Wednesday, 18 December 2013

First Peek! PowderPocket- Ireland's answer to Glossybox? Review!

As somebody who has never seen the value in Glossyboxes, the fact that I was swayed to subscribe to Ireland's answer to Glossybox, the brand new PowderPocket, is a feat in itself. For whatever reason, I am reluctant to pay out for samples, and I have seen more Glossybox unboxings than I care to admit with very little value for money to be seen. Bearing in mind that these will cost you €15 a pop each month, I've generally been of the standpoint that I would rather put that €15 towards something high end that I would love than take a chance on a mystery box. However, being that I do like to support Irish business, and I think an Irish equivalent to Glossybox is long overdue, particularly given the difficulties that ladies on this side of the Irish sea have experienced with delays and inferior products in their Glossyboxes. Sure enough, I found myself parting with 15 of my hard earned yoyos and signing up to receive the first PowderPocket box.

So you want to know what I got? Of course you do! My box arrived right on time today, after ordering it just last Friday. I believe they are dispatched by the PowderPocketPeople in Galway so it winged it's way from the Wes(h)t in record time!

The box itself is adorable.. It came in an outer PowderPocket cardboard box and the products were contained within a second box. The products were well wrapped and the box was quite sturdy and I wouldn't worry about products getting damaged with this degree of packaging. They were delivered by courier so the boxes were not abused as they may be with the postal service- especially at this time of year.

There was also a magazine called 'Blush' within the box that give details of the products included in the box, including where you can buy the products and exclusive discount codes, as well as some other sponsored material relating to the brands in the box. All very neat and glossy with plenty of pics, it was a pleasant little read! It also includes the full prices of the full size products that you get in the box so you can guess how much bang you are getting for your buck!

When you open the box, you can see the attention to detail with a little ribbon and 'PowderPocket' sticker, and all the products carefully enveloped in black tissue paper. I love little details like this, and from the get go, it's very chic!

Now the real question on everybody's lips- what was included in the box? **SPOILER ALERT**

There was a nice mix of products in the box- 2 sample skincare products from Vichy and Shiseido- including 8 samples of the Vichy Idealia Serum and 30ml tube of Shiseido Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam, a sample of Hugo Boss Jour pour Femme, a 50ml bottle of Academie Bronz' Express and a full size Blank Canvas Cosmetics F22 brush.

Overall, I am very pleasantly impressed with this box, and I really like the selection of products included. I already own 3 other Blank Canvas Cosmetics F22 brushes (because I love BCC brushes don't you know!) and I have a full size bottle of the Bronz' Express gathering dust on my shelf since my obsession with Cocoa Brown Tan began, but the cross section of products made me very hopeful for future boxes. I definitely think this was good value- €15 including courier delivery to your door (or office in my case!). I'll definitely sign up for more, I am a convert now!

You can order boxes from the PowderPocket website here if you like- unlike some of their competitors, they offer a one month rolling subscription service where you can get a box every month for €12 plus €3 postage. If you're willing to commit, you can subscribe for 6 months for €75 (incl. postage) and get a box free, or you can go the whole hog and subscribe for 12 months for €150 (incl. postage) and get two boxes free!! Not too shabby at all!

So I hope you all enjoyed me sharing my first foray into the luxury beauty box subscription world courtesy of PowderPocket!

What do you think of my box of goodies? Is it enough to tempt you to subscribe too?


  1. Oh wow this looks great. After the past few months I have had with Glossybox I think I might just sign up for this.

  2. I've never subscribed to a beauty box either but I might give one a try now that there are Irish companies doing them! Love the little detail! Xxx

  3. Ahhh can't wait to receive mine now! :D I love the Vichy Idealia Serum though I do already have a BCC F22 brush but I like the look of what else is in it and the box is pretty :)

  4. Great box, very generous content! x

  5. Wow, that looks really good! Glossybox haven't been amazing the last few months :(

  6. I'm the same with the unboxing, I've watched so many but have never actually ordered one myself for the same reasons. I'm definitely swayed by this though it looks like great value for money :) Really interested to see what the next couple of boxes are like! X

  7. I was tempted to sign up for a Glossybox but this looks far more promising. Love the packaging!

  8. I love the look of this, and I ADORE the idea of being able to dip in & out of them monthly. I personally despise perfume samples in beauty boxes, but apart from that everything else is brilliant and the brush alone is really great. I think I'll definitely go for a couple of these but I'll wait out for a while and see what the next few have in store :) Great review Aisling! x

  9. Delighted that there is finally an Irish beauty box will defiantly have to order this ,it looks amazing x

  10. So happy there is an irish beauty box! im def going to get this! great post!

  11. I think this looks quite good, nice selection!


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