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All you need to know about the Irish Beauty Bloggers Meetup on Sunday 6th October

Hello all!

Well I don't know about all of you guys but I am so excited now about the upcoming Irish Beauty Bloggers Meetup/ SBBC Wrap up Party which, in case you have been living under a rock, is taking place this Sunday, 6th October. I know alot of you have questions so I am going to try to answer all those questions in this post, and of course if there is anything else you need to know, please don't hesitate to ask me below, or catch me on Facebook and Twitter. 

"Where is the meetup happening and how far is it from the RDS?"

The meetup is taking place in the Library Room of the Russell Court Hotel on Harcourt Street in the city centre. If you are on Harcourt Street, there is a plaque outside the door and you will also seen signs for Krystle and Diceys in the midst. If you just ask at the reception desk of the hotel, they will be able to guide you along. 

Ballsbridge is very close to the venue and you can either walk/ grab a taxi or get a bus to the venue. If you are walking, it's about a 30 minute leisurely walk. If you fancy getting the bus, the 4 or the 7 go from straight outside the RDS and will bring you to the top of Kildare Street, where you will walk past Dail Eireann and through St. Stephen's Green to bring you onto Harcourt Street and to the venue. The easiest option however, would be to grab a taxi from outside the RDS and ask the taxi man to drop you into the venue- it's not very fair and should only cost a couple of euros. If you are driving, you have the option of on street parking (which might be limited!) or there is a 24/7 car park at St. Stephen's Green. If you want to get the Luas, the Harcourt stop is very close to the venue- just disembark at Harcourt and follow the Luas line towards town and it will be on your left hand side. 

"What time will I be there at?"

I will be there from 5pm onwards so feel free to drop by then. We have some demos and presentations starting at 6.30 and the raffle will follow this. 

"What am I going to do with my bags from the Beauty Show?"

We will be in our own little room in the hotel so you should have your bags in close proximity at all times. That's not to say that you shouldn't keep your eye on them, but it definitely should be a bit easier to keep your eye on them!

"What if I get thirsty?"

In the words of Alf Stewart, stone the flamin' crows! I have managed to secure us some pretty amazing drinks concessions for the night. €2 pints if you are that way inclined, €2 bottles including beers, alcopops, West Coast Coolers, Kopparberg etc. There is also a lovely cocktail menu and you can pick up all the favourites like Sex on the Beach and Cosmos. Not only will the liquor be cheap, we will also have a private bar in the room that I have booked so we won't have to muscle anybody out of the way to get served.

"What if I get hungry?"

Fear not friends, not only will there be a barbeque on site in the garden where you can pick yourself up a tasty burger, some chips or maybe a saucy sausage, I have also negotiated a bargainous grub menu where you can get a stir fry, steak, chicken curry etc for a fiver, and this food will be served up to 10pm! Soakage ahoy!

"What do I need to bring?"

Just your lovely selves.

"Did somebody say there will be goody bags?"

Hell to the yes! Goody bags will be provided to the first 30 beauty bloggers that roll into town on the night. Notice how I said goody "bags"? That was no accident. Bet y'all are dying to know what is in these bags of joy....TOUGH! You will find out soon enough! Needless to say, there might be a lil sumthin' for your face, and maybe a little bitta body bounty, maybe even something for your fave fella!

"I think I heard something about a charity raffle?"

You sure did. In the spirit of October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we will be hosting a wee raffle to raise some funds for the cause. Raffle tickets will be one strip for €2 and three strips for €5, and please buy as many as you want or can afford, because I have experienced first hand the work that the Irish Cancer Society do, and any money raised will be put to such good use. Not only will you get the feel good factor of supporting an amazing charity, but you could also win one of several amazing prizes!

"What can I win?"

Again I don't want to let the cat out of the bag on this one, but we have quite a selection of prizes from our very generous sponsors. We have hair products, face products, body products, something to keep your tootsies in tip top condition, something to keep your teeth in tip top condition, something to help you apply flawless makeup, something to boost your natural beauty, something to add a bit of colour- and this is just a handful. I have been blown away by the responses that I got when I put the word out that we were organising a charity raffle- it was so touching to see. I am sure that you will all join me in thanking all the sponsors and contributors on the night on Twitter, Facebook and in posts because they have really gotten behind the event!

"I don't live in Dublin and I have to go back home on Sunday night, what will I do?"

Kick off is starting at 5 which is quite a reasonable hour and we will have some demos and chats from people in the business in the evening, and the raffle will take place at about 8. Feel free to leave whenever suits, and the city centre location should make catching connecting transport a heck of a lot easier!

"I'm too broke!"

The booze is cheap, the food is cheap and the chats will be a-plenty!

"What can I expect from one of these blogging events?"

To sit back, have a good time and chat to people that you only know through their online social media presence. You can talk about makeup and skincare all night long with no judgment. You can support a good cause and potentially win an amazing prize! You can learn new things about products and brands that you never knew before, and meet and talk to people in the industry! But most of all, it's just a bit of craic!!

So I think that answers most of your questions but if there is anything else you need to know, please don't hesitate to drop me a line!

Looking forward to meeting you all on Sunday, make sure to come up to me and make yourselves known!

2 more sleeps! xx



  1. Hi Aisling, I'm still hoping to make this especially after all the effort you have put into it and would love to meet you. Little one and myself have been sick all week so totally exhausted at the moment. If I can pull myself together by Sunday I will let you know. xx

  2. Sickened I missed it! I'll watch out for the next one :)


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