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Beauty Pet Peeves

I was very excited to see that SBBC obliges me to elaborate on my beauty pet peeves. Technically I am a day ahead of myself but that's allowed! I don't much like being negative in general, but there are certain instances of odd behaviours that cause me to frown/shudder/gasp, or all of the above. This is just a little fun post about the top 20 beauty related things that make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end! I don't believe I am any more irritable than the next person, and I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so that whilst I might think something is outrageous or silly, there is no doubting that there are a posse somewhere who think that it is perfectly acceptable. So without further ado, let's get started!

1. Mask face- that clear orange line that happens when you blanket your face with orange and leave your neck glowing ghastly white. As a pale skinned lady myself, I know it is difficult to find matching foundations, but I will never understand why people cannot just blend their foundations downwards a bit to avoid looking like they literally have an orange mask on. Worse still is when you get your makeup applied professionally and somebody else subjects you to mask face. There are no excuses!!

2. When your freshly straightened hair starts kinking all over the place- you know the scenario all too well- you spend hours perfectly straightening your hair, it's glossy and sleek and you're feeling good about yourself, and then by some cruel twist of faith and in some bizarre anti-gravity manner, you get kinks and flicks as the day rolls on, and you regret even bothering to plug in the GHD. You would have been better off spending those extra few minutes in bed.

3. Wonky eyeliner- I hate hate hate that when you have all your makeup and your eye makeup done perfectly, and you've blended your heart out and achieved the desired effect, to chance it all by applying eyeliner, and your hands and application skills just fail you and you end up with wonky, asymmetrical eyes. The more you try to fix it, the worse it gets, and you are at risk of ending up with raccoon-esque eyes. Not a good look.

4. Smudging your freshly painted nails- why are you never so busy and have so much to do as when you have just painted your nails and you are waiting for them to dry. Before Seche Vite came into my life, I literally could not keep my nail polish from smudging. I tried every trick in the book- applying really thin coats and letting them dry out fully. Plunging my fingertips into a bowl of ice cold water. Nothing worked. Everytime it happens you promise yourself you'll be smarter next time, and that never happens.

5. Too Much Blush- you know when you accidentally apply too much blush because the lighting is off and you don't think it's enough? Step into natural light and you will see you should have stopped way bag when instead of proceeding to slap on layers of blush on your cheeks.

6. Spider Lashes- Now I know this is an individual thing, and some people prefer the clumpy, spider leg lash look to lots of long individual lashes, but I am not one. Looking at pictures of spider leg lashes gives me the heebie jeebies. As soon as my mascara starts making my lashes cling together, it gets the bin. I love long and curly and separated voluminous lashes, not looking like I have just three or four eyelashes per eyelid.

7. Patchy or Orange fake tan- I find it hard to fake tan without looking like I have been tangoed, because I am naturally very pale and cool toned. Is there anything worse than realised you missed a whole patch of your forearm, or waking up on the morning of your party looking like a satsuma with legs.

8. Eyebrows- too much or too little!- I am terrified of going near my eyebrows because every single day I am confronted with either overplucked eyebrows that are more sparse than a pine forest in January  or else monobrows that draw the eye straight to the source. People have such issues with eyebrows, is it any wonder I have a morbid fear of getting my brows did.

9. Huge Roots/ Zebra stripe highlights- I once met a woman in France who was letting her blonde grow out of her hair- she had three full inches of dark regrowth and her platinum blonde locks were crowned by about four inches of black roots. It looked ghastly. Another trend that seemed to be very popular on the continent Zebra highlights- huge chunky white highlights on very dark hair with giant gaps in between. Again, it baffles me!

10. Blue Eyeshadow and Blue Mascara- I just feel like if you are 16+, you are too old to be rocking electric blue eyelashes. Harsh I know.

11. When lipliner is darker than your lipstick- I just don't think that that rim of pencil around the lips is flattering on anyone. Or lipstick that extends beyond the natural boundaries of your lips. Good god.

12. Stiletto Nails- again, I know this might be controversial but I really cannot stand stiletto nails in the slightest. I think they are feline looking but not in a good way- on the wrong side of animalistic for my liking. When I see them, I flinch. I like neat nails, not stubby nails, and I also like Gel Nails for a special occasion, or heck, i'd even throw on a few falsies if the occasion occured, but I would rather have all my nails removed with a pliers before I would sport a stiletto nail manicure. They actually remind me of those fake Hallowe'en fingers that glow in the dark.

13. Glitter and frost overload- I'm talking shiny foundation, excess glitter, shimmery eyeshadow, packed on highlighter and frosty metallic lipstick. "Oh look, is that a walking Christmas tree coming towards me?", "No no, it's just a person with an extra shiny, glittery, frosty face." Sometimes less is more and too much frost hurts my eyes.

14. Sneezing- don't you just hate it when your nose starts to tingle as soon as you have applied your mascara, and you can feel that sneeze burning down your nose until you can't hold it in any longer. Mascara ruined. Literally the minute you get it on.

15. Blemishes- again, this is little more annoying then having a huge big giant spot brew on your face the day before a special occasion, or waking up on the morning of a really important day (where there WILL be photographs to document and record the occasion) and you have a mini volcano on your face distorting how you look and making you want to sit alone in a darkened room until it passes.

16. Snapping hair bobbles- You have just about managed to scrape your hair off your face and get it up into a ponytail, and as you are trying to tease your mane into your bobble, that bobble snaps, and you don't have another one on hand. Do you hold onto your ponytail in the search for a new bobble, do you forego all the efforts you made to get your hair up into a ponytail anyway, or do you just run to your nearest barbershop to pull a Britney.

17. Nasty hair extensions- how could have long stringy pieces of doll like hair clearly hanging from under your own hair be better than just leaving your hair alone. And I don't think I should be able to see those bonds so clearly either...

18. Orange girls with grey lips- ok, you choose to be orange, but why do you choose to use the most unflattering shade of nude lipstick when your skin is so far from nude, it could mingle with the aliens on Mars.

19. Homecut Fringes- I know that fringes are high maintenance, I completely accept that. But every so often when you see one of those fringes that have been hacked away with the kitchen scissors or worse still, a nail scissors, I just gulp.

20. Those annoying sponge tipped brushes you get with eyeshadow palettes- I never use them, I don't know anybody else who uses them. Take out the pointless flimsy little things and reduce the cost of the item. I toss them the minute I get them and it always bothers me that they were even included in the first place.

Do you relate to any of these pet peeves? Or do you think I am mad to be peeved about any of these things?



  1. Was nodding along to all of these, but especially the bobble one. My hair is so thick it takes so long to get it around once, to try and get it around twice and for it to break.... rage.

  2. I HATE the sponge applicators!! Give me another shadow for goodness sake!! Am in agreement with most of these peeves lady, same ones in my pet peeves post! Great post!xx

  3. Agree with every one except number 20. I don't mind the sponge tip applicators, I find they pack on eyeshadow (especially shimmer ones) onto the lid much better than the popular fluffy brushes :) Or I use them to highlight the inner corner as they're usually small. x

  4. Agree with almost all, especially the hair straightening! x


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