Monday, 29 September 2014

Hello Products- Mouthwash and Breath Spray

Last week, speculation was rife amongst Irish beauty bloggers when we were invited to a secret "#wordofmouth" party. We were told nothing us and being the curious and speculative bunch that we are, the suggestions varied from launch of a new lipstick range to a new haircare range and everything in between. I pride myself of being a bit of a Nancy Drew in my spare time and my mother has called me Columbo since I was about 4 years old, and I had a hunch early that morning that #wordofmouth had something to do with dental hygiene. It turns out I was right, and it was soon revealed upon arrival at the venue that we had turned out in force to welcome new, innovative dental hygiene brand hello to Irish waters. 

 Dental hygiene and dental care is not one of those glamorous hot topics that every beauty blogger loves talking about- I don't I have ever spoken about it much on my blog save for listing my favourite toothpaste. This new range of products however, is bringing the cool back into dental hygiene, and I'm not just talking about the minty freshness you will experience. The whole hello range has been spearheaded by none other than Mr Craig Dubitsky, creator of those iconic EOS lip balm spheres that I'm sure we have all seen. Craif was present on the night and he took great pleasure in telling us that his philosophy in creating the brand was to offer an alternative, sexier, cooler, friendlier alternative to the plethora of dental hygiene products that just talk about killing and fighting bacteria- to bring a more friendly side towards oral care. In order to achieve this friendlier side, Craig perfected uniquely designed, funky colourful packaging and he has avoid branding any of the products with dental combat analogies. Their slogan- You can't buy friends, but you can buy friendlier products. Sure why not? 

There are currently two products available in the Irish market- the Mouthwash and the Breath Spray, and there are three flavours available- Supermint (blue), Mojito Mint (green) and Pink Grapefruit Mint (pink). There is also a toothpaste and toothbrush in the range in the States and these will be making their way over to Ireland over the coming months. All the products are cruelty free and contain no alcohol or dyes. As I alluded to already above, the packaging of these products is what really sets them apart from their counterparts in pharmacies- colourful, sleek, aesthetic- all designed with friendliness in mind. I absolutely love the packaging in these, I would absolutely have no qualms about whipping out the little dinky breath spray in restaurants, in the office or on the Luas for a quick pop of minty freshness. If it's good enough for the current queen of cool Miss Kylie Jenner, then why not? 

I had the privilege of tasting all of the mouthwashes on the night and trying out all of the breath sprays, and I have to say my favourite by a mile was the Pink Grapefruit Mint- I could literally get addicted to the stuff it tastes so good. It reminds me of my favourite Citrus Mint toothpaste that I could only ever find when I was in France. I think I was the only #irishbblogger on the night that favoured the pink range- the Mojito Mint/ green range went down incredibly well with the cocktail loving ladies and for those less adventurous who wanted a slice of the friendly hello pie, the blue range is the more traditional but super refreshing Supermint flavour. 

The price point on these is also very competitive and you can pick up a bottle of the mouthwash for €7.50 and the breath spray for €4.75 in your nearest McCabe's Pharmacy or Sam McCauleys Chemist. For local stockist information, hit up the distributors responsible for bringing the product to Ireland- the kind crew at National Beauty and I'm sure they will be able to give you the deets you need.

These are going to be permanent, friendly fixtures in my dental hygiene line-up, and I'm making it my business to get my hands on one of those Pink Grapefruit Mint breath sprays asap! Absoutely perfect for a minty hit on the go! Many thanks again to the National Beauty crew, Mr Craig Dubitsky for flying in especially, the lovely Publicity Loft ladies and the staff at the Trinity City Hotel for hosting the launch and sharing the friendliness.

What do you think about friendly dental care? Do any of these products appeal to you? 

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