Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Sephora Wishlist

The second instalment of my Parisian wishlist series is my Sephora wishlist. I have a special affinity with the store on Champs Elysées and you can bet that as soon as my plane lands in Paris, I will be making a beeline for Sephora. If you have never been there, you are missing out. Whilst European Sephoras are not as sexy as US Sephoras, there is something quite charming about the flagship Paris store. Maybe it's the 1,000 litre bottle of Chanel No. 5 that they have to greet you inside the door- who knows. I've been perusing the French Sephora website to get some inspiration and the following are the things that I have mentally wishlisted. 

1. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette- Hello? It's chocolate shaped and full of brown eyeshadows. Winner. 
2. Sephora Baguette de 3 Pinceaux Yeux- or 3 piece eye brush stick to you and I, this is very interesting to me and reminds me of that colouring pencil I used to have when I was younger. For nostalgia and convenience, I need.
3. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 'Boy'- well if you can't buy yourself a new Chanel lippie in Paris, when can you. I've had 'Boy' on my wishlist forever and I can't think of a better excuse to pick it up!
4. Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover- This has gotten more favourable reviews than the Bourjois offering by those who have tried out both so I would like a slice of the pie for myself to see if it lives up to this hype!
5. Formula X Nail Polish- again, these have gotten major hype and I know whynot. They're available in Paris so I'm going to pick up a colour or two to see why the inability to get these on this side of the Atlantic has tormented so many beauty bloggers. 
6. Marc Jacobs Style EyeCon No 7 Palette in 'The Lolita'- not going to lie- this does not look impressive enough to me to justify the €53 odd price tag but I have never seen this in person. This palette is much loved by many of my favourite bloggers and Youtubers alike. It's expensive, but what you buy on holidays doesn't count, right?
7. Narsissist Cheek Palette- This is a Sephora exclusive so the chances of this being available are probably slim to none. If I see one however, I will make it mine. I need it to match my Narsissist Eye Palette and One Night Stand palette. It doesn't matter that I have all of these three colours already- I don't have them all in a matching palette. And the brush is included too!
8. GlamGlow mask- again. ludicrously expensive but is it not worth the investment if I find a product that my skin absolutely loves and that will keep it clear forevermore (#wishfulthinkingmuch).
9. By Terry Ombre Blackstar- I don't own anything by By Terry and this eyeshadow stick has been doing the rounds on Youtube at the minute. I'm interested to swatch a few of these and if I find one I like, I'll make it happen. 

So that's it for my Sephora wishlist. Not too crazy I hope you will agree!! If there is anything else that you think I need to get and I haven't mentioned it, please let me know in the comments below. 

If you missed my French pharmacy wishlist, please click here. I've one more wishlist left in this mini-series- the Duty Free wishlist- so keep your eye out for that, it'll be up on the blog this week :)


  1. I really want the too faced chocolate bar palette iv seen so many you tube videos of people using it :) x

  2. That NARS cheek palette looks fab!

  3. Here's how sophisticated I am - the minute I read "1,000 litre bottle of Chanel No.5" I thought - "I bet I'd fall across something and knock it". Le sigh ;-) I love the look of the little liners, I remember those pencils from the 90s! I was browsing the Sephora france website a few weeks ago and they have little sets of Jumbo eyeliners that looked a little like the Urban Decay sets but you'd want to see them in person, they caught my eye along with some of their polishes (quelle surprise) and also their own brand kohl liners are supposed to be good x


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