Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Chic Treat Club- September Unboxing

I remember thinking to myself last week that hasn't the month flown, another Chic Treat Club box is just around the corner. However, yesterday and today did not fly because I have been super uber excited about getting my mitts on the latest Chic Treat instalment. Because I was almost as excited as a child on Christmas Eve, the day before #chictreatday has now become #chictreateve. So as you may have been able to tell- I'm pretty excited about this box.

That little yellow box we all know and love arrived at my desk at work this afternoon and I wasted no time in peeling off the cardboard packaging to expose the lovely sunshine yellow goodness contained within. Upon opening the box, I immediately scanned under the yellow fluff to see what was inside before delving in. I was impressed with the slate grey paper and hand tied ribbon and surprised to see some yellow fluff instead of pink fluff this month.

The first product I picked out was Balmi Moisturising Lip Balm and I got the shade Strawberry. This is a size product and retails for €5.95. I love this brand and I love this product but between my car, desk at work and bedside locker, I definitely have at least three on the go already.

Secondly, a Sleek Pout Paint in was also included. This is a full size product but I am not sure of it's retail price because this is not listed in the Chic Muse booklet but I can only guess it wouldn't be more than a fiver. This also happened to me in August- I received products that were not listed in the accompanying magazine.* I quite like the shade- a vibrant orangey red called 'Lava'.

Next item that I fished out of the yellow fluff was the Cuticura Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel- which again, as far as I can tell, is a full size product and retails for €1.99. Again, this product was not listed in the Chic Muse- instead a new Cuticura Hand Serum was advertised.* I guess hand sanitizers are always handy to have, but nothing about this excites me. Might be handy with cold/germ season just around the corner!

Next up was a Sleek Kohl Kajal in Odyssey Purple which is a full size product and retails for €5.99. I've never used a Sleek Kohl Kajal before- don't normally wear purple eyeliner, but definitely willing to give it a try. If I don't like it, I have a funky 15 year old makeup loving sister who will gladly take this off my hands.

Lastly, the final product was a 3.7ml size of CND Solaroil. This is definitely an interesting product and I look forward to trying it out and reporting back. This sample has a retail value of €3.15.

Now, in my time on this planet, what I have found with subscription boxes is that they can't be amazing all the time, and of course depending on product selection and personal preference, people's opinions of boxes can change from one box to the next. Whilst I have loved previous boxes, I know that I can't and won't love them all. I didn't subscribe under this illusion that I would love every single product. This does not just apply to Chic Treat Club, but is the case with lots of mystery subscription boxes- it's the name of the game. Unless you are incredibly easily pleased or not genuine, I don't think you can say you adored and cherished every product every month. I don't hold the fact that I didn't love the product selection this month against the Chic Treat crew, and I of course still have the utmost respect for them for getting boxes to us every month, being the only consistent Irish player in the market, providing excellent customer service via Twitter and bringing lots of brand launches and supporting Irish products in the midst of it all- not to mention the fact that the vast majority of the products that we receive are full size products and not just samples! If anything, I think us subscribers have been too spoilt by previous boxes and the standard of them has been so high that it must surely not be humanly possible to produce the same quality every single month.

Overall, and trust me it truly pains me to say, I'm not impressed with the September Chic Treat Club box, and it's probably just because I was not hugely keen on the product selection or I already have the product (or multiples thereof!). I don't have anything more to say about this box really other than I found it to be genuinely disappointing. I still have faith that the Chic Treat Crew will produce an amazing box next month, but I know in all honestly, I certainly wouldn't be tempted to subscribe to this service based on this month's box. Two months in a row now, I have received products that were not listed in the Chic Muse booklet- this month, there were two such products included in my box.* I just don't feel like I got great value for my €17 this month and I'm disappointed. The combined value of the items in the box is about €21. Much as I would love to, out of respect for the Chic Treat team, I can't pretend I was happy with the contents of this box- and I have to be honest. I'm not sure if I will be eagerly anticipating the arrival of the October box yet but more than likely by the time the weeks fly by I will probably be stalking the post room again.. I'm not going to think about unsubscribing yet because I am still high on the fumes of happiness from previous boxes so I am going to continue with my subscription, and I certainly don't want this post and my opinion of this particular box to dissuade you from subscribing to a unique Irish service.

*EDIT 24/09/14: Since posting this unboxing, the Chic Treat Crew were very quick to address the issue of the non-corresponding products in Chic Muse and the products in the boxes via email and on their Twitter page. They thanked me and some fellow bloggers for drawing it to their attention to it and it appears it was all just a misunderstanding between the printing and packing stages. I'll tell you something- I would be willing to bet that the products in next month's box will correspond exactly with the Chic Muse booklet. I felt like it was necessary to clarify this on the post in the interests of fairness. This is my blog, and I will always be honest about my perception of products, and I will always be truthful about what I think, but I would also like to be fair to an Irish company that has impressed me on several occasions after the last few months. I do a CTC Unboxing post every month on Chic Treat Day and will continue to do so- and I didn't want to not post about it this month simply because I didn't love all the products.



  1. It's very annoying that they've swapped out some items.. I've seen a few people saying the same today. If it was a shortage of stock, surely they could have said something? x

  2. Have to say I was underwhelmed by this month's box. It was ordinary and really not worth it :(

  3. Similarly I wasn't blown away by this months box which is disappointing as I've really loved all the other boxes so far. Funny thing is if I'd have gotten this in a Glossybox before I probably wouldn't have been as critical but CTC have had such a high standard thus far that it makes it more disappointing (in my opinion!)


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