Tuesday, 5 August 2014

NYX Powder Blushes- Collection, Review and Swatches

When I heard NYX Cosmetics were coming to Ireland, I sincerely hoped that they would be bringing their Powder Blushes to our shores, and my hopes were answered as soon as I got to a NYX stand. NYX Powder Blushes are some of my favourite blushes ever, and as you will find out later, one of the two blushes I have ever repurchased in my life was a NYX Powder Blush. I used to have to get all mine from eBay, and whilst we don't have the same shade range available here as our friends across the pond do, we have 12 glorious shades to choose from. Priced at €7.49 a piece, these won't break the bank, and a little of these goes a long way as they are incredibly pigmented and blendable. The packaging is neat, and like alot of the NYX packaging, almost MAC-esque in it's simplicity and each pan contains 4g of product. 

Now I have already alluded to the fact that one of my favourite all time blushes is NYX Peach, and as you can probably tell from the pic above, I'm about to hit pan on my second one! This is an unprecedented event and really this just hammers home how much I love these blushes. I've also hit pan but not yet repurchased the shades Pinched and Summer Peach (which as far as I am aware is not available in Ireland, sorry guys- I won't even mention how it is the closest dupe of NARS Orgasm that I have ever come across...). I'm definitely going to keep collecting these bad boys, and if there is a shade that I haven't got yet that you love, let me know in the comments below so I can bump it up to the top of my wishlist! 

NYX Angel is a lovely soft pink with a matte finish. It can be built up as you wish but I feel like this is one of those blushes that just does all the work for you, and one you pretty much cannot get wrong.

NYX Silky Rose was sent to me by the PR for NYX in Ireland and has become one of my favourite flushed blushes, those blushes that give you that rosy glow. It straddles the border somewhere between red and berry, and a light hand is definitely needed applying this (I also favour a stippling or duo-fibre brush). This reminds me of my NARS Blush in Dolce Vita.

NYX Pinky is another matte pink, however, I don't feel like this is matte in the traditional sense of the word. It's not glittery, it's not particularly that evident from looking at the colour in the pan, but when you apply this product, it leaves a gorgeous pink, satiny sheen on your face that just makes you look like you did a 20 minute jog before applying your makeup (without the sweat particles). Again this is one for a stippling brush because it is very strongly pigmented but if you apply it to wear you blush naturally, you will just love it. Even those of you amongst us who are afraid of pink blushes could totally rock this one!

NYX Peach, as I mentioned already, is one of my all time favourite blushes in the world ever, and reminds me of one of my other all time favourite blushes, NARS Deep Throat. Now do not ask me why the gods at NYX decided to call this shade 'Peach' when it clearly leaning more towards the pink persuasion- that aside, this is one seriously kick-ass blush, and if you only pick up one single NYX blush, make it this one, it's fantastic! It just goes with everything, every makeup look, all seasons. It would be in my list of top 5 blushes for just being such a great offering. When (and not if) I pick up my next one, it will be my third one, and as many of you know, there are not too many beauty products that beauty bloggers will actually go to the effort of repurchasing, especially when you have a million other pink blushes gathering dust in your drawers. Don't just take my word for it, go out and buy this blush, and let me know on Twitter or FB what you think! 

NYX Taupe is a matte taupe colour which is much revered for being widely regarded as the best contour shade for pale skinned gals like myself. Now whether it is the absolute best or not, I am on the fence. It's nice, I like it in my crease as a transition colour when it's well blended. It is completely matte which does make it perfect for contouring but I've been prefering leaning towards my bronzers instead. This looks muddy in the pan but it doesn't look muddy on the skin and it is easy to blend. I do believe that Taupe is not as pigmented as the other NYX Powder Blushes but it's perfectly buildable, it just means you will probably get through this colour quicker than the others.

NYX Mauve is, as the name suggests, a matte mauve colour- a colour which is quite unique and not similar to any of the other blushes (LOVE justifying my blush collection!). This is quite a warm pink which is unusual in my collection because most of my pinks are cooler- this warm rosey colour gives a very natural glow to the skin, despite being a matte blush. If good health was a colour, I would imagine that it would look similar to Mauve. 

So that is my NYX Powder Blush collection to date, and as I already implored of you, if there is one that you are loving currently that I have not mentioned, please let me know so I can rectify the situation asap! Have you tried NYX Powder Blushes before? Which blush is your favourite? 


  1. These look so nice, a great price too. I would defiantly wear peach, pinky and silky rose. Must pick them up next time im shopping :)
    Chloe x

  2. Cool post missus, lovely little round-up - I have Pinky and love the formula; Taupe is next on my list!

  3. You got a great selection there Aisling. I only got two a few weeks ago Taupe & Angel. Love angel and I love taupe as a contour (a delicate one!)

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