Wednesday, 27 November 2013

NEW PRODUCT ALERT- Blank Canvas Cosmetics Purple F22 + Comparison of Old and New

So when I was on Facebook the other night, I noticed that Blank Canvas Cosmetics had a new product alert, and like a fly to a pot of honey, I took myself to their website in a fairly lively manner and ordered myself the new purple F22. Now I already had their black F22, and I blogged about it a year ago (if you can't remember, click this link) and I conveyed how much I love the Blank Canvas HD Kabuki collection- I still use these brushes every single day and I have FOUR F20s on the go at any one time... and no, I'm not joking. In fact, I will insert pictorial evidence to support my claim!

Anyways, back to the brush at hand- the F22. I didn't even stop to think about whether I need this or not because I will always have space in my life for another Blank Canvas Cosmetics kabuki brush. I LOVE purple, it's my second favourite colour after pink, and it's a dang nice purple too.

Now I thought that the brushes would be the exact same (similar to the black F20 and the pink F20) but I think there are actually a few slight differences (this made me feel good about my purchase because I feel I can justify owning it that little bit more!). The handles are the exact same in every manner apart from the colour and the new branding. They are the same length, the same width and they have the same ferrules. I feel like the new purple F22 might be a little bit denser than the black F22, but this could be down to the fact that I haven't used or washed it yet, and brushes do tend to fluff out a bit after their maiden washing. 

The density of the new purple F22 actually reminds me an awful lot of the density of the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, so I think I will try out my new brush when applying my foundation and see how I fare with that. If I use this even half as much as I use my black F22, or even one twentieth as much as I use any one of my F20 fleet, then it will be a smart purchase. 

I'm delighted to have this in my collection and I urge all you fellow brush fiends to get yourself onto the Blank Canvas Cosmetics website and pick up one of these brushes for €14.02 (or €13.32 if you are a returning customer) and for a limited time only, BCC are offering free shipping. 

Will any of you join me and take the purple plunge? 

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