Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Life Cycle of a 16 week Blowdry- Two weeks down, fourteen to go...

So it's been two weeks since I got my 16 week blowdry done, and I said I would fill you all in on my hair progress and of course, #hairgate.

The Hair

Broadly speaking, I notice no significant difference to the condition or appearance of my hair to be honest, and certainly not enough of a difference to justify the price of the treatment or the torture I went through, not to mention the damage caused to my hair, courtesy of the Art Team. I feel like it is necessary to reiterate that I believe I had entirely realistic expectations- I was not expecting a permanent straightening solution or the likes, I just wanted an extra few minutes in bed in the morning so that I could style my hair faster before heading out to work at crazy o'clock. I wanted the silky, manageable hair that was promised, and I have not gotten that.

1. As I mentioned in my last post- my hair colour faded quite a bit and is now a more golden brown than the ashy brown I was sporting beforehand. I wasn't told anything about this in the salon, either before booking, as the treatment was being applied or when the treatment was finished. In that respect, if you spend a lot of money colouring your hair and would like to preserve the colour of your hair, I would not recommend this treatment.

2. I have noticed that the ends of my hair are extremely frazzled- significantly more than they would normally be at four weeks and a few days since my last haircut. The bottom two inches of my hair look extremely dry and parched so I will probably have to get a few inches taken off the next time I am getting my haircut which is extremely irritating because the reason I dyed my hair brown and got the treatment done was because I wanted to grow my hair out for a while.

3. I noticed last week that my hair was a bit easier to brush when I got out of the shower and that is still the case but to a lesser degree already. My hair looks quite limp when straightened, and I don't really find it any easier to straighten. Very annoyingly, my hair does not stay poker straight over the course of the day. Before I had the treatment, I could pretty much straighten my hair early in the morning and it would still be straight that evening when I got home from work. My hair always holds a curl or any style well, so I don't really understand why it won't just stay straight anymore.

4. My hair is easier to blowdry- last week more so than this week- but I could dry my hair at the lowest heat and speed setting of my hairdryer and it would come out smoother than it would before I had the treatment applied. I wash my hair every second day and already I have noticed that my hair is a little frizzier when I have finished blowdrying. Considering I waited in excess of the prescribed time for leaving it in my hair, and that I am using the QOD Gold shampoo and conditioner, I feel very hard done by, and have noticed that one of the few "benefits" I did actually notice from the treatment has already began deteriorating just two weeks later. 

5. I have been using only the QOD hairproducts since I got the blowdry done (apart from the very first time I washed my hair post treatment because I had to order the products online and the Art Team did not have any products in stock that day and were trying to sell me products from a competitor instead). The smell of these is really not pleasant, and I am sick of them now to be honest. It's really hard to get the shampoo to lather, and I feel like I have to use a lot of product to get any kind of result. The conditioner is a bit better than the shampoo but I still feel like I need a good bit of conditioner on the lengths and ends. I am going to persevere and keep using the products but I cannot wait to get back to my normal Kerastase routine. 

I feel like I have given it my best shot but I am not really feeling any return for my effort. Ok, my hair is a little easier to blowdry, but it's not significantly so, and not as much as last week already, and it doesn't really save me much time in the morning. I am very disappointed with the results of the treatment (aside from the damage caused during application). I'm not at all sure that the treatment was even applied properly onto my hair or whether enough of the actual QOD formula was used on my hair. All I know for sure is that I certainly have not been feeling the benefits that I was promised on the Art Team website.


So I mentioned in my last post that I called the manager of the Art Team, and she said she would have to speak to the owner. What you don't know yet unless you have been following me on Twitter is that she called me back the next day and asked me to put my complaint in writing. As I explained to several of you at the #sbbcwrapupparty, I wrote a four page letter detailing how I found the advert to be misleading, how I was not afforded a proper consultation, how rough the stylist was, how my hair was getting caught in their GHD and how I was not able to purchase the recommended aftercare products in stock (you may remember that I was told that Moroccan Oil products were better and that the salon couldn't get their hands on products from the distributors etc etc.). I pointed out on what grounds I believed the service that I had gotten was faulty, and I also pointed to the various legislation because I was a consumer acting in a personal capacity. I explained how I found the website and advertisement of the service to be misleading, and that it was based on this misleading advertisement that I was induced to go to the Art Team for the 16 week organic blowdry. I highlighted that the stylist was neither competent nor interested in what she was doing and that she was aggressive with my hair, causing much breakage which cannot be replaced. I pointed out that the consumer has the right to choose redress and that I simply wanted a refund and not a replacement or alternative service. I highlighted how disappointed I was with the whole process. I also included various screenshots and snapshots to back up what I was saying. I asked them to respond to my letter within seven days.

I sent that letter on 4th October and I received a voicemail message last Thursday (10th) from the manager of the Art Team stating that she received my letter and that she had passed the matter over to the owner for investigation. Today, as at 15th October, I have not heard anything else from the Art Team about the complaint I sent on. As soon as I hear anything, i will keep you all posted.

Thanks again for all the supportive emails, text messages, tweets, private messages etc that I have gotten since I put up my first post about this whole experience two weeks ago. I felt like it was my battle at first but all of your support has been amazing and is motivating me to see this through to the end. If this little journey inspires even one more person to stand up for themselves when they have been the subject of a terrible experience chez coiffeur, I would be only delighted and it would make it all worthwhile.




  1. What a stupid excuse of a salon!

  2. Hope you hear something soon, they can't be getting away with it! Also, hope you had a lovely birthday! :)

  3. Still feel so sorry you Aisling - particularly when after all the drama, you aren't even feeling the benefits of a 16 week blowdry. Absolutely miserable! I am really impressed for you standing up for yourself though. I really don't think I would have the courage in your shoes. Good luck with the continued battle!

  4. Such an awful experience Aisling, I can't believe they haven't gotten back to you on your letter yet! If I was the owner I'd call straight away.

  5. Hi Aisling
    Found your post very interesting.I am in the same position myself as I had it done there and am not happy at all. I have complained to the owner. Can I ask you what the outcome


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