Sunday, 27 April 2014

Models Own HyperGel Gel Effect Polish- Collection, Review and Swatches

I'm not hugely into nail polishes, nail art or the likes. I've said before on this blog that my small hands and short nail beds do not lend themselves easily to any sort of nail experiementation. I always have some nail polish on, and I'm fairly ruthless in that as soon it starts chipping, it's taken off straight away and replaced with new fresh polish (pet peeve territory there!). I don't usually form any strong opinions on nail products, and I'm not much of a NOTD person, but every so often, an awesome polish crosses my path and I feel obliged compelled to take some pics and spread the good word. Which is exactly what I am doing today with one of my new favourite nail finds, the Models Own HyperGel Gel Effect Polishes. 

It started off like it always does- trying to pick my elusive third product to avail of the 3 for 2 in Boots and I picked one of these bad boys up- not having the world's highest expectations but nothing unusual there. The first colour that caught my eye was Coral Glaze, and when I applied the polish that evening, some magic happened, and I wanted more. After a record three days of no chippage, it was love and I was ready to make that commitment and I purchased 9/10 shades available in Ireland. 

The packaging is adorable and I am very impressed with the little colour indicators on the tops of the bottles which is indicative of both the colour and the finish of the polishes. The consistency of the polishes is nice- not too thick or too thin- and the brush is quite narrow for a more precise application. These do not take long to dry at all and leave a gel effect finish. One coat is opaque and two thin coats is perfection. These lasted me three days without chipping which is three times longer than nail polishes usually last me! At €6.49 each, these are sinfully bargainous and I have decided that you all need them in your lives. Some larger Boots stores stock Models Own polishes (I definitely know Boots in Stephens Green SC, Dundrum SC and Jervis SC stock these)- so if you're stuck for 3 for 2 inspiration, pick up a summer polish!

(L-R: White Light, Naked Glow, Pink Veneer, Lilac Sheen, Cornflower Cream, Coral Glaze, Turquoise Gloss, Cerise Shine, Red Lustre)

Which colour is your favourite out of the mix? Are you a Models Own polish junkie? 


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