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Irish Beauty Bloggers Secret Santa 2013- Wrap Up and what Santa brought me

Now I know this post is a two weeks late but there are several good reasons for that- mostly involving a very poorly Nana in hospital, a dose of a headcold and An Post letting me down in the run up to Christmas. All that aside, I have been following everybody's #irishbbloggersSS reveal and today I am laying the affair to rest until next November when you all hear from me again about organising #irishbbloggersSS2014. The whole initiative, which began during one of our #irishbbloggers group chats on Twitter about 2 months ago now, ran quite swimmingly, and there were alot of lovely vibes amongst Irish beauty bloggers in the run up to Christmas. Who doesn't love to get a mystery gift in the post and stalking blogs/ Youtube channels looking for inspiration for the gift that you have to pick out for your own Kris Kringle. 

I have gotten so many shout outs on all the posts for organising the whole #irishbbloggersSS "movement" but there wasn't much organising to it really. Back in November I circulated a mini-survey amongst Irish beauty and fashion bloggers and vloggers so I could get some input from the bloggers that wished to take part. I gathered names of the people who would like to participate and randomly selected pairings before emailing every participant individually to let them know who their random gift recipient was going to be. I policed Twitter to make sure that nobody let the cat out of the bag  in advance of the big reveal and to co-ordinate the delivery of presents and make sure that everybody who signed up had a present to showcase on the big day. I also kept a constant eye on the Twitter hashtag #irishbbloggersSS which was where most of the questions/queries came from and tried to make sure that everybody was singing off the same hymn sheet. Every single participant that was involved really embraced their task and I was delighted with the uptake and enthusiasm. 

All in all, 37 Irish Beauty Bloggers participated in the gift exchange, a number which far exceeded my expectations if I am honest! Below I have a list of all the Irish Beauty Bloggers/Youtubers that took part, so I highly encourage you to visit/follow/subscribe to their blogs/websites/channels if you have not done so already, and once you do that, have a look and see what their Secret Santa's picked out for them!

Lauren from Makeup by Lauren Marie
Orla from Makeup Over Mind
Kat and Rachelle from Dolly Rouge
Anita from Anita's Beauty Spot
Anne Marie from GirlFridays Beauty Blog
Audrey from The Nail Affair
Sarah G from Adoreabubbles
Lisa from Pink Sugar Sparkles
Sarah L from Rara Giggle's Blog
Nina from Nina's Bargain Beauty
Cindy from Girl with the Skew Earring
Aundrea from Dancing with Disaster
Eimear from Bargain Hunter Byrne
Ashley from Miss Beauty Babble
Megan Rose from A Little Bit of Makeup and Beauty
Michelle from Kandigloss Makeup
Samantha from All The Buzz
Sharon from Behind Green Eyes
Alex from Pink Elephant Blog
Sarah E from Never Fully Dressed
Seana from Innocent Illusion
Chloe from Very Lovely Stuff
Emma G from Belightful by Nature
Rachel from Oh Hey There Rachel!
Rosaleen from Roses and Rockets
Sarah C from Sarah Blogs Beauty
Emma S from Mastering Your Makeup
Colette from The World in my Wardrobe
Michelle F from Belle Morte Beauty
Sarah F from Beauty with Brushes
Stephanie from Polished and Primed
Zita from Zee Railed
Vicki from Happy Bubble Gal
Nirina from Killer Fashion
Yvonne from One For The Wishlist
Nora from Too Many Muffins

Finally, I myself have been totally blown away by very kind and very unexpected gifts following on from #irishbbloggersSS, and I just want to take this opportunity to shout out to the lovely ladies that surprised me. I originally didn't count myself into the mix because I thought as organiser, it would be best if I kind of hovered and oversaw everything from the outside. I honestly thought it was a small sacrifice but nonetheless some of my lovely blogger friends were appalled that I was missing out on a gift and they begged, borrowed and conned me into giving over my address and they sent me some lovely gifts. My good chum Anne Marie of GirlFridays Beauty Blog sent me along an Elf DVD and a gorgeous Marie Reynolds body massage candle, the lovely Lauren from Makeup by Lauren Marie sent on a gorgeous lip gloss set from Smashbox which I have been using to death over the last fortnight. The equally lovely Sharon from Behind Green Eyes sent me a lovely EOS gift set. Not only did some lovely Irish beauty bloggers also surprised me. Blanaid from Cloud 10 Beauty sent me on the Real Techniques Sam's Picks brush set which I have been dying to try out and Stephanie from Beauty Emporium sent my a lovely package jammed with beautyifying and skincare goodies. I was so incredibly touched by each one of these very thoughtful and very unexpected gifts so thank you so much to all of my Secret Santas!

So, it gives me great pride to declare #irishbbloggersSS 2013 a resounding success and I would like to thank everybody that participated and embraced the Christmas spirit. I hope that you have all enjoyed discovering newer blogs and Youtube channels and welcoming new bloggers/vloggers to the Irish Beauty Blogging community. I personally would like to thank everyone for all the lovely comments and sharing the love. I very much enjoyed the experience and hope you all enjoyed it too!

Until next year..... ;-)



  1. Loved secret santa! Glad you got some goodies too! Till next year :-)

  2. Loved secret santa! Glad you got some goodies too! Till next year :-)

  3. Loved secret santa! Glad you got some goodies too! Till next year :-)

  4. It was a great success & thank you again for organising! :)

    alex @ pinkelephantbloggin.com/

  5. Such a lovely idea! I'm keeping an eye out to get involved next year! x

  6. Thanks again for organising it Aisling! I STILL don't know who my SS was.... :)

  7. Will have to take part in this next year. You did a super job fair play. I have that EOS hand lotion and love love love it


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