Sunday, 27 April 2014

NARS Haul and Bargain Alert!!

I've only really gotten into Nars makeup products in the last year and I've been building up my collection slowly but surely in that time- picking up a few pieces here and there in Brown Thomas as treats to self for a hard week at work or achieving some other small goal that I set for myself. I wanted to pick a few more things but instead of heading straight back into Brown Thomas, I wanted to do a quick online search to see if I could get a better price. I mean I'm sure you will all agree, every little helps, especially when you are makeup obsessed. I think I got a great deal on the bits that I got and this post is just to flag it for you all and boost your awareness in case you are hoping to do some Nars hauling!

 I landed at the HQ Hair website- the source of the vast majority of my Kerastase collection- and I added a few items to my basket. I used a discount code which was displayed on the website at the time (HQNOV) and I got £20 off for spending more than £100, bringing the total of my order to €154 for seven products. Now that might sound like alot, but check out what I got below- the prices for each individual item are set out in € in the list. 

Now whilst €154 seems like a lot of money for a few makeup products, let's compare the same list as if I was to purchase these items from the Brown Thomas website. I had to substitute the colours of one of the blushes and one of the lip pencils because they did not have those colours in stock but the prices are all the same anyway.

As you can see, the total for the same items on the BT website is €221- almost a full €70 more expensive for the same 7 items!! Now I am all for buying Irish but at a personal cost of €70- that's a bit much! Might I also add that free tracked delivery was included in the price of the HQ Hair order but delivery with Brown Thomas will set you back either €3.50 for standard or €5 for express. HQ Hair ship from the UK so there are no customs issues to contend with either. Delivery usually takes just 5 working days from the UK and you get several email updates along the way- to let you know when it has been picked, despatched and arrived in Ireland. I have used HQ Hair numerous times before for other orders and I have absolutely zero complaints about service/delivery or products.

The offers change on HQ Hair from time to time, so definitely hold out and wait for a good one so you can save some beans. I get discount codes, offers and free gifts with purchase emails delivered straight into my inbox, so sign up to their newsletter if you would like the same. 

What do you think? Have you used HQ Hair before? Are you tempted to make a HQ Hair order now? 



  1. you will be the death of me

    1. Haha I hope not or I will be down a lunch buddy!! Spend wisely buddy :)

  2. This looks great, thanks for the tip (definitely going to do some NARS shopping now!)

  3. I got all my NARS blushes from HQHair! Such an awesome site :).

    You got some lovely stuff! I am obsessed with their lip pencils. Really want to try the Sheer Matte foundation but still haven't gotten around to it. Is it as nice as I'm hoping?!

  4. Wow what a haul, I just got their pressed light reflecting powder!

  5. Impressive haul. Ive never tried NARS but now im tempted to.


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