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The "Wet" Brush and the "Shine" Brush- knocking the Tangle Teezer off the top spot?

I heard about the "Wet" Brush AGES ago and then kind of just forgot about it. I have gone through three Tangle Teezers in the last two years and they were working just fine for me- the little plastic bristles paving the way amongst my thick, coarse, dry hair. The one thing I didn't like about the Tangle Teezer however was the fact that I hated using it when my hair was dry- for whatever reason, I've only ever used it on my wet hair. Now you can use Tangle Teezers on dry hair, that's perfectly legitimate and loads do, BUT I never reach for this when I am brushing my hair in the morning or when I brush my hair to straighten it or tie it up in a ponytail. Weekends away, holidays etc, I would always bring my Tangle Teezer with me for post shower detangling and my Denman hairbrush for all dry hairbrushings. Now don't get me wrong, I love the Tangle Teezer, but the lack of handle really cuts down its functionality for me. 

So when America's #1 hairbrush landed on Irish shores, and I was alerted to this fact by Miss Avril of Blushful Beauty, I hotfooted it to Meagher's Pharmacy on Baggot Street to pick up one on my lunch hour. When I arrived in Meagher's Pharmacy, I was greeted by this gorgeous colourful display. I was literally like a kid in a sweet shop trying to pick out which brush I wanted to make mine. I picked up two that day - The "Wet" Brush and The "Shine" brush. (I *may* have since gone back for another brush but we'll talk about that some other day). I've been using them diligently for the last week so I am fully versed and ready to let you know what I think of them now.

The "Wet" Brush

As you can see, I went for the most mature, sophisticated "Wet" Brush that was on offer- NOT! Something about the colours in this one just caught my eye and it was love at first sight. I don't own anything even half as colourful as this- so maybe it was the delerium and relief at actually finding the display- but this one just had my name on it. This one cost €12.99 and I'm pretty sure the regular pink/purple/red etc brushes are about a euro cheaper. The packaging told me that this brush is the #1 brush in America- and heck, if it's good enough for our friends across the pond, it's good enough for me too. 

Now, a skeptic might wonder what could this hair tool possibly offer that no other hair tool can offer- well folks, let me tell you up straight, this is a pretty awesome brush. This brush can be used on wet OR dry hair and it has soft flexible bristles which easily navigate through even the thickest, curliest manes, and it's perfect for straight hair too. Allegedly this is the perfect brush for wigs and extensions too but I have neither so I can't verify this claim. What I can verify however, is that I have the knottiest, tangliest thickest hair in the world which is an absolute bale of hay since that disastrous 16 week blowdry I had done last October (ugh I will not even go there!). If you do not believe me, I attach photographic evidence of my hair post-shower *you might want to hide the children*:

The "Wet" Brush just glided through this hectic mess without snapping or pulling or dragging my hair in the slightest- it was so effortless. Now whilst the Tangle Teezer did a good job, and I can't really slate it, the "Wet" Brush is just so much easier to use and because of the handle, the brush does not get lost in my hair mid-brushing. Not only do I love this brush on my wet hair, I also brush my dry hair with it, and again, it does so effortlessly, taking half the pain and cursing out of trying to brush my hair. 

I feel like this is one of those products that you need to see in action before you believe, so if you are a straw-haired sista like myself and you are curious, I strongly urge you to go out and get your hands on one of these bad boys. You're bound to find a colour you like too! The price point is fair considering the Tangle Teezer varies in price from €10-16.

The "Shine" Brush

I wasn't planning on picking up The "Shine" Brush also but I got carried away with myself chez pharmacy. The "Shine" Brush promises smoother, healthier, longer, tangle free hair, which to me just sounds like hair perfection, so I thought of this as a step to hair perfection. The "Shine" Brush, unlike The "Wet" Brush, features heat resistant Mongolian Boar bristles for luster and shine. The "Shine" Brush works by helping to spread the natural oils from the scalp and roots down the shaft of your hair. All of this was really interesting but what really swung this for me was that it says on the packaging- Recommended for Dry Shampoo- and as a user of dry shampoo myself, I was most interested in trying out a product that would make my hair shiny even after applying mattifying dry shampoo. Like even thinking about that just makes me puzzled. BUT I have to give this brush it's dues, it does a fantastic job at prevent dry shampoo congestion in the root area, and it did actually make my hair look shinier and more fresh. No flyaways, no disgusting powdery residue on the brush, no telltale white roots making me look like I have aged 70 years overnight. If you use a bit of dry shampoo from time to time, you should really try one of these brushes. The "Shine" Brush will set you back €14.99. I have not washed my brush yet but the instructions on the back of the pack tell me that I could wash this in a sink with a few drops of shampoo and leave it to airdry naturally for a few hours and it would be all squeaky again. 

But Aisling, can I justify getting both really though?

Heck yeah you can totally justify owning both! Whilst there are similarities between the two brushes- both have Intelliflex bristles which are thin, strong and very flexible, they also have adaptive flexibility (flexible on one stroke, firm on the next, switswoo!). Along with this, they have soft tips which are extremely gentle on the most sensitive of scalps and highly useful for detangling knots without causing mass hair destruction. They both look like they're the same size, same shape etc. I would say this is where the similarities end. Whilst you can use The "Wet" Brush on wet or dry hair, I wouldn't personally use The "Shine" Brush on wet hair. The "Wet" Brush is not as effective with dispersing dry shampoo as The "Shine" Brush. It all comes down to what you want out of your hairbrush and what you actually need your hairbrush to do for you. Like I said, I got both a fortnight ago, and I have been using both on a daily basis since, and I almost can't remember what life was like without them. 

I highly highly recommend these brushes- I don't have enough nice things to say about them in all honesty. They also come in a smaller, more pocket friendly size, and there is a Wet Comb, some Wet Clips etc. in the range. If you are near Meagher's Pharmacy on Baggot Street, do pop in and have a peruse of the stand. I'm not sure where else they are stocked in Ireland but if you know, please make sure to leave it in the comments below and share the joy!

What do you make of these brushes? Do they sound like something that might appeal to you?


  1. I need the shine one!!

  2. I really need the pair of these in my life lol. You've been knocking it out of the park with posts lately Aish! I need allllllll the things! ;) x

  3. Ohhh now, this is something I like the sound of! My hair is disastrous, it's a big mound of frizz, no matter what I do with it. Love your post shower pic, it looks very familiar - but add curls!! The wet brush sounds brilliant. The tangle teezer didn't work for me at all, I binned it after it wrenched something like 8g of hair from my head (I weighed it). Great find!

  4. I quite like the look of the shine brush, the wet brush looks like the kind of hairbrush we had at home when we where kids! A great brush none the less!


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