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Me Me Me- Flawless Cream Foundation and Flawless Concealer- Review, Swatches and FOTD

Me Me Me is a cosmetics brand that has been on my radar for some time now given that a pharmacy in my hometown has stocked the range for the last year and I'm pretty sure there has been a stand in Superdrug in Limerick for a couple of years now. I met with Joan, the brains behind the Irish operation, at the Cork Meetup a few weeks back and her enthusiasm rubbed off on me. Joan very kindly put on a wonderful show and tell for us bloggers at the Cork Meetup and I swatched pretty much every single product and composed a whole Me Me Me wishlist. As it may be clear now from my blog, I am absolutely obsessed with foundations and I am always in search of the best foundation ever, my HG foundation if you like. If a brand impresses me with their foundations, they will win me over. I think the foundation is the most important part of any makeup look and I decided to go right for the jugular and try out the foundation and concealer. In terms of drugstore pricing, these guys are right at the top with L'Oreal and the likes so they are not a "budget brand" but they pride themselves on providing high end, luxurious products for reasonable prices. I duly purchased the Flawless Cream Foundation (€15.99) and Flawless Concealer (€8.99) to try out and these are my thoughts on these products. 

The Me Me Me Cosmetics Flawless Concealer appealed to me from first swatch. The consistency was not too thick, not too thin and very lightweight. My fellow bloggers remarked that this concealer was a dead cert dupe for the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer but I would not agree- this one is a much thinner consistency than the thick creamy texture of the NARS one. They're not dupes, but they might be first cousins.

The packaging was nothing special really- simple transparent tube, black lid and doe foot applicator, pretty standard. This comes in three shades and of the three, I picked the middle shade, meaning that there is one darker and one lighter than the shade pictured. In general, the shades run pretty pale across the foundations and  concealers and Joan told us how she was in the process of ordering an even paler foundation shade than the current palest foundation shade on the market to cater for the pale pasty people of Ireland. The lightest shade in the concealer is pretty damn light so if this is something you struggle with, maybe swing by a Me Me Me stand, especially since they are soon to be available in Dublin city centre, and have a swatch and see. 

The concealer applies nicely, blends nicely, has light coverage but is easily blendable. This is definitely not a super coverage concealer so don't expect that of it- however, if you are looking for a nice, light concealer to apply in your undereye area without having to worry about creasing, this is your man. I've used this on blemishes, I've used this on the dark circles under my eyes and it does a decent job of hiding all that concealer is meant to hide. I do find that I have to top up my concealer during the day but that could be because this heat and humidity that we are experiencing is making everything melt off my face so I cannot deduct any points for that, and I set this concealer with a little powder just to boost it's longevity.

There is only one foundation currently available with Me Me Me Cosmetics Ireland range- the Flawless Cream Foundation.  I picked up the second to lightest shade in the range. The packaging of the foundation is cute and my only grievance with it is the the lid keeps popping off in my makeup bag. The foundation comes with a pump which pumps a decent amount of product out- not wasteful but you don't have to repump everytime you want to apply the product to a different section of your face. I use about two pumps to completely cover my face- maybe an extra pump if I wanted to build the coverage on a particular part. The foundation does have a scent but it smells like sun cream to me, it's not very offensive and doesn't take long to fade away. The consistency of the foundation, unlike the Flawless Concealer mentioned above, is quite thick, and it's definitely (as the name suggests in all fairness) more of a cream than a liquid foundation. The finish is quite satin- not matte and not dewy but a kind of hybrid of the two, and I have been applying a setting powder over my nose and cheek area over the last few weeks to make sure this foundation gets me through the day at work.

This foundation is a medium but buildable foundation I would say, and can very easily be blended up to full coverage. Actually, speaking about blending, this foundation blends effortlessly. Unlike other foundations I have, this does not "set" on your skin the minute you apply it. I use my beloved F20 from Blank Canvas Cosmetics to really blend this product into my skin and the two products compliment each other nicely. The foundation also offers an SPF of 15 which is decent and we need all the SPF we can get our little mitts on in this weather. 

The foundation on top, concealer on bottom. You can see below how they blend out.

In the picture below I am wearing the Flawless Cream Foundation in Beige Blush (FYI for shade reference I take NW20 MAC, Cool Bone in Estee Lauder Doublewear, Deauville in NARS Sheer Glow) and the Flawless Concealer under my eyes and on a blemish under my chin. I've set the foundation with the NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Powder. As you can see, the coverage is consistent! 

Overall, I was impressed with the application and performance of the Me Me Me Flawless Cream Foundation and Concealer together, and you can judge yourself from the photo above as to how "flawless" the coverage actually was. Me Me Me Cosmetics have a decent selection of colour and base cosmetics available and there are new products rolling out for the Christmas market in the coming months so keep an eye out for them. Joan is very good to continuously update the list of stockists in Ireland and if you are interested in this foundation and concealer and would like to purchase yourself, or if you're just curious about the brand and would like to see what else they have to offer in store, check out the Mememe Cosmetics Ireland Facebook page for deets.

Have you tried anything by Me Me Me before? 


  1. I've never seen this brand in Dublin. Must have a look out as it looks like they have some gems.

    1. I've seen them in Neighbourhood Pharmacy in Northwood Santry- they've just announced new city centre stockists on their Facebook- Temple Bar on southside and Talbot St on northside. You've no excuse now! :) And they do have some nice bits and pieces and plenty of dupes for other products- you'll see yourself once you get to a stand!

  2. The foundation sounds good, I might try that out sometime. I dont' like the idea of having to re apply concealer thought!
    I have a shimmer brick from mememe a bronze one and it's very nice :)

    1. I'm dying to try the shimmer bricks! I'll have to swatch the bronze one for a look-see, thanks for the tip! x

  3. Im pretty sure that I seen this brand in Superdrug in the Square, Tallaght!. I must make another inspection! Im on the hunt for a new 'daytime' foundation :-) x

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