Thursday, 7 August 2014

Rimmel Lip Balms- Cheap and cheerful?

When news of Rimmel's latest lip launch broke, I was both excited and wary. It's hard to not compare these to the Maybelline Baby Lips which still, in my mind, hold the accolade for the most overhyped, rubbish product I have ever come across in my entire life. I generally love Rimmel lip products- the Kate Moss lipsticks are amongst the best I have ever tried and I still credit Rimmel for being the first to bring highly pigmented, long lasting liquid lipsticks to us in the form of the Apocalips. So on the basis that I didn't have huge expectations of these because they reminded me of the Maybelline offering, and on the basis that I generally love Rimmel lip products, I picked up two of the five available- Keep Calm and Party which is a berry purple in the tube and a sheer pink on the lips and Keep Calm and Play which leaves a lovely coral tint on the kissmakers.

Whilst comparisons to Baby Lips were inevitable, I have to say that I much prefer the Rimmel offerings for quick, lazy, hassle-free addition of colour to the lips. They are not long lasting and not the most moisturising product on the market, but they don't claim to be. I find them alot more comfortable to wear than the Baby Lips and they are also easier to apply given the slanted top akin to lipsticks. 

Whilst the purple looks pretty scary in the tube, it leaves a lovely pink tint on the lips, and the more you try to build, the pinker it gets. If you are afraid of berry lips, perhaps give this one a whirl and see if you like it. The coral one is a lovely reddish coral, again not hugely pigmented and taking a couple of swipes to build up the opacity, but it's worth it because it will leave you with nice shiny juicy lips. 

Overall, these are nice additions to the already stellar Rimmel lip lineup. The other three didn't particularly catch my eye because as far as I could tell, they didn't appear to have much pigment to them and would take millions of coats. I believe that these also come with matching nail polishes but none of the Rimmel stands I have been to have these yet- in fact, these little guys were not incorporated into the regular Rimmel stands but actually had their own much smaller display (just in case you go charging into Boots looking for these in the wrong place!). Priced at €2.99, these have been available since the end of July. Are there any in particular catching your eye?


  1. I two of these the other day - (I can't remember which one's they were as I've a terrible memory!) I think I got keep calm and rock, and keep calm and party! Looking forward to trying them out :)

    1. Ooh I think they were the most pigmented of the bunch so wise picks there C :) Looking forward to hearing how you get on x

  2. I hate the look of them to be honest. I think when I was 14 I would have loved them though!

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