Tuesday, 5 November 2013


I feel like I was quite a late comer to LUSH but for the last two years, I have been obsessed with their fresh, natural products and delights. I called into the LUSH store quite recently to have a peak at what Christmas delights they have in store and left with a few items (of course!). 

I wanted to pick up the latest copy of the LUSH TIMES but to my surprise, the newspaper type format as we knew it had been changed and in it's place was a fancy little book called 'Fresh Matters'. It is jampacked with 112 pages of photographs, product details and contains all the ingredients and pricing information that you would need. I also picked up the Christmas catalogue 'Knot Just for Christmas' so I could have a read of that also.

Santa's Lip Scrub

The Popcorn Lip Scrub was top of my list- I think this is the most delicious and effective lip scrub LUSH offer and I have tried them all- but this limited edition Santa's Lip Scrub caught my eye, and I said I would spread the Christmas love and pick it up. It is cola flavoured and contains caster sugar as the exfoliating ingredient, along with extracts of cherries and dates, coconut milk powder, coconut, aniseed, lime and black pepper oils. It also has some little edible red hearts in it for an extra cute touch. I have used this a few times, and even though I don't love it as much as Popcorn, it's a might fine scrub and I will have no problem in getting through this bad boy up until Christmas! All for the pretty price of €7.20.

 Dragon's Egg Ballistic

This is my fave LUSH bath ballistic and I buy it time and time again. It smells AMAZING- so fresh and full of gorgeous sweet lemony goodness. You easily get two baths out of one of these ballistics, and the popping candy and sparkles within all add to the pleasurable bathing experience. I have been getting this bath ballistic for as long as I have been going into Lush and it is definitely one of my faves. Give it a whiff next time you're instore, and don't worry- if you fall in love with it, it will only cost you €3.95! 

Karma Bubble Bar

Now anyone that knows me will know that my favourite scent above all other scents is LUSH Karma. I am possessed. When I inhale a lungful of this, I am instantly transported to a happy, exotic place- when I use it in the bath, I will happily bathe until I am on the verge of hypothermia. IT SMELLS SO GOOD! I love the Karma soap and Karma Kream (not struck on the perfume though) and I recently was gifted a Karma Shower Jelly by the very lovely Girl Friday and it was such a pleasurable showering experience. I cannot describe the smell- words will fail me- it's orange scented, with hints of patchouli, pine and lemongrass. There is little more deeply satisfying then Karma steam spreading the Karma love all around your bathroom when you use this. I have tried turning Karma soap into a candle and burning it in an oil burning to no avail but I will never ever tire of this scent. And I know the Karma bubble bar is not the most glamorous product and looks like a bit of a turd in the pick but don't be deceived by appearances. Seriously, if you have never filled your lungs with Karma scent, you are missing out. Rave rave rave. And all that goodness for €4.95!

Cinders Bath Ballistic

This Cinders Bath Ballistic is also part of the Christmas collection, and I had to pick it up once I smelt it. It's obviously a first cousin of Karma, and it smells like cinnamon and orange and all things Christmassy- honestly it makes me want to burst out the notepad asap and get cracking on my note to Santa. I haven't used this yet because I don't have a bath in my apartment (I go home every other weekend to "visit my family" but actually I just hijack the bathroom for two hours at a time!!) but it's definitely on my list for this weekend. It has popping candy on top and I think this will just be the warmest and most satisfying bath on a freezing cold winters night. I cannot wait to try this out, and it was a real steal at €3.20!


It's hard to believe that my Karma obsession began with a freebie, and now I always ask for a surprise freebie when I pop instore. They used to keep freebies behind the counter but now they do them up freshly for you. I asked to be surprised so the ladies in the Cork store very kindly gave me two samples of shower gels- one called Ponche from their Christmas collection (orange scented with a dash of tequila for good measure) and It's Raining Men from their permanent line (smells exactly like Honey I Washed the Kids- honey/toffee/sweet smell). I've used up both samples already and might invest in some Ponche to keep me ticking over!

So that's my lickle LUSH haul for you all! Tell me, what are your fave LUSH products? Are you going to pick up anything this Christmas?




  1. We are big Lush-Lovers in my home, the kids adore the Bathbombs and I love Happy Hippy Shower gel. Its so refreshing in the mornings!

  2. I love the Karma scent, its gorgeous! Im not convinced by the lip scrubs, its so easy to do a diy sugar scrub at a fraction of the price. Although it wont smell as delicious...


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