Thursday, 7 November 2013

Current Fave Statement Necklaces feat. Penneys and New Look

This winter, I have been really loving statement necklaces. Again, I'm not sure if this is because I am getting older and favouring more simplistic clothes, or whether I have always been a secret magpie. I often go months without buying even a single earring (though why would I buy a single one, I hear you rightfully ask!) but when I do buy jewellery, I go mad!

Necklace 1 - €6 - Penneys This necklace is quite weighty and sits really nicely around your neck, I has six layers of embellishment and a thick chain. This is one of my favourite chains of the season because even though it is quite ornamental, it's also sufficiently neat, and it works with lots of different outfit combinations. It also feels quite sturdy so I would be hoping to get alot more wears out of this over the coming months.

Necklace 2 - €6 - Penneys. I have been wearing this so much since I picked it up in Penneys a few months ago. This one appealed to me because it was pure silver and both simplistic and embellished enough to suit my tastes. I have gotten so many wears out of this also, and so many compliments- with some of my colleagues even remarking that it looked more expensive than it was. The tiny little leaf shaped fittings catch the light in all manner of ways, and I even wear this one to work with a plain peplum top or something similar.

Necklace 3- €7.99- New Look- Now I don't think of myself as a spiky kinda gal- I like classic looks, understated pieces for the most part, and simplicity. When I saw this piece in New Look, I just HAD TO HAVE it. It was one of those romantic movie moments when the lights dimmed on the New Look shop floor apart from the luminous light shining on the jewellery stand and epic music filled the rest of the haze- I spotted this one from about 50 meters away and something about it hit me. I have worn it a few times since with simple high neck tops and blazers and simple dresses. I don't personally think I would wear this with a low cut top because it's quite long on the neck as you can see but that's probably just a matter of personal preference.

Necklace 4 - €11.99- New Look. Again, this is unlike anything else I own but I couldn't resist it once I saw it. The rope chain moreso than the actually detail on the necklace itself caught my eye, and I have paired this with simple white and cream tops and black cardigans and I think it worked a treat. This necklace is a great way of upstyling a very simple top.

Necklace 5- €5- Penneys- This was a gift from the lovely folk at Oohlala Magazine, and admittedly, it's not something I would probably pick out all by myself. I own very little gold style jewellery but I am delighted to have this in my collection and I have worn it a few times since it was gifted to me. What really appeals to me is the simplicity of the necklace itself, and yet at the same time it makes quite a bold statement.

So those are my top 5 statement necklaces for this season?

Which one, out of 1-5, was your favourite? 


  1. Borrowed the first necklace off a friend a few weeks back and did not want to give it back, it goes with everything will have to invest in one myself. All the necklaces are beautiful great post x

    1. Thanks lady- they are def still in store- I've seen them in a few different stores over last 2 weeks so you should be able to source it easily enough! x :)

  2. Im off to Penneys in the morning to find the first Necklace. And a cream t-shirt.

  3. These are fantastic, love Penneys for necklaces. I have the 5th one and wear it constantly! Think the first one will have to come home with me..

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