels refreshing and gentle on your face (don't you just hate those sprays that gush out and just drown you?). Serozinc is so easy to apply- incredibly convenient. I'm also still on my first can of the stuff- which is handy because I only carted home like 8 cans from Paris- so in terms of cost per use, I think it's quite a small investment for such an effective product. 

Speaking of cost- this set me back €4,90 in Citypharma and it costs €5,40 in Pharmacie Monge. I've seen it in smaller independent pharmacies around Paris and it was around €8/9. Unfortunately, it is not available in Ireland or the UK and to my knowledge, there are no plans to introduce it here, so if you are looking to buy a slice of the Serozinc pie, you'll have to take yourself to eBay. A quick search of Farmaline and proved to be fruitless but I have been told that people have been successful in getting their Serozinc fix from these websites so if you're dying to try it, I'd keep an eye out there too. 

The real bottom line that you all want to know is do I need this in my life and I'm sorry to break it to you, but you REALLY do. If your skin is prone to redness/irritation/allergic reactions/ inflammation/ breakouts/ razor burn and/or nappy rash (no judgement here!), this little can of goodness could be your hero. I'll definitely pick up another dozen of them the next time I cross the Channel. This is definitely worth trying out and if you have any friends or family heading over to France, beg/bribe/blackmail them into bringing you home a can or two. 

Have you tried Serozinc yet or is it still on your wishlist? Are you also afraid of falling for those impossible to find products?


  1. oh i heard so much about this product! I have the eau thermale and don't really think much about it..sure it feels good but I prefer their effaclar toner when it comes to preventing acne..
    Will definitely see if I can pick it up in the netherlands somewhere, seems like I really need it in my life huh? ;) you convinced me!
    Alice|Alice's Beauty Madness

  2. I actually bought a can off eBay a while ago and never used it! My skin is horrible at the moment so it might be the perfect time to start using it.

  3. I LOVE this stuff, I have mild Rosacea and Serozinc is a godsend for it!

  4. This definitely lived up to the hype for me, and that's saying a lot since it seems like so many things are over hyped nowadays. This is also the type or product that I love to use - products with simple ingredients that is. It always seems like the fewer ingredients something has, the more likely it is to actually do what it says :)

    Sarah |


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