Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Rituals Ginkgo's Secret Hand Balm- Paw Pleasure

Did you know that ginseng is the symbol for immortality? I must admit, I did not know this when I popped into Rituals in Victoria Square on a recent shopping trip to Belfast. I actually called in for some new shower gels- I am weeeeak for Rituals shower gear- and I spied this out of the corner of my eye. I have very dry hands but the only time I actually use handcream is when I am sitting at my desk at work. My handcream of late, Soap & Glory's Hand Food, had recently run out, and I was not inclined to repurchase because I didn't particularly find it THAT amazing. I tried a bit of this and was so impressed by both the smell and the way that it melted into my hands that I couldn't leave without purchasing. I think it was somewhere in the region of £10 for 75 mls but according to the Arnotts website, this is also €10 so for once, it's better value in the Republic of Ireland..

This hand balm is sheer and utter hand luxury, it is literally the silkiest, non-greasy hand cream type product that I have ever tried. It is specifically targeted for rough, dry hands, which describes my hands exactly. I don't know why my hands are so dry constantly but I blame my GHD and my cleaning obsession for parching my little paws. I apply a little squirt of this twice a day and I have noticed that I have alot less dry skin on my hands after 10 days of using this. I believe that they are part of the Rituals Sakura range (from my three years of studying Japanese, I can legitimate tell you that Sakura means 'cherry blossom' and cherry blossom happens to be one of my most favourite scents). I wish I could convey a smell but I am terrible at describing smells. What I will say about the smell, however, is that it is not overpowering or sickening, it's not heavily perfumed, it is a lovely light and fresh fragrance, quite spa like and really comforting and relaxing.

'What makes this balm so nourishing and lovely?' I hear you ask. Well, you may have guessed from the name that it contains a wonder substance called Ginkgo Biloba which is renowned for strengthening blood vessels. The lovely girl in Rituals that day also told me that this balm has been specifically developed for night time use because **wait for it** your skin's natural renewal process works 8 times faster at nighttime than it does by day! 8 times, holy smokes! 

If you are looking for a thick, nourishing handcream, I couldn't recommend this one enough in all honesty. I carry this everywhere with me now so I can use it in my office and at nighttime whilst my skin is fervently regenerating itself at 8 times its natural daytime pace. Get yourself to Arnotts or visit if you are so inclined! 

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  1. Sold! My mam is obsessed with trying different hand creams so am deffo gonna get her this one and see what she thinks :)

    1. I bet she will love it but you have to let me know how she gets on! :)

  2. Ohh I really want a thick cream, I'm definitely going to look into this one! Definitely gonna check it out.

    1. Oh if you are looking for thick and non-greasy, look no further. The fact that it smells divine is only a bonus!


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