Monday, 25 November 2013

NIMA Brush- Sunshine Yellow Collection and BARGAIN ALERT!

I was first introduced to new Irish brush company, Nima Brush, last December at a blogger Christmas event in Dublin. Brainchild of makeup mistress extraordinare Niamh Martin, the brand has moved from strength to strength since, and now not only are there a variety of different products available online, there are also plenty more up and coming in the pipeline, catering to every brush need that us ladies might have. 

The first set in the Nima Brush line was the Sunshine Yellow set, and I picked one up at the Irish Beauty Show in October to play with. Now I have more makeup brushes than I know what to do with but any makeup addict like myself will know that you can never have too many makeup brushes. 

One thing that strikes me straight away about these brushes is the quality of the brush fibres, cylinders, ferrules and handles in the collection. Niamh explained to us that none of her products are private labelled and she has designed all of these brushes based on her own personal makeup brush experiences and preferences across her very glamorous makeup career which involved working as a professional makeup artist, on counters in both London and Dublin and teaching in makeup schools in Dublin also. I have had the privilege of attending a Niamh Martin demonstration on three separate occasions now, and her enthusiasm and love for all things makeup- not just brushes- is infectious. 

 The brushes came in a very handy, sleek Sigma-esque cylinder for safe storage when travelling. The Sunshine Collection's name is attributable to the sunshine yellow cylinders and brush handles that add a splash of sunny yellow to your makeup brush collection. I love the bright yellow bruzh handles- think they make a nice change from the black brushes that comprise 90% of brush collection! There is also a 12 piece Sunshine set available,. These are professional quality brushes for bargain basement prices- on the website a 7 pc set with a cylinder would set you back €65, whilst you can get your hands on the 12 pc set and a cylinder for €90. (I also have come across an *AMAZING* deal that is valid for a limited time only but more about that later!). There are other collections on the website also but I will save these for a later day!

The 7pc Sunshine set contains a duo fibre stippling brush, 2 powder brushes (little and large), a large concealer brush, a blending brush, a pencil brush and a small angled blush. There is pretty muich every brush you need to apply a basic full face of makeup in this set alone, which makes it ideal for travelling. The brush hairs are a mixture of fibres- natural and synthetic, and I can vouch for their wash and wear powers- despite numerous washings with baby shampoo over the last few months, these have not shed as much as a single hair.

Now I did try to take pictures but for some sad reason, light is not my friend. I'm also including a picture from the Nima website ( If you have not been on her website yet, it's really worth a visit. Not only will you be wishlisting every single brush on the website, you can also read up on how to take care of your brushes, a guide on the best brush to use for each product and a description of best uses for makeuo brushes. what to use when washing them, what a NIMA mitt does and what bloggers and media have been saying about the brushes since they tried them and put them to the test. 

Now if you like what you see and think that these 7 full size brushes and the cylinder are great value, you will probably fall off your seat with my next announcement. For just €35, you can get yourself one of these amazing sets, cylinder and all, by clicking the link in this Grabone Daily Deal site (click here to go to the Grabone deals page). You can even pick up a 12 pc set and cylinder for just €55. If you are stuck for Christmas inspiration for a lady or if you need a decent set of makeup brushes or even if you just feel like self-gifting, head over to Grabone now and grab yourself a bargain! 

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  1. I won this at the SBBC wrap up party and absolutely love it, such a bargain!


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