Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Ziaja Natural Olive Body Lotion- Review

I loathe to say it, but I have a terrible tendency on skimping on body lotions and body moisturisers. I just never seem to have enough time after a shower- I'm either rushing out to work in the morning or collapsing in a heap in the evening. All summer long during our heatwave, I couldn't bear the thought of putting anything on my skin after a shower (I did not cope well!) but I do at least try  to make a concerted effort to moisturise more in winter months. I have been using fake tan alot more regularly since the introduction of Cocoa Brown to my life, and with that, I feel more compelled also to make sure that my skin is nicely moisturised and prepped for tanning. I received this Ziaja Natural Olive Body Lotion in a goody bag at the SBBC wrap up party and I have been using it since.

Now I must admit I hate olives- the taste, the smell. I would rather eat a bug than eat an olive. I use olive oil for cooking but that is the extent of my relationship with those little black horrors, and I was more than a little nervous to unscrew the pump and have a sniff of the product even before pumping it out onto my hand. I am pleased to annouce that this body lotion does not even remotely smell like olives OR olive oil. In fact, it smells rather nice. like some sort of face cream my nana must have had, but certainly not offensive at all, and my nose is VERY easily offended!

Now this product does contain olive oil and is loaded with vitamins (E, C, B6) and vitamin B5/ Panthenol which makes it not only delicious for your skin, it also makes it penetrate your skin to provide optimum moisturisation. That could be why this body lotion is recommended for those with normal to dry skin. 

Let me tell you a bit about my skin. I have combination skin on my face with dry patches on my cheeks, jaw and forehead. My skin on the rest of my body is quite dry- particularly my elbows, upper arms and knees. I have quite sensitive skin on my legs which can get a little aggravated when I shave my legs. I also have very sensitive skin and cannot use certain highly perfumed shower gels or creams in case they make my skin tight and red.I do like applying body creams, lotions and butters but one thing I cannot abide is oily residue on my skin, or I just don't have time to be sitting still waiting for creams to sink in. I'm always looking for something quick and effective.

And all of these reasons are why I LOVE the Ziaja Natural Olive Body Lotion. It's not heavily perfumed but it has a nice pleasant scent that fades after a while. It does not smell like the little black beads from hell that people like to call "olives". It has quite a milky cream consistency, it's not too thick, and it's very easy to spread on your skin. But the real star feature of this product in my eyes is that it just melts into your skin so easily and so quickly, my elbows, arms, knees- they just suck this stuff up so there is no sitting around waiting for your moisturiser to be absorbed, or worse, waiting for it to dry. It doesn't feel greasy or slimy, it doesn't leave my skin all shiny looking. My skin feels softer and more moisturised, the little red bumps that I get on the top of my arms in the winter are far less visible and my Cocoa Brown tan applies fantastically over this body lotion. This is the best body lotion I have tried in a long time and my opinion of Ziaja Skincare continues to soar high.

Oh, and did I mention that this product costs just €5.99 from Original Beauty? :)



  1. The range is fantastic. I'm really looking forward to trying more. This sounds lovely :) x

  2. Great review Aisling :-) I feel the same way about Goats Milk and I tried the Ziaja Goats Milk Body Butter which, surprisingly, I actually loved! It's a lovely brand.


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