Thursday, 21 August 2014

Some bargainous eBay brushes!

God knows I love me some makeup brushes, I must have twenty different versions of the same thing. I'm eternally on the hunt for new brushes. I was browsing eBay one night a few months back, as you do, and I came across this brush set for €1.77 including postage. I have been looking for smaller brushes for appealing concealer and blending out primer on my eye area, and this set looked like it was worth a try. Given the tiny price tag however, I didn't hold out much hope in terms of quality and performance, but it wasn't that much of an investment so I took the gamble AND I am mighty glad I did, because this is a nifty little brush set! I will elaborate.

I bought the four piece Kabuki set from this seller and I adopted my tried and tested method of eBay bargain shopping as I mentioned in my eBay bargain statement jewellery post :

1. Type in whatever you are looking for into the Search bar but try to keep as generic as possible. I just entered "kabuki brush".
2. When your search results come up, go over to the side and select 'eBay worldwide', 'Buy it Now', and 'Free P&P'.
3. Back at the top of the page, you can sort your refined search results by 'Price + P&P: Lowest First'. 
4. When you find the product you would like to buy, make sure to check the seller's feedback rating. If they have a good feedback score and accept Paypal, you can rest assured that they are probably not scam artists.

The brushes themselves took about a fortnight to arrive from China, and when I got them first, the bristles were a bit dented from the journey over. I washed them and let them airdry naturally and low and behold, the shape of them was restored. In the set you get four small kabukis- round top, flat top, angled and pointed. They all have synthetic bristles and feel pretty sturdy given the price point. 

I've been loving these for applying and blending out concealer, particularly around my incredibly delicate eye area. I've also been using them to blend primer across my lid before I apply eyeshadow. If these were even remotely scratchy, I would not be able to deal with them, but thankfully I can attest to the face that these are nice and soft. They wash well with shampoo, dry well and have kept their shape thus far (I've had them for about two months now). I generally could not ask for more of them and considering they were less than 45 cent a piece, I am very happy indeed. 

Do these brushes tempt you? Have you had any eBay brush experiences good or bad?


  1. Everything I read you're posts on eBAY finds, I somehow end up buying said products! These will be no exception!! xx

  2. I love eBay! I've had a good AND bad brush experience. I bought a brush set after I saw it on lovelygirliebits - it's a Jessop set and the flat top Kabuki is very similar (not as dense) as the Sigma F80. I can get you the link if you want it, just shout! The bad experience was when I was looking at brushes and wanted to buy a big powder brush - I got one from a seller in China and when it arrived it had a very dodgy looking M.A.C printed on the side and it stank of varnish. I emailed them and they immediately refunded, but I threw it in the bin. It didn't show the MAC on the listing at all, so you do have to be careful!

  3. I have just got these in the post and I am really enjoying them!

    Hannah Heartss x

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