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Ziaja Manuka Tree Purifying Range- Big promise, small price tag

If there is one thing I love, it's discovering a new skincare regime, trying it out and noting the effects, good or bad, on my skin. The science behind skincare fascinates me and it's only the last 12 months or so that I have become really conscious of skincare routines and the ingredients and composition of the creams, lotions, potions and serums that I so happily smear all over me, particularly my face. My skincare journey has brought me to the Ziaja door many times now, and I was delighted to be sent some items from the Manuka Tree Purifying Range to try out a few weeks ago. I've been giving these bad boys a trial for the last fortnight and I can now fill y'all in on what I think of them and how my skin got on. Also, in the interests of a more thorough review, I also asked my 15 year old sister Aoife who has much oilier skin than I do to try out the products also.

The Manuka Tree Purifying Range is targeted towards oily and combination skins. There are five products in the range altogether, and all are available to purchase via the Original Beauty website. I was sent the Deeply Cleansing Peeling Paste (€4.99), Astringent Face Toner (€4.49) and Normalising Day Cream (€6.99) to test out. Also in the range is a Normalising Cleansing Gel (€4.99) and an Exfoliating Night Cream (€6.99).  

I don't have particularly oily skin but my skin is combination- oily T-zone and my chin in particular would be a spotty, blackheaded mess if I did not take care of it. Treating my oily skin issues can be difficult however because the rest of my skin is dry and dehydrated, and many washes etc for oily and combination skin further zap away at my dry bits. Finding the right balance is incredibly difficult. Therefore, I approach ALL products targeted for oily/combination with a degree of reluctance and fear. These hot summer months have seen my oil levels spike, particularly down my T-Zone area, and I find I am looking for the mattifying sprays, creams and powders all the more to control shine.

The first product I tried was the Manuka Tree Deeply Cleansing Purifying Paste. Before I opened this and saw the product, I did not know what to expect, something pasty, something that peels off your skin or something that peels something from your skin. So many possibilities. Being the smart girl that I am, I read the back of the product, wherein I was informed that this product was not a mask but a facial wash/scrub that you apply and rinse off straight away. This paste has light peeling properties so it won't take the face off you but it does a mighty fine job of exfoliating your skin and unblocking those pores, preparing skin for any further treatments and absorbing any excess oil. I loved the smell of this and how my skin felt so incredibly clean after it- possibly cleaner than it has ever felt before. My sister Aoife also made the same remarks after using this. It's recommended to use this product once a week and a little really does go a long way with this so you'll get great value for your fiver with this one. 

After using the peeling paste, I opted for the Manuka Tree Purifying Astringent Face Toner which promises to clarify congested pores  reducing the appearance of porous areas whilst the organic acids contained within gently exfoliate the skin. That was alot of promise for such a little bottle but I have to admit, it delivered. The recommended use for this was spritzing it onto a cotton pad and then rubbing along your face, but I found the mist was so fine that it was difficult to soak the cotton pad with the astringent solution. I found it preferable to close my eyes and spray this liberally on my face and then take two cotton pads and work the solution in. My skin feels incredibly clean after using this also, no tightness or discomfort in the slightest which I have experienced with other toners in the past. I had a couple of breakouts over the last fortnight (the usual hormonal issues) and I feel like this toner went a long way towards soothing them at their worst and improving my skin. Aoife also really rated the toner and we both noticed that at the end of her four day trial, her skin looked alot clearer and far less oily. Our darling mother even noticed how much clearer her skin looked! 

The last product I was sent to review was the Manuka Tree Purifying Normalising Day Cream, and this was perhaps the product I was most interested in trying out from this range, given the difficulties I experience trying to balance moisturisation and hydration with oil and shine control. This cream promises to regulate the sebaceous gland activity to effectively blitz blemishes and blot out oily patches, reduce and prevent blemishes AND provide 24 hour moisture without overloading pores. I was curious to see if it delivered on these pretty epic promises, and I am glad to report that it has. I've been using this as my base under makeup every day for the last fortnight and what I have liked about this the most is that it's quite a light cream and not too thick, and it has an instant mattifying effect on the skin making my foundation sit well over it. I honestly couldn't ask for anymore from a day cream. Aoife also really liked this cream- she said herself she doesn't want to use moisturisers because she fears it would just aggravate her problem skin but admitted her skin felt awesome at the end of her short four day trial using these products.

Overall, I have found this range to be pleasantly effective without zapping or frying my already dehydrated parts. I've noticed shine reduction, particularly along my T-Zone area, my blemishes seem to be healing quicker and my pores are less enlarged. I really enjoyed using the products because the smelled just handsome and so clean and refreshing. 

 The real breakthrough with this Manuka Tree purifying range, however, had to be in the improvement I saw in my sister's skin after just four days. Her blackheads practically diminished and her blemishes had almost completely healed and her whole face looked brighter. It was great to see her get some skin confidence back because lord know and I'm sure we all remember, you have enough worries on your shoulders at 15! If you have oily skin and would like some skin confidence of your own, definitely try these, you can pick up the whole range for not much more than 20 quids, or alternatively, if you have a younger sister or friend and you would like to give them the gift of skin confidence, don't pass by on this range. I'm definitely going to pick up Aoife the full suite of Manuka Tree Purifying products so she can continue of her happy skin journey. 

Another winning product from Ziaja, and even if you think this range is not for you, have a browse of their collection on the Official Ziaja Store in Ireland - Original Beauty - because they have skincare ranges for sensitive skin (my personal favourite!), dry and very dry skin, normal skin, delicate skin, mature skin etc., as well as sun care protection, body, hand and lip care products and an assortment to keep the men of your lives in tip top condition. Ziaja is a brand that has always delivered high quality for small price tags. Ziaja is also available in local pharmacies and Shaws Department Stores.

Have you tried any Ziaja products yet? Does this new range sound like it might appeal to you too?



  1. I have heard so much about Ziaja and I still haven't got anything from them! I'm nearly out of moisturiser so I think I will try the Day cream from this range :) Love how you & your sister gave from both aspects for the review x

    1. Aw thanks missus, tbh the fact that it actually worked such wonders on my sister's problem skin has completely, utterly won me over on this. She was chuffed to bits with herself and it was nice to see it giving her confidence :) The day cream is awesome- lovely mattifying effect so great under foundation too! x

  2. I've yet to use something that really suits my skin from them. I always find it heavy!

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