Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Life Cycle of a 16 week Blowdry- three weeks post treatment

So today marks the official three week anniversary of my 16 week blow dry experience. Regretfully, I feel like the smoothing and taming effects of the treatment have lessened again this week, and I really feel like the texture of my hair is almost identical to how it was before I had the treatment applied at all. I am really disappointed with this because I have been using the recommended aftercare products ONLY since I had the treatment applied. When the treatment was applied to my hair, I left it on for 27/28 hours (even though it almost killed me to do so because it meant I had to spend a day and a half in the office with sticky, tacky hair) because I wanted to give the treatment the best chance possible to work on my hair. I have stopped washing my hair every day to every second or third day, depending on weather conditions outside, and I have been using a shower cap for the days that I do not wash my hair.

I am still using the QOD Gold shampoo and conditioner, and the smell still hasn't grown on me, but I do find that I am getting less sensitive to it as time passes. The shampoo is quite hard to lather and I need at least two generous squirts to sufficiently wash my hair. The conditioner isn't very thick but I think it is sufficiently creamy. My scalp is not irritated in the slightest by this regimen- which is always a plus- and my hair feels light (not flyaway) and clean after washing. It still is easier to brush out when wet- but certainly not as much as it was the first week after treatment. One plus is that my hair is definitely alot shinier!

I still notice that my hair does not stay straight when I have straightened it, as it used to before. Perhaps the treatment relaxed my hair so much that it keeps falling back into it's natural waves after a few hours- I have no idea. My hair is less wavy than it was previously if I let my hair dry naturally, and I have been trying to let my hair dry naturally as much as possible to be a bit kinder to it.

Overall, at the three week mark, I find that the treatment is about 80% less noticeable now from when I had it applied. I expected to notice changes 10 or 11 weeks in, but unfortunately that was not the case.

The Conflict

So I am very relieved to annouce that "Hairgate" is now over, and I am pleased to let you all now that I have gotten a full refund from the Art Team. I got a letter and a postal order in the post last Friday, two weeks since I sent the letter to them. I am hugely relieved that the ordeal is over, and I am more than willing to draw a line under the whole experience. I didn't want the hassle, and I didn't want to cause any hassle, but I had to stand up for myself in circumstances where I believed my rights are a personal consumer were infringed.

I have never ever in my life ever rung a salon to complain about a service before, and this was all new ground to me. I was not comfortable doing it but I felt strongly like it had to be done. I was bitterly disappointed with the service and the results that I received, by the whole experience. All I wanted was shiny, more manageable hair. My hair is my thing and I spend ridiculous amounts of money maintaining it and a ridiculous amount of time tending to it, and perhaps that is why I was so upset and annoyed by the whole experience. Each one of my posts on the matter were 100% honest, and my reflections relate to what I personally experienced and felt.

Thanks again to all of you who sent messages, texts, private messages and emails of support, they were very much appreciated. Hopefully, my painfully honest account of this experience will encourage at least one of you to find your voice and speak up if you feel that there may have been an infraction of your consumer rights. I am pretty well versed in consumer law (as I am in Freedom of Speech and Defamation laws) so if you need a soundboard or an opinion, feel free to ask, and if I can help I will.

As far as I am concerned at this moment in time, my dealings with the Art Team have now reached a conclusion, and I won't be referring to the experience again unless necessary

Thanks for reading x


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  1. Delighted you got sorted in the end. Even though I only saw you from across the room at the blogger meet up I thought your hair looked great! :)


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