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NEW! Bourjois Color Edition 24H Cream to Powder Texture Eyeshadow Pots- Review and Swatches

Bourjois is one of those drugstore brands that seem to be knocking new products out at an alarming rate, and whilst I am very grateful for that because I am a longtime Bourjois fan, my visa debit card winces everytime I step into Boots. I picked up three of their new Color Edition 24H Cream to Powder Texture cream eyeshadows on one of my latest trips and I have been trying them out over the last few days. I am a HUGE fan of Maybelline Color Tattoos and MAC Paint Pots, so I had high expectations of these.

One small bug bear I have with these from the get go is that these eyeshadow pots don't have the shade names written anywhere on the pot. Instead, shade names were placed on a sticker on the side of the pot that you have to remove if you want to open it to get to the good stuff inside. I think this is rather silly but if this is the only complaint one has about these products, then it's not doing too bad is it! From left to right I picked are Or Desir, Prune Nocturne and Petale de Glace. These are €8.99 in Boots and are currently on 3 for 2. There are 6 shades available altogether in the Boots that I visited- not pictured are a silver, a khaki green and a charcoal option- and I have definitely seen swatches of a navy blue version which must not be available here yet. There are 5g on product in the pot.

These colours are hyped up by Bourjois as being the most innovative product since the invention of the sliced pan. Bourjois themselves introduce these as " new generation cream-to-powder formula... Fine and silky, this soft cream colour turns into powder upon the contact with the skin leaving you with a luxurious, second-skin feel. In just one sweep Colour Edition gives a metallic sheen and intense colour that last 24 hours." That's a heck of a lot of promise for one little pot.

The texture of these cream eyeshadows is firm- definitely not emollient. They are metallic in finish but on closer inspection, it is clear that this metallic effect comes from the teeny tine fine glitter particles in the formula. With one quick finger swipe of these colours- you can pick up alot of pigment- but how that pigment transfers to the eyes varies quite significantly. In my opinion, the two lighter colours- Or Desir, an peachy gold, and Petale de Glace, a dusky mauvy pink, apply to the eyelid alot more easily than Prune Nocturne (which to my eye looks like a brown base jampacked with very fine cranberry glitter). I always use my fingers to apply cream eyeshadow to my lids and I was a little dismayed with the application of these- they did not apply smoothly to my lids a la Color Tattoos or Paint Pots, and I think this is down to the celebrated 'cream to powder' formula. I like to use cream eyeshadows as bases for powder eyeshadows but I haven't yet used these Bourjois eyeshadows for that purpose because the very second it comes out of the pot, it is powder, even before it gets to your eyelid at all. Because of how quickly it turns to powder, coupled with the fact that the shadows are incredibly densely packed with fine glitter, you have to work very quickly to get these bad boys on your eyes, and it's just more work than any other cream eyeshadows that I use. Once I made my peace with this, I considered was the extra work worth it.

Truthfully- the pigmentation was not as great as I expected- I did expect more intensity which was probably down to the fact that I expected them to be creamy when applied and then dry to a powder finish. They are buildable for sure. I'm not a full blown convert to the innovative cream to powder formula- it's just not my preference. If you do not apply a good primer to your lids, these will crease like a mofo- I don't have oily eyelids and not many eyeshadows and eye products crease on me but the one time I applied these without a primer, I regretted it big time and was creasing up after about 2 hours! With primer (Urban Decay Primer Potion) these lasted about 10 hours before creasing. I have found that topping them with a powder eyeshadow increases the longevity a bit more. It's also worth bearing in mind that these cream eyeshadows contain silicones- in case that's something that you might be sensitive to. 

A pro is that because they do dry to a powder finish, they are alot more blendable amongst themselves that other creamier eyeshadows. Now that Christmas season is amongst us and we are all embracing our inner sparkle, the fact that these are so glittery can save you a job! I also like using them sheered out underneath my brow bone and in my inner corners- something I would never do with the other cream eyeshadows.

Overall, I was not disappointed with these when I didn't compare them to two loves of mine from Maybelline and MAC. When I took these as standalone products, I actually like them alot. They are a bit harder to work with than I would like, but I do believe the results are worth it. These are innovative products and I have learned to accept change. I picked three colours that I think I will get alot of use from so I look forward to trying out some of my party looks with these in the coming weeks. 

If you have tried these, let me know what you think in the comments below.



  1. For some reason I just haven't picked up any Borjois products.... yet! But I may treat myself this christmas! I love the look of Prune Nocturne.. although I am terrified that it will make me look tired!

    1. Girrrllll you gotta get yo' hands on some Bourjois stat!! It's a pretty safe bet across the board- I love pretty much all of their lip products and Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer under the eyes is awesome!! :) Prune Nocturne looks more brown than burgundy on my blue eyes and is more wearable than you would think- only thing is it's not the most pigmented out of the trio that I tried... Still pretty though! :) x

  2. I swatched these in Boots as I was intrigued when I first spotted them - but to be honest the swatches didn't impress me enough to purchase them!

  3. I love these! They look absolutely amazing! :) Have to get myself some more shades!

  4. Oooh I quite like the look of Prune Nocturne & Petale de Glace, might try them at Christmas! Bourjois seem to have new products every week recently, it's crazy!

  5. I haven’t tried this one yet. But I am pretty curious of how it could make a person look prettier. And I love how glittery it looks. But does this eyeshadow suitable even for those individuals with sensitive skin?


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