Monday, 3 March 2014

ELF Haul- Unboxing and First Impressions

I recently placed an ELF order when one of my favourite lipsticks broke and it was becoming increasingly more difficult to apply it. ELF were doing one of their usual 50% off offers so I bit the bullet and ordered a few things that I wanted to try for a while. It has to be said, as per usual, over half of the stuff I had wanted to pick up was out of stock. This is *always* the case whenever I visit the website. I used to have a lot of time for ELF products, but I found they didn't really last the test of time and I ended up giving 95% of the ELF products I own to my 15 and 16 year old sisters who are just beginning to get interested in makeup and the likes. I just feel like I have had more misses than hits across the board and whilst I do appreciate that the products are so cheap and that there is always an offer on like 30/40/50% off and free shipping, I just didn't rate alot of the products I had and it seemed like wasted money to me. Now, that said, I have a few ELF products that I absolutely LOVE- it's very much a 50/50 love/hate relationship. I generally love the lipsticks but haven't had great experiences with eye products. I hadn't made an order in well over two years I believe so I was very much out of the loop but I did take advantage of the offer that was on and picked up some bits and pieces.

The following is just a little haul and first impressions post of what I picked up.

Firstly, and the reason for me even placing the order- I wanted to repurchase my favourite three ELF Essential Lipsticks (I actually wanted to pick up four but they were out of stock on one of them...again...). I've often gone on the website to reorder these and they have not had them in stock so when I saw that my top three were available for purchase, I snapped them in my digital trolley doublequick. The shades I repurchased where Classy, Charming and Posh. I am hoping that they did not change the pigmentation, formula or colour of these in the last two years! I just love these- ok not so keen on the packaging but the product itself is lovely and creamy and smells/tastes nice and feels nice and moisturising on the lips. Winners!

I also picked up three of the new Studio Moisturising Lipsticks in Pink Mink, Wink Pink and Ravishing Rose. I've read complimentary reviews on these and was impressed by colour swatches online so I picked up three to trial. I think normal price on these is £3.95 (again Studio items were £3.50 the last time I made an order).

I also picked up another Flawless Finish Foundation in Sand. I have tried this foundation before in Porcelain and I remember quite liking it, but I find the colour can wash me out a little so I have gone for the second lightest shade which is Sand. This normally retails for £7.50.

I picked up one of the Studio Baked Blushes in Peachy Cheeky because I thought it might be nice to trial in the coming summer months and I haven't tried these blushes yet. I'm not terribly struck on the packaging of this one yet to be honest- unlike the Studio Powder Blushes, I find that these are a little cheap looking and feeling. I also swatched these on the back of my hand and found that it's not that pigmented either which is disappointing because it looked pretty similar to NARS Orgasm in the pan. I'll have to play with this one I think to get it to work for me.

I also repurchased my favourite ELF Studio Powder Blush and Bronzer in Pink Passion and Golden respectively. I've loved these long time so hopefully I will get good use out of these and that the colour/formula has not changed.

I picked up another replacement Eyelid Primer in Sheer- this does the job nicely and was cheap as chips and a Smudge/Eye Crease brush for £1.95 each before discount.

Lastly, I went against all my instincts to pick up one of the ELF Studio Waterproof Eyeliner Crayons in Pitch Black. I must say, I am not terribly impressed by this. Not only is the actual pencil much thicker than I thought it would be, it's also shaky and rickety as hell and not very pigmentad (Pitch Black my eye!). This might be useful for smudging but I'm not blown away thus far.

So that's my little ELF haul for today and just some first impressions. Do you rate ELF Cosmetics or are you naturally skeptical like me? What are you favourite ELF offerings?
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