Tuesday, 29 July 2014

New Product Alert with Blank Canvas Cosmetics- pictures and details

I LOVE Blank Canvas Cosmetics brushes, I cannot get enough of them. Approximately 70% of my brush collection must be Blank Canvas Cosmetics brushes by now. They are incredible quality for the tiny price and if you wash them regularly and take care of them, they will last you years. The F20 pretty much changed my makeup life (i.e. the way I apply my foundation) and their eye brushes are second to none. I was very excited to be sent some of the new products ahead of the launch on the Blank Canvas Cosmetics website this coming Friday, 1 August, and I'm sharing the spoilers with you all today! If you want to wait until Friday and see for yourself, stop reading! If you, like me, are DYING to know, keep reading!

As I already alluded to above, my favourite Blank Canvas Cosmetics brush, the flat top kabuki F20, is my favourite makeup brush ever. How I ever coped without this brush in my life, I do not know, and it doesn't bear thinking about. I actually have about 7 on the go at this stage. I wash all my brushes regularly and I have never had any problems with shedding or damage to my brushes over the years, and my oldest F20 is almost two and a half years old now!! I have one on my person pretty much all the time, particular in this hot weather, as I like to stipple my MAC Blot Powder on my nose and forehead to try to keep the shine at bay. Which is why my head literally skipped a beat when I clapped eyes on the new shiny retractable F20 brushes.



The retractable F20s come in large (RF20 large) and medium (RF20 medium) varieties- as you can see from the pictures below, the medium brush is shorter than the large and the diameter of the brush head is slightly smaller, but still unbelievably soft. Both brushes come in glossy black versions like mine or adorable metallic baby pink. If, like me, you carry your makeup around with you all the time, you will be SO happy to see these, as they are absolutely perfect for throwing into your handbag. Even though these are travel compatible and retractable, they are amazing quality, synthetic bristles so they are cruelty free and great for washing and hygiene. Perfect for topping up your foundation, face powder or bronzer on the go, for blotting away the shine in this blistering, clammy heat. Sigh- I think it's love. The RF20 large will cost €14.99 and the RF20 medium is €13.99. 


Another new arrival is the F42 Large Tapered Contour Brush, which reminds me of another favourite of mine, the F16. This one has synthetic bristles so will be perfect for use with both cream and powder products. This will be perfect for contouring/shading and particularly for applying and blending your bronzer. The tip of the brush is slightly tapered, but not as tapered as the F16 is, which will help you apply products with precision and precision leads to makeup confidence. I cannot wait to use this with my Soleil Tan de Chanel bronzing cream for a perfectly sculpted face, and this brush is so incredibly soft that I will look forward to using it on my face. It reminds me somewhat of the Louise Young foundation brush that the blogging community went mad after a few months back, but with a much more reasonable €15.99 price tag.


Also launching is the F40 which is the vegan equivalent of the F15. Synthetic bristles again, cruelty free and perfect for cream or powder products, this is your man for any sculpting, contouring, blending or highlighting your visage. The bristles are nice and dense enough to give you control without feeling too stiff and hard to work with. If you like the look of this one and would like to buy one of these yourself, it'll cost your bank balance €13.99.


Now I'm cheating a little here because this one is already available to buy on the Blank Canvas Cosmetics website but this Pointed Crease Blender is one of the newest brushes available and it's just perfect for detailing work around the socket and crease area. I just adore the Blank Canvas Cosmetics eye brushes and if I love this even as half as much as my favourite tapered crease blender (E32), I'll be very happy indeed! Yours for just €6.99!


I also couldn't let the opportunity pass without mentioning my brush find of the YEAR which was the F30 Sculpt Brush (available through this link) which is hands down the best, most foolproof contouring brush ever. I use this to carve out cheekbones and you can literally lift them sky high, and it's just perfect for contouring down the sides of your nose also. Whether you're still trying to master the contour or if you're an old pro, you should definitely check this brush out when you're on the Blank Canvas Cosmetics website. At €19.99, it's simply bargainous for the quality and I have had mine for months and it's still going strong. Even if you don't know it yet, you need this brush in your life.


And lastly, another new product launching this Friday is the new BC Brush Clutch (€21.99) which is made of gorgeous faux leather and feels pretty damn impressive for the price. This has ten elasticated dividers big enough to keep the chunkier face brushes in check (hello to the F30!) or you can put mascaras, liners, eye brushes, face brushes, are even a mixture of all of the above if you wish! This feels very chic indeed and I am looking forward to getting some use out of this- if you are in the market for a safe way of storing and transporting your makeup brushes, definitely consider this one!

So those are the lovely new Blank Canvas Cosmetics products which are launching this Friday, 1 August. Do you see any must haves amongst these? Are you as ecstatic as I was to see the retractable F20s and more synthentic vegan friendly brushes? 


  1. Oh the F30 looks interesting!

    1. You definitely need it in your life Avril, I've no other brush like it! :)

  2. Wow, they all look amazing! I discovered Blank Canvas a couple of months ago and can't wait to try more so definitely have these on the shopping list xx

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