Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Chic Treat Club- July Unboxing

It was a long ass morning in work waiting for the courier man to bring me my first ever Chic Treat Club box. We were warned by the kind folks at Chic Treat HQ that today was Chic Treat Day and the suspense kept my blood pressure boiling all day long. Well I am mighty glad to report that this is the best box I have ever gotten and I am going to tell you why. Underneath the lemon, mint and pink exterior was a fabulous selection of full size and sample products to the value of almost €80 AND a lovely glossy Chic Muse mag- not bad for a €16.95 monthly rolling subsciption eh? Without further ado, I am going to reveal the contents of my box.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the gorgeous scent of the Yon-ka Aromatic Candle in Quintessence. Oh how my heart just jumped with glee to receive a candle in a subscription box- I go through candles the way some people go through cartons of milk, and there is nothing I love more than lighting a candle in the evening and lying on my bed laptop in hand with lights dimmed catching up on my Youtube and blog subscriptions. I haven't lit this yet, I feel like I want to save it for a special occasion when I am particularly stressed and will reap the benefits of the aromatic, spa like scent that this candle kicks off. Now don't get me wrong, I am uber-excited to have this- my bedroom already smells of decadent aromatic oils (lavender, rosemary, geranium, cypress and thyme) without even lighting it at all. It's just awesome to find a candle included in this box- huge bonus points already and only the first product. This product (35g) retails at €10.50.

The next product to catch my eye was the Neostrata Bionic Face Cream. I love the idea of a bionic face cream of all things and this Neostrata offering promises powerful antiaging without irritation. I am on an antiaging mission at the moment since I hit the three-quarter mark of my 20s (I'm aboard the speed train headed for 30s-ville) and I'm doing all I can to help prevent fine lines and losing skin elasticity. In Chic Muse, it's recommended to use this cream twice daily after cleansing to provide advanced anti-aging and intense hydration and skin smoothing effects without irritation. If this is half as effective as it promises to be and half as gentle on sensitive skin as it claims to be, I will be a very happy camper indeed. This is a full size product (40ml) retailing at €42.62 and if you are liking the sound of this but you missed out on Chic Treat Club box this month, you can pick this up in selected pharmacies nationwide.

The next product I fished out were a gorgeous pair of false eyelashes from a brand called iENVY by Kiss. I've seen this brand in Penneys a few times but never got around to picking any up- surprising for me because I do love lashes. If I was to pick up a set of lashes myself, these ones in Au Naturale would be the ones I would choose- I always opt for the more natural styles! More importantly, these are suitable for contact lense wearers which is a huge thumbs up in my opinion. A little adhesive is included in the box and it retails for €3.99.

I then saw some Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream. I can't say I am a huge fan of feet or that I take great care of my trotters but this cream smells so good that I think my feet will get a bit of TLC at the weekend. This tube is a 20g sample size and a full 120g size retails for €14.95.

The next product I came across was a gorgeous pink Powder Palette from Physicians Formula, a brand I know and love well and an arrival I have so eagerly anticipated for months now. Their powder products are second to none and I am only DYING to get my hands on one of their bronzers before the summer draws to a close. Unfortunately, there is no stockist even remotely near me currently but new stockists are being added all the time. This product is a gorgeous shimmery true pink and the packaging is just darling. These retail at €17.90- €19.90 and easily rival any high end powder products that I have tried. 

Now as if these five products were not enough, I only noticed when I had everything else out of the box that there were two more sample products from Yon-ka included- two little vials of cleansing milk and invigorating mist. How lovely to get bonus products, and these smell incredible so I cannot wait to try them.

Overall, my first Chic Treat Club experience was a resounding success and restored my faith in mystery subscription boxes. I cannot wait for the August box to arrive already! 

If you would like to sign up to Chic Treat Club, head on over to the Chic Treat Club website and have a look at the various subscriptions on offer, starting with a monthly rolling subscription for €16.95 per month including delivery. 

Are you a member of the Chic Treat Club? Were you as impressed as I am? 



  1. That Bionic Cream is the business for any kind of skin irritation! I got a few sample sachets and I keep them in my car/handbag for when the kids get scrapes etc. and they work a treat on any kind of skin sensitivity.

    1. That's great to know, cannot wait to use it! :)


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