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Wet n Wild hits Irish supermarkets- Haul, Irish Prices and First Impressions

Today started off like any other Wednesday. I started off this day not knowing what a wonderful day this was going to be. When my head was lodged in that guy's armpit on the Luas at 8am this morning and Ms Morning Breath was killing me slowly next to me, I had no idea of the surprise that was in store. When I turned on my computer at my desk and opened my emails and saw that I had a million new jobs to add to my task list, I had no idea of the delight that the day was going to bring. Needless to say, it was a HUGE shock to discover that one of my favourite inexpensive/drugstore brands from across the pond that is the Atlantic Ocean, Wet'n'Wild is now freely available to us Irish ladies in the most glam supermarket of them all (*cough) Dunnes Stores!! Niamh Martin of NIMA Brush fame was the first to break the news of the imminent arrival and it was Katrina that first broke the news on Twitter of the first sighting, before Donna spread the word on Facebook, but I truly think I did not believe it until I saw it with my very own eyes in Dunnes Stores. I'm a longtime fan of WnW cosmetics- particularly the eyeshadows and the Megalast lipsticks, and for the last few years I have had to buy my goodies online from stores like Non Pareil Boutique or eBay, the fact that I could now purchase these so easily with cash in a shop pleased me no end.

This was the vision that greeted me in and amongst the toiletries in Dunnes Stores Stephens Green when I popped over at lunchtime today.

Isn't it just a sight to behold?! Rows and rows of beautifully packaged goodness just waiting to be purchased! Also, apart from the lipsticks, none of the testers had been opened, everything was so new and fresh and shiny. Unlike other inexpensive make up brands, all the products are pretty securely sealed so you can purchase safe in the knowledge that Mary Bloggs probably has not been swatching the makeup you paid for. There is a huge variety of products available- lip glosses, lip balms, chubby lip pencils, lipsticks, liquid eyeliner, powder/liquid foundation, concealers, bronzers, blushes, brow kits, zillions of eyeshadows, millions of nail polishes, eye and lip pencils and mascaras. PHEW THAT'S A LOT! The products range in price from €1.99 to €6.49 for the 8pan palettes- which are EPIC in the pigmentation stakes in case you don't know- so it's on a par if not cheaper than our beloved Essence and Catrice products. Pretty nifty eh?!

Well I made a few small purchases, I think it would have been very rude not to, and this is what I picked up today- all in all I picked up 15 pieces for a not-too-shabby €58.85.

I have an obsession with WnW eyeshadows. I have all of their now discontinued 6pan Color Icon palettes and a few of their 8 pan palettes from their regular and special edition lines. I am already on my second Walking on Eggshells eyeshadow trio and I absolutely LOVE it, so I was uber eager to pick some more up today. I picked up three 3parters- Sweet as Candy, Silent Treatment and I'm Getting Sunburned. I love these dinky little trios of awesome eyeshadow and best part- they are only €4.49!!!! At that price, if one of the three shadows was outstanding, I would be happy, never mind all three of them! They have a great variety of colour combos too if you are more adventurous than I am!

I also picked up some of these sexy specimens which I had only ever seen on Youtube vids and blog posts up to this point. These are the newish 5 pan palettes and I got the shades The Naked Truth and Tunnel Vision. Again, I know I play it pretty safe with colours but I am a bore like that. They didn't have the blue 8 pan palette that I was looking for, I already had the other two and the third was a crazy colours combination which I would never wear in a million years but if you were in the market for an 8pan palette, they would set you back €6.49- bargainous.

I liked the look of this Color Icon bronzer (with SPF 15 if you don't mind!!) in Reserve Your Cabana because it seemed to be a nice light bronze colour which I would probably use just to warm up my face a bit. €4.99 is great value for the monster pan of product you get I'm sure you'll agree.

Another WnW favourite of mine are the Megalast Salon Nail Colour polishes- these kind of remind me of the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes in colour and the brushes are massive so you can pretty much paint your whole nail with one swipe. They dry quickly, they last well. I didn't bother purchasing any other WnW polishes because I love these ones so much and the shades I have are Haze of Love, Through the Grapevine and Under Your Spell. They have loads of colours available and cost €2.99 each.

My third great WnW love are the Megalast Lipsticks which cost €2.99 each. They are phenomenal for the price. Great payoff, matte like texture so they can be a little unforgiving if your lips are experiencing some chappage but seriously just try one and see how awesome they are for yourself. I got the shades Sugar Plum Fairy, Mauve Outta Here and Stoplight Red today.

I haven't tried their blushes before but I have heard great things from beauty gurus over the Atlantic and thought I would give them a try- I got Pearlscent Pink and it was €4.49.

Finally my last 2 bits were experimental- I haven't tried either of these before but I liked the look of them. I got the Megasticks Balm Stain in the shade Pinky Promise and the Idol Eyes Creme Shadow Pencil in Pixie. They were €3.99 and €2.99 respectively and I cannot comment as to pigmentation etc yet because I haven't put them to good use yet but I'll get cracking on that and let you know. 

So that's it for my first Wet n Wild show and tell. Did you see anything that catches your eye? Have you wanted to try anything from WnW? What are your must have products that we should add to our shopping lists? And who is going to be running to their nearest Dunnes Stores to check out the cosmetics aisle to see if they stock the loot? 



  1. I'm happy/sad. Happy coz YAY WET 'N' WILD. Sad coz apparently the stands are replacing Essence. I love Essence :(

    1. To be fair, any time I'm in a Dunnes, the Essence is rarely updated. I see old limited editions up and sloppy unkept stands. Maybe it's just the ones I see though?! Luckily Penneys has Essence!

  2. As I said earlier, you're spending money I don't have to spend! Lovely selection though :-)

  3. Ooh, must head down some lunch and investigate! Love US brands!

  4. Eek. I picked up the Under Your Spell nail varnish and Sugar Plum Fairy lipstick too as well as a few more bits. I felt like a mad woman grabbing at everything on the stand but I was a little more reserved than you ;)

  5. I'm gutted if they are replacing Essence, I absolutely adore that brand! I do like WnW & it'll be nice to not have to go to eBay for the polishes or lipstick but I don't think I'll go look at the stand because I'm supposed to be saving money & really don't need anything. Really glad to know it's available locally now though! Great haul too Aisling, you have a good eye for stuff x

  6. I literally read this post going "Oh God, oh actual God" and now know I can't go into Dunnes for the foreseeable future as I'll end up finding myself at this stand...

  7. Oh, I'll have to visit Dunnes today so! This is really exciting!

    alex @

  8. Great haul! Cant wait to get my hand on another silent treatment. My favourite shade hit pan a while back. I know where im going today! :-)

  9. THIS IS SO EXCITING :) great bit of shopping you did there and thanks for spreading the word and pictures of Wet and Wild, i was so happy to see the stand

  10. I'm so broke right now but will have this post at the back of my mind for when I get paid! Have my eye on Comfort Zone (to start with anyway). Would be interested to see how you get on with the lipsticks!

  11. Omg I cant believe it! I lov this brandand I stock up everytime im in the states! love this

  12. I love their nail polishes, not a huge fan of the lip pies found them super drying on my lips, but will definitely be getting some nice eyeshadow palettes!

  13. I actually binned a couple of the Megalast lippies I had bought last year recently as they were just too much work to wear. The eyeshadow palettes are great though.


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