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Dry Shampoo Duel- Fudge Urban v Aussie

I don't know if it because I have tried SO many things in my years on this planet, but whenever I use things, and whilst forming my opinion on them, I always compare them to their rivals in their category. I find that products are all relative to each other and I can't help but compare them to each other in my own mind, so I said I would do so in this post. I purchased both of these dry shampoos on the same day in Boots, and I've used them both at least 5 times and I feel like I have formed an opinion on them now that I am ready and a-willing to share.

The Fudge Crisp Pear and Sweet Vanilla Dry Shampoo is a new brand arrival to Boots in Dundrum, and given how fabulously I have gotten on with the Iced Raspberry and Vanilla hairspray, I wasted no time in forking over the €6 odd for this. I'm also a long time fan of the brand Aussie which provides us with the most amazing smelling shampoos and conditioners EVER and I felt pretty confident about spending my hard earned dollas on this one too. All in all, we started off on great terms.

Not only does the Fudge offering sound like a delicious fruity mocktail (hello crisp pear and sweet vanilla) - it also smells like a fruity mocktail. This is not even remotely offensive as some dry shampoos can be and there is nothing worse than going around with a head that smells like dry shampoo. This promises to clean and refresh. Much as I love to wash my hair on a daily basis, I know it's incredibly bad for your hair to do so, and I've found that this dry shampoo is great for giving my roots a bit of extra oomph on the second day mornings. It does not leave a white cast or powdery residue and it does not feel wet when sprayed onto the hair. It blends with my hair colour seamlessly and does a really great job of absorbing any oil. The downside of this one however is that I find it has to be reapplied after 6/7 hours and it's a bit cumbersome having to lug the tin of this stuff around. Speaking of tin, you get 200ml of product in this which is pretty decent. I also love the packaging and I think it's really pretty. 

Aussie recently released three new dry shampoos- Mega Instant, Aussome Volume and Colour Mate- to compliment the range of shampoos and conditioners that they offer. In spite of the fact that Aussie are known for their amazing smelling hair products, I did not find that this Mega Instant dry shampoo smelt that amazing, but it is grand and completely non-offensive, and the smell fades gradually after application. The spray is incredibly lightweight and despite my reservations, did a decent job of absorbing any oils and giving my hair a bit of oomph without leaving it a nasty, matted, tangled mess. Also, because of the lightweight formula, this did not upset or aggravate or make my scalp itchy or dry. Like the Aussie offering, I found that it is best to reapply six or seven hours into the day and give my hair a little rustle- but unlike the Fudge offering (that I know of), it's quite easy to pick up a little mini travel size version of this one for portability purposes.

So whilst neither of these dry shampoos blew me away completely, and both of them perform similarly. The Fudge Urban offering rings in at €7.79, whereas the Aussie contender will cost your purse €6.49, bearing in mind there is a 20ml difference in the size of the bottles, they are also priced similarly. I wouldn't consider either of them to be HG products, and I still prefer my Lush or Batiste Dry Shampoos in all honesty for doing their job, but I definitely would not be loathe to repurchase either of these.

Do you use dry shampoo from time to time, and if so, what are you hits and misses? Have you tried either of these two?


  1. Definitely on the pricey side of things. I love Batiste and while I will continue to endeavour to find an alternative I don't think I will! I've tried the lush one though.

  2. Comparison posts are always interesting. I usually use Batiste but as I couldn't find it on offer the other day I purchased the Herbal Essences as it was on offer but really didn't like it and have since gone and purchased the Batiste one again. I definitely think I'll be sticking with Batiste from now on.

    Kristy |

  3. I would almost buy Fudge Urban just for the name :) Batise is awesome though, I have to agree I never had an issue with it before.

  4. I'm really liking the Aussie one at the moment as I normally use Batiste Brown and find flecks of it fall from my fringe onto my face during the day which drives me mad!

  5. I've heard great things about the new Aussie ones but I really like my trusty Tropical Batiste! I enjoy rubbing the white stuff into my hair, makes me feel like I'm cleaning it haha. xxxx


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