Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Chic Treat Club- August Unboxing

July was my first month of Chic Treat Club, and despite my reservations about subscription boxes following questionable experiences from PowderPocket and Glossybox, I was blown away by the contents, and it was a gorgeous, well rounded box appealing to skincare gurus, beauty obsessives and candle lovers no less! I would be lying if I said I didn't have high expectations for the August box. I have come to hate Chic Treat Days because I am like a hen with an egg all day long, I just couldn't sit still today waiting for this to arrive. Arrive it did, and once again we were treated to six products.

1. The first product that caught my eye was the BETER Large All Purpose Brush which is a launch exclusive in the box. This has a retail price of €16.99 so we've already made back the cost of the box. First impressions are quite pleasant- it does feel very soft- and I don't have any other big headed, stumpy handled brushes like this in my collection. If you like the look of it and missed out on a Chic Treat Club box this month, these will be available in pharmacies nationwide from September 2014.

2. The second product that I pulled out was the Kubiss London Bronzing Face Powder. This will be available from the Cosmetic Outlet website in September. Have to say, a bit underwhelmed with this face powder- never heard of the brand, the packaging feels a bit cheap which I can't really hold against it because it only costs €2. I've yet to try it out granted, but this is not something I would pick out if I was in a store. Hopefully I will be in for a nice surprise, time will tell on that one!

3. Next thing that jumped out at me was a Kiss Vita Strength Base and Top Coat. I've long lamented my dry, brittle nails and I am always looking for the cure. I'm not sure of the price of this because it was not listed in the booklet that we got but I presume it was in the region of €5. I'm definitely looking forward to giving this one a whirl. 

4. I was happy to see a Montagne Jeunesse Brazilian Mud Fabric Masque in this month's box- I love a face mask and I have not tried a fabric one yet. This one contains real mud, acai berries and avocado and sounds like it will be quite the treat. This one has a retail price of €1.99. 

5. Finally, the last two products are from a brand called Thalgo, a brand I have heard of before but never actually used myself. We were spoiled with not one but two samples- the first being their Soft Hydration Emulsion which is a body moisturiser retailing for €26 full size 250ml (sample worth €3.10) and a Marine Shower Gel which retails for €15 for full size 250mls (sample worth €1.80). I like trying new body products out and I look forward to using these- also will be perfect for travel so I'm quite happy! 

Overall, I'm reasonably happy with this box. It is jam packed with products and brands I have never tried or heard of before and that's why I love the idea of subscription boxes. The total cost of all the products in the box was €30.88 which is almost double what we paid for it. In terms of the actual product selection, there is quite a good range, from tools, cosmetics, nails, bodycare and skincare. Whilst this box might not have the pizazz of July's mammoth offering, I am definitely happy with it.  

What did you think of your Chic Treat club boxes this month ladies? Are you tempted to subscribe if you haven't already? 


  1. I'm so undecided!! I loved the look of last month's box but there is nothing that majorly excites me in this month's. Think I'll hold off on signing up for another month

  2. I feel exactly the same as the first commenter, last month's box made me want to subscribe but I held off and now I'm not really swayed by this one. Think I will wait a little longer x

  3. I don't think beauty boxes are for me; committing to one and paying so much and risking only getting 1 decent box out of every three really makes it seem not worth it.

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