Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Pamper Night- Ziaja Argan Shower Soap and Ceramides Lipid Hand Cream

I've waxed lyrical about how much I rate Ziaja as a skincare brand. I've also spoken about my love for these products in a youtube video already. After a taxing two days, I decided to make tonight pamper night, hair mask, face mask, luxurious shower and conditioning treatments and I very much enjoyed using two Ziaja products in particular. 

The Ziaja Argan Shower Soap* contains the moisturising goodness and nourishing powers of argan oil. My hair has long time responded favourably to argan oil and it's no surprise my skin has followed suit.  My upper arms in particular are very unforgiving when it comes to certain body products but they have reacted so well to this Shower Soap- I was badly sunburned a few years back (water blisters, the works!) and to this day, my skin on my arms is still incredibly dry. I've noticed it has become markedly softer- dare I say it- even normal since I started using this luxurious shower cream. Argan oil rapidly absorbs into the skin locking in hydration, so it's great for dry skin sufferers like myself. You get a whopping 500ml product for a mere €3.99 and it smells just heavenly- it's the kind of scent that lingers and stays with you even out of the shower. Ladies you will have to lock this stuff away from your men friends because it's just divine! 

When I was out of the shower, I lathered my dry, flaky, sensitive hands with some Ceramides Lipid Concentrate Hand Cream*- and I am going to come right out and say it again- the BEST hand cream I have tried bar none in recent times. This cream feels quite thick when you apply it first but it sinks completely into your skin and is completely non-greasy. My hands have been burning over the last few weeks and they are almost unbearably itchy and sensitive and this hand cream provides me with pretty much instant relief- I can literally feel it soothing my hands as I apply it. If you have ever suffered with any sort of dermatitis, woman to woman I urge you strongly to pick this hand cream up- it has worked wonders. Apparently, that's down to the ceramides contained within which strengthen the skin's protective barrier and restore the natural lipid layer to prevent ongoing dryness. I brought this into the office with me and all the secretaries around me were fangirling at the luscious smell and gorgeous silkiness of their hands after applying this. I applied this tonight liberally and then threw on some Essence cotton gloves that I picked up just to make sure that all those ceramides got a proper chance to restore that lipid layer. And the really great news is that even though this hand cream has an RRP of €2.99 (which is actually like THEFT because this cream is so darn effective), but if you buy the shower soap referred to above from or any pharmacies/department store (Shaws) that stock Ziaja products, you get this hand cream absolutely completely FREE!! That's two quality, luxurious products suitable for the most demanding and sensitive skins for €3.99

Click HERE to be brought straight to the special offer gift set :) You'd actually want to be away with the fairies to not take the kind peeps in Ziaja up on this amazing offer! 


  1. Great review just got some goodies from them and I'm looking forward to trying them out!

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