Saturday, 16 August 2014

Ten things I love about the Seventeen Falsifeye HD Mascara

I never actively seek out or look for new mascaras. Mascara shopping is my least favourite breed of makeup shopping because I can count on my hands how many times I have found a truly great mascara. Mascaras expire so quickly that I find it difficult to justify paying €30 for a high end one, yet some drugstore mascaras are severely lacking. That said, there are some drugstore/pharmacy mascaras that are very pleasing indeed, and I only blog about mascaras I really love and recommend, or that I really hate and do not recommend. I am VERY picky. A few weeks back, Karen from Lovely Girlie Bits blogged about the Seventeen HD Falsifeye HD mascara and mentioned it in her monthly favourites- my interest was piqued.Karen's rave review was followed closely afterwards with a review from Leanne of Blather & Beauty and at this point, I was sold and I duly popped to Boots to pick it up. I decided that instead of doing a generally chatty post about the mascara that I am just going to tell you ten things I love about it. 

1. The shape of the wand is like nothing else I have- it's quite long and thin, short bristles on two sides and longer bristles on the other two sides. It feels nice and sturdy under the lashes, and is easy to use. 

2. This mascara separates my lashes like no other. If you want long, defined lashes, this is your man. Not so much gone on it for volume but I'm more of a length and definition kinda gal so this pleases me greatly. 

3. This mascara is easily buildable and you don't have to wait for ages in between coats. 

4. It does not flake or budge from your lashes at all during wear. No panda eyes, no little black flakes on the top of your cheeks. Some higher end mascaras have failed miserably in this category!

5. I have the shade Blackest Black and it really is a dark matte black. I personally find the darker the mascara, the more striking it looks. If you are not a fan of the Blackest Black, they also have a Brown Black shade.

6. I have unbearably sensitive eyes and wear contact lenses everyday and this mascara did not irritate my eyes even a little. There are not too many mascaras that I would be comfortable to wear for a whole day. No tears at the sides of my eyes, no stinging, and now that I trust it, no flinching when applying my mascara in the morning.

7. This mascara is an absolute bargain at €8.89 and when I got it, it was on offer for special introductory price of €5.89 AND it was buy one, get one half price. So I bought two, naturally!

8. At the end of the day when all you want to do is take off every scrap of makeup and collapse in the bed, this comes off just dandy with eye makeup remover or cleansing oils or balms. 

9. If you bother to curl your lashes, you would like a mascara to hold that curl. Glad to report that this does a great job of holding curls.

10. This mascara is incredibly easy to get a hold of because there is a Seventeen counter in every Boots and you can't walk a mile in Dublin without bumping into a few Boots stores. No need to order online, no need to beg our friends in the States to bring them back to us. Bliss!

I pretty much have worn nothing else on my lashes since I got this bad boy a few weeks ago, and I already have a back up to hand just in case it sells out in the coming weeks! 

Have you tried this mascara yet?



  1. Oooh thanks for the mention! I am so in love with this stuff, have not stopped using it, flipping fantastic!

  2. I probably don't need another mascara right now but I am seriously tempted by this one- looks fantastic and great price!


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