Monday, 8 September 2014

Charlotte Tilbury - The Haul #1 - Love at first swatch

Just last weekend, I let you all have a little insight into my first Charlotte Tilbury wishlist, and today I have a little haul to show you all. Yes- my willpower was severely tested, and despite some trojan efforts on my part, I just had to go to Brown Thomas for a look, and then when I was there, I felt like it would have been rude for me to leave without swatching, and then when I swatched I just fell in love. Might I add, the opulent new surroundings in the Beauty Hall in BT might have contributed to my mania- the place is looking amazing. The Charlotte Tilbury counter itself in the heart of the shop floor is a sight to behold, like a beautiful gold and burgundy tinted spaceship just enticing you to spend all your hard earned wages. I spent at least five days avoiding Grafton Street at all costs, which is difficult when I work at the other side of Stephen's Green, but curiousity and FOMO plagued me and in the end, spurred on by an amazing day at the #irishbbloggerfun meetup organised by Anita, I couldn't help myself.

Now all things aside, the fact that I managed to pick up just four things despite wanting ALL the things deserves credit. Confession time- if the lipstick that I have been lusting after had been in stock, I would have been bringing that home too. I'll just have to go back another day to collect Bitch Perfect. Three of the items I purchased came from my wishlist and there was one surprise contender that was love at first swatch that I had to adopt.

The Dolce Vita Palette was just a sight to behold, but I admit, I nearly went for the Golden Goddess palette on Saturday instead of this one. Something about that beautiful coppery colour in the bottom left of the palette just stole my heart, and even though the packaging is pretty and the other colours are nice, I pretty much coughed up the €50 for that colour alone. I might have no sense but I do have blue eyes and I feel that my blue eyes and this palette are going to be besties.

The product right at the top of my mental wishlist had to be the Filmstar Bronze & Glow Face Sculpt and Highlight Palette- is this just not perfection? The powders are so silky soft and blendable and the packaging is just too divine- even the way it sits in your hand, it's just too much for my little heart to bear. Since I got this on Saturday I have literally just stared at it because I am afraid to use it and ruin the lovely embossing detail on the faces of the product. It might have cost €65 and that is a lorra moola, but just LOOK AT IT, it's GORGEOUS!

I don't often use lip liners, particularly nude lip liners, but every beauty guru in the UK and their adorable pampered pet pooches have been raving about the Lip Cheat Re-shape and Re-size Lip Liner in Pillowtalk, I just had to see what all the fuss is about. I'm a little sensitive about lips and the moment since I've been left with some discolouration after using cold sore patches so I'm hoping I can use this product to counteract that and have nice, symmetrical shaped lips again. Also, I'd rather not admit but I will for the purposes of clarity that this lip liner was €22. I hope I love it!

Lastly, and this is the surprise offering, I had a swatch of the Colour Chameleon Colour Morphing Eyeshadow Pencil in Champagne Diamonds and when it set on my hand, it really set, and the colour was just so gorgeous and glittery and mesmerizing that, again, it was love at first swatch, and I had to pick one up for myself. What I like about these pencils is that they are divided into categories of suitability depending on your eye colour and whether they are day time or night time appropriate. Champagne Kisses is the daytime pencil for blue eyes and I'll also be picking up the Midnight Black pencil which is the night time version because it was just exquisite when I swatched it and will be very handy coming into the Christmas party season! And at €25 a pop, it's not that bad really is it, not for such a unique, glittery product.

So that was my first Charlotte Tilbury outing and unfortunately for my bank, I'm sure it will be the first of many Charlotte Tilbury themed outings.

Do you approve of my picks? Which one is your fave?


  1. Great choices Aisling, I'm sat here green with envy!

  2. Oh the prettiness! Dolce Vita is on my Xmas list for sure, looks gorgeous.

  3. Lovely haul. Was I right about the stoned rose pic on their website really being bitch perfect? It's on my list too, I got my order from parcel motel today but Charlotte Tilburys website is also out of BP

  4. I succumbed too, but only bought 2 products! I love your choice - that eye shadow quad & the Bronze & Glow are on my list!


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