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Ziaja Sensitive Skin Range- budget beauty heroes for skin with anger issues?

I've said it before- I have sensitive skin with anger issues. I search high and low for skincare products that will not aggravate or provoke my skin into an angry eruption. I don't and never have had acne- but my skin reacts quite viciously to many masks and creams that I use- so much so that they just get banished to the back of my skincare drawer never to see the light of day again. When I was asked to review some items from the new Ziaja SenSitiVe Skincare Line, I did not have to think twice. 

I'm a long time fan of Ziaja and I've reviewed some hero products on the blog before. For the small price tag, I am blown away by the quality of the products offered. I've tried makeup removers, creams, lotions, potions- and never been disappointed with anything I have tried thus far. Of course, a glowing track record means one thing- permanently ridiculously high expectations- and I was an exceptionally tough critic to please. They say it takes your skin 28 days to get used to a new skincare regime so I have been trying these out for the last month and now I can let you know what I think of them.

I received three products from the SenSitiVe range to try out- the Micellar Water, the Soothing Day Cream and the Enzyme Peeling mask. There is also a Firming Night Cream and a Creamy Face and Body Wash Gel in the range. Everything is this range is hypoallergenic, paraben and fragrance free, and free from silicones and mineral oil, so you can take comfort that the nasties have been removed even before you put the goods near your face. The products are not scented either- something which pleases me greatly- I don't really like putting anything too scented near my face because it nauseates me over time. Now you're probably thinking all this goodness will cost you a pretty penny but the price range is €4.49 - €6.99. 

Like what you're hearing so far? Keep reading.

The first product I tried was the SenSitiVe Soothing Day Cream (€6.99 for 50ml). Day creams are something I go through on a ridiculously quick basis as I tend to favour a day cream under my makeup instead of primer. Even on days where I don't want to wear makeup, I always wear a day cream, and this Ziaja cream has an inbuilt SPF 20 which is more generous than most of the other day creams that I have tried. The cream comes in a tube, is a nice consistency, spreads well and sinks into the skin fully after 2-3 minutes. This is a fantastic makeup base- I used to have problems with my foundation getting flaky on my forehead and cheeks which are the driest part of my combination complexion, but not since I started using this day cream. This cream has performed equally as well, if not better, than some of my favourite French pharmacy skincare offerings. I will most definitely repurchase. 

I was also delighted to receive the Ziaja SenSitiVe Micellar Water to try out because I am a manic obsessive micellar junkie. This one does the job nicely, removing makeup gently and effectively- I prefer to use this first thing in the morning- swirl a bit over my cotton pad and give my face a gentle pre-cleanse before applying the Soothing Day Cream- and it's fantastic. This micellar is packed with provitamin B5 and contains microscopic oil spheres that makes it ideal for sensitive and stressed complexions. 

I've saved the best 'til last and boy- this last offering is a beaut. This has been my skincare FIND of 2014 so far. The SenSitiVe Enzyme Peeling mask costs just €4.99 and even if you are highly skeptical- you just need to try this once- and I promise you will love the effect. Apply a layer of this to your face, sit back and catch up on a few of your fave blogs, then wash this off with warm water and a muslin cloth and you will see how it has gently peeled away the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin and how it reveals bright, smooth, soft skin underneath. My skin has been loving this stuff and I have been using it twice or three times weekly since I got it. It is comparable (but better in my opinion) to the Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal mask which is is seven times the price might I add. The Ziaja offering is gentle but effective- it gently tingles my face when it is on and you can feel it work but it's not the usual burning, tightening sensation that I get when I try many other masks. I will repurchase this to the death over and over again, I absolutely love it, and whether you have sensitive skin or not, I strongly recommend you part with a fiver to give this a try.

If you, like me, are one of the 60% of Irish women who experience stinging or redness from using certain skincare products- I definitely recommend you try out this SenSitiVe range. If you are looking for a gentle treatment that will soothe your angry skin, get yourself to the Original Beauty website (by clicking here) or alternatively, check out your nearest pharmacy to see if they stock the range. 

Are you tempted to try these SenSitiVe skin saviours? What Ziaja products do you love?


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