Friday, 6 September 2013

10 Staple Items I would be lost without

I am sure we are all guilty of taking the little things for granted. Specifically, in relation to all things beauty, there are a few heroes that I use on an almost daily basis- things that I never really mention or recommend- but things that I would be absolutely lost without. I know that these will probably be staples for everybody right across the board, and many of them are familiar amongst you I am sure. 

Johnsons Gentle Cleansing Baby Wipes- When I buy these, I always get this variety, and I buy them in Dunnes where more often than not you can pick up a box containing 6 packets for €5/6- bargainous. I use these for so many things over the course of the day, from removing foundation from my eyebrows and lips when I am applying my makeup, quickly and neatly tidying an eyeliner/eyemakeup/lipstick mistakes that might occur during the great rush out the door every morning.

Cutex Nourishing Nail Varnish Remover- I only use this nail varnish remover, and I have gone back to it time and time again. It gets the job done, it does not smell overly offensive, and it doesn't leave my nails or cuticles in bits when I remove my polish, which I must do every other day. I can't see myself EVER using another nail varnish remover.

Boots Large Cotton Pads- These pads are ginormous compared to the smaller circular or oval ones that are so easily available, but I like these because one pad can remove pretty much the bulk of your makeup. I literally squirt a bit of whatever micellar water or cleanser I have on the go at the time and just sweep the pad off my face and voila, the makeup is gone and it makes the rest of my cleansing routine alot more efficient. These particular pads are good and strong, they don't leave a cottony residue all over your face.

Palmolive Naturals Soap- I mentioned that a while back in my brush cleaning post that I like to use a bar of soap to clean some of my brushes. Cheap as chips, I love the smell of this one, it's great for taking product off the bristles, doesn't leave a residue or damage the brush.

Cotton Buds- this could potentially be the least exciting thing on the list, but I think everyone should have a few cotton buds on hand for a few different reasons. Obviously, most people get them to clean out their ears- that's a given. Not glamorous, but who wants to be carting around waxy ears. I also use them for precision application of things like cold sore cream (yes I am one of those people that gets cold sores). I use them sometimes to remove really annoying dark nail polish from around my nails (the parts that just can't be reached by cotton pads). I use them to moisten my eyelid so that my eyeshadow will be more vibrant and pigmented on a night out, to tidy up any eyemakeup that goes awry, etc.

Vaseline- I know I slated Vaseline in my lip care post for it's lip caring qualities, but the truth of the matter is, I think Vaseline is just a gift to avoid getting fake tan on the wrong places. I always put a little bit of the stuff on my eyebrows, elbows and knuckles before applying my Cocoa Brown tanning mousse and it works like a charm. So much so that one time when I forgot to apply Vaseline, I had muddy brown patches where my knuckles used to be. 

Exfoliating Gloves- I often keep a set of exfoliating gloves on the go, and I change them every few months in the interests of cleanliness. I picked my current pair up in Dealz a few weeks ago and I have been giving them a whirl since. I like them because they are not too harsh on my sensitive skin but they do the job and I feel relieved of dead skin cells when I use it.

Silcocks Base and Aqueous Cream- now these are real oldies but goodies. I have had these creams for lord knows how long and I just cannot make a dent in them. These are available in most chemists and they are so inexpensive- the smaller pots are somewhere along the lines of €2.50 and the bigger ones are about €4. They are not coloured, perfumed etc, but they work wonders on my dry patches. I got badly burned on my arms a few summers ago (water blisters, the works!) and my skin has never been quite right since, it's still completely parched! I apply some Silcocks Base on my arms every second day following the advice from a pharmacist and I notice that is does make a worthy different. I also apply this on my legs after shaving them because it leaves them nice and soft.

Sudocrem- Probably the ultimate hero of them all. I have been using this since I was a nipper. I use this on burns, little cuts and grazes- and it's great- but the real reason as to why I really love this is that when I feel a spot brewing, or worse, when a spot erupts on my face, I apply a decent covering of this and it really attacks that mofo without parching out the rest of my skin like so many other spot treatments. It's cheap as chips, it lasts forever and a day, and I love the new packaging compared to the old packaging.

 Wilkinson Intuition Razor- I have super-sensitive skin on my legs and they used to get very irritated when I shaved them in the shower, so much so that it really hurt trying to put some sort of cream on them afterwards. I bought this for the first time about 7 years ago, and it is the only thing I would use on my legs now. The actual razor part consists of four blades and it's enveloped by a thick skin conditioning solid substance (kind of soap like) meaning that it lathers, shaves and leaves your legs lovely and soft and shiny after shaving. It's absolutely foolproof to use and I have never once nicked myself, I also use it under my arms and it causes absolutely no irritation whatsoever. Again, this is an absolute staple in my eyes.

So there you have my staples that I will probably use forevermore! Would any of these fall on your staple list? What staple products do you take for granted?


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  1. I've only recently discovered Silcock's Base after it was recommended to my husband for dry patches on his legs - it's completely cleared them! I love Boots cotton pads too. Cotton buds are a must, I get the huge tubs in dealz and they're so handy! x


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