Monday, 11 November 2013

Ciate Mini Mani Month- Advent Calendar 2013 (pic heavy)

I never really bought into the whole advent calendar thing before but this year I seem to be embracing it with aplomb. Hot on the heels of the Benefit advent calendar (check out my review of that HERE), I recently picked this up from Beauty Emporium for €49.95 including postage. I was a little dismayed with Benefit's advent offering so I didn't have huge hopes about the Ciate Mini Mani Month calendar, but I was definitely wrong. When Benefit offered puny samples and tacky jewellery, Ciate offer 23 mini nail polishes/treatments/accessories and one full size Ciate polish. The CMMC comes with a base coat, top coat, 2 caviar pearl sets, 1 sequin sets, 1 glitter set and numerous other polishes in cream and glittery combinations. 

I am hugely impressed with all the colours provided, and I am delighted to be able to tell you that the brushes in these polishes are fantastic- I definitely do not feel like Ciate offered an inferior quality product just to flog an advent calendar to the masses. The range of colours struck me, from nudes to pewter, hot pink to peppermints- there really is a huge array- not to mention all the festive glitters! 

Enjoy all the pics below and let me know which one is your favourite! x

1. Snow Globe

2. Boudoir

3. Hopscotch

4.  Miss Mistletoe (Sequins)

5. Encore!

6. Sugar Plum

7. Fit for a Queen

9.  Pillow Fight

10. Topcoat

11. Jingle Bells (Glitter)

12. Pepperminty

13. Ferris Wheel

14. Party Shoes

15. Play Date

16. Members Only

17. Frost Yourself (Caviar Pearls)

18. Amazing Gracie

19. Underwear (Base Coat)

20.  Ivory Queen

21. Confetti

22. Christmas Tree (Caviar Pearls) 

23. Locket

24. Serendipity (Full Size)



  1. Ohhh I love the 'Hopscotch', I think you've just lured me into buying one. lol x

    I'd be honoured if you could get out my latest photoshoot x

    1. I definitely highly highly recommend it- and if you do get one, I challenge you to wait until December to open it!! :)

  2. Oh wow these are so pretty! Much better than the benefit calendar!! Have never tried Ciate before, are they generally worth the money?

    1. They are fantastic Sarah- great pigmentation, creamy, nice applicators. I always apply the same top coat over so can't really testify as to lasting power but I know that with a touch of Seche Vite over the top, these last me 4 or 5 days without chipping which is probably the best I will ever get. Great selection of colours in this set- perfect starter set I say! :)

  3. So pretty. Jingle bells and serendipity are lovely!!

    1. Jingle Bells is really an epic polish in all fairness- pink with very fine green glitters. Pics do not do it justice! I'm not a mad lover of glitter polishes because i find it so hard to remove but I will definitely be rocking a festive red Christmas nail with Serendipity this year! x :)

  4. Gorgeous selection. I also have my eye on this calendar!

    1. It's still available on Beauty Emporium and I'll include the link to tempt you- I got mine the next day after I ordered it- always super fast shipping, couldn't recommend enough :)

  5. Oh god, I was trying not to buy another beauty advent calendar because I've already purchased one... But this looks AMAZING!

    1. Sarah you definitely need this in your life! Still available on - overall a great set, great colours included and great value!

  6. I love Ciate bottles - so cute with the bow! this looks great - I'm already in love with Miss Mistletoe! What a lovely selection of colours and not a bad price at all. This may very well be going on my Santy list now! :D

    Belle Morte Beauty

  7. That's odd I got kiss chase today - can see thats on the back of your pack but did you not get it?


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