Thursday, 26 June 2014

Skin 79 BB Cream- the ultimate review!

I have long lamented my dislike of creams of the BB-ular kind. I've tried in vain to convert- I've tried many a Western high end and drugstore pharmacy offering, and for the most part I found them to be slippy, shiny with little coverage and even less staying power. I just wrote it off to my schizophrenic skin. I was reading a post by the lovely Yavanna from Makeup Monster and she said (in this post) that the one product she keeps repurchasing over and over again was the Skin 79 BB Cream. Now I trust Yav's opinion alot and her reviews have never done me wrong, so I duly did what she told me to do and ordered five different Skin 79 BB Creams from eBay for mere sheckles to see which one would suit me best. And today, I am just giving a little review of the BB creams that I have been trying and testing for the last three odd weeks. 

Firstly, by way of background in case you were not aware, Skin 79 is a Korean skincare brand, making their BB creams the real Eastern deal. Many a wise blogger before me has raved about Eastern BB creams in comparison to Western BB offerings- with the eastern equivalents carrying all the lovely skin benefits that you just don't get in western varieties. There are literally millions of posts on the interwebular about this so I will not pretend to be an expert and I will instead divert you to the real experts! 

There are many different Skin 79 BB Creams to try and I have a variety to show and tell today. One thing to let you all know firstly is that these all come in just one shade. You will either love this because you won't be demented trying to pick the right shade for you or you will have a heart attack and balk at the thought of putting your trust in some universal shade. I have to say, I kind of fell into the latter camp, but I have to say (and I will elaborate) that these oxidise on everybody's skin differently and I find that they all (perhaps bar the green one at the moment) oxidise perfectly on my skin. 

I love the colorful simplistic packaging of these creams, and as you can see, they don't come with lids or caps and have built in pumps. The only bugbear I have with the packaging is that you cannot actually see how much product you have left so it's hard to know when it's time to have the backup on hand.

Of the five shades that I have, I believe the VIP Gold and the Hot Pink versions have been around the longest, and these two are pretty similar in my opinion. These two apply pretty much the same, and have the texture of a tinted moisturiser- not too thick but not too thin. When I first swatched these on my arm I nearly had a heart attack because they look so grey compared to what they look like on the face when they are applied properly (my favourite tool for this incidentally are my fingertips). The VIP Gold is geared towards normal to dry skin, whereas the Hot Pink is aimed at those with normal to oily skin, but I actually think this is an artificial distinction because both of these performed similarly on me!

The Orange is my favourite of the 5 that I have tried so far and has been an absolute godsend in this heat and sunshine because it contains a very impressive SPF of 50+. This is also geared towards normal to oily skin types, but I find this also works remarkably well on my dry patches, so I would consider this to be a good all rounder. The cream itself is quite a bit thicker than the gold and pink, and the coverage is definitely medium and buildable to full. This BB cream gives a lovely satin, not too shiny but just the right amount of dew kinda look to your skin and I haven't even had to powder this to make it last or not slip down my face in this heat. 

The Green cream is the palest of all the shades I have tried by a mile, and I actually find it a little too pale for my liking (though I have probably been picking up a little colour from the sun as per usual every summer)- this might be the perfect winter shade for me, and this would definitely be suitable for very pale skinned gals. This is geared towards oily/ combination skin and the texture of this cream is thinner than the other four that I have tried. I have to say, it's not that I didn't get on with this at all, it's just I didn't really get on with this in comparison to the other ones that I have tried. 

Lastly but not leastly (because this was my second favourite pick o' the bunch) is the Purple cream. This is quite similar to the Orange and I love it in the way that I love the orange, just not as much as the Orange. This one is geared towards moisturising the driest of skins and is a nice thick creamy consistency with great coverage like her orange sister. Shade wise, as you can see from the swatches below, this is one the darkest offerings, but again, the magic with these is that when you put them on your face they just blend amazingly well and oxidise into a colour to suit you. Also the Purple one has a not too shabby SPF of 40 which again is a huge plus with me in this weather. 

I know these are BB creams but I swear I've been CCed by them- COMPLETELY CONVERTED. These were such a find and I have worn them non stop since I got them in the post a few weeks ago. I wanted something with lighter coverage than a foundation for the summer, and these bad boys have delivered to a level I could not have imagined possible. 

You can pick these up on eBay for mere euros but I purchased mine from this seller and they arrived within a week of ordering and included a ton of samples with my order. You can order little sachets to try out different colours, 15g bottles like the ones I bought or 40ml bottles. I'll definitely pick up a full size bottle of my beloved orange one! 

I strongly strongly urge you to spend a fiver and give one of these a try, they are fantastic! Do let me know below if you do try! Also, this has sparked a new found interest in eastern skincare and makeup in general so if you have any recommendations, please let me know! 
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