Sunday, 3 August 2014

Formula X Nail Polishes- Review and Swatches

When I was in Paris a few weeks ago, I couldn't not swing by one of my favourite haunts, Sephora on the Champs-Elysées. Whilst our European Sephoras are nowhere near the same league as the Sephora offerings in the States, I have a special connection with the Parisian flagship store. Perhaps it's the 100 litre bottles of various Chanel and Christian Dior scents lining the plush red carpet that you descend in order to enter the store, the fragrances wafting around, the huge displays of loveliness- I cannot pinpoint. What I can pinpoint, however, is that on the very top of my shopping list for my most recent Paris shopping expedition was some Formula X Nail Polishes. I've been curious about these for the longest time, but with no way to get our hands on them online, without actually going to a Sephora and laying down cold hard cash or persuading friends and relatives passing through the States to pick us up some, it seemed like forever before I could ever get my mitts on them.

When I did eventually find them however (and a most impressive display it was also- I even managed to get a pic!), I was blown away by the range of colours available- a phenomenal selection. I decided to pick up a red, a pink, a nude and a dark colour on my maiden outing, try a little bit of everything. This, in itself, was no easy task because there were so many reds, pinks etc available, but after many deliberations, much swatching, I finally made my choice and these are the colours I picked.

(L-R:) Impeccable, Riotous, Ignite and Umph

I've had a chance to try out all four colours and so my comments apply to all four. These are incredibly pigmented nail polishes, practically opaque on the first coat, but I always give them a second coat to boost longevity. Speaking of longevity, I can get a week out of Formula X, which is unheard of in my experience because my nails chip like a beast. The brush is just wide enough that I can paint it in three strokes, once down the middle and once either side of that stripe. The formula dries quite quickly and has quite a glossy, gel-like finish. The packaging of these really appeals- as you can see from the picture below, you simply pop the cap off the bottle to unscrew the brush and you use the cap as a finger rest.

I have included swatches of the polishes that I picked out:

and I also took the time to swatch some of the polishes in store in Sephora to give you an idea of the different colours, glitters and effects that are available.

Overall, I have been very impressed with the first four Formula X nail polishes and I will definitely purchase more the next time I am near a Sephora store. I am not sure about the availability of these in Sephora stores generally- I know the store I visited in Paris on the Champs-Elysées stocked the entire line, whereas another Sephora near Palais de Congres didn't stock as many. In the U.S. there are huge displays also. At €14.90 each, they are certainly on the pricier side of the nail polish spectrum but I think they are worth it, and the price does not deter me from getting anymore. I wish these were easier to pick up in Ireland or available to purchase online, alas this does not seem to be possible at this time, and if any of you know otherwise, please let us know below.

Have you tried any Formula X nail polishes yet or do you have any on your wishlist? 


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